Whatever happened to Spiral Knights, Arcfall, and Antares Open World?

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Although a lot of the initial hype was quickly lost, blockchain technology is slowly and steadily seeping into gaming. Today’s Top 10 list will explore some of the hottest games currently leveraging this emerging tech.

“Neojac Entertainment Inc.” is the company that created Spiral Knights, Arcfall, and Antares Open World. The company was founded in 2009 and has since been working on games such as “Spiral Knights” and “Antares: Fall of Light”.


Welcome back to another round of MMOs in our Whatever Happened To series that needs a thorough examination!

What became of the Spiral Knights?

I’m delighted to say that Spiral Knights is still going strong, having just celebrated its 11th anniversary with a celebration. The charming sci-fi MMO is no longer receiving massive amounts of new content, but Grey Havens is still offering it as a free-to-play game on Steam.

Arcfall, what happened to him?

Arcfall, an old school-inspired indie MMO, has been on our radar since 2017; it was aiming for a 2020 release but didn’t reach it, and then it vanished completely. However, it seems that its pre-alpha received updates last year, including flying mounts. The creators stated in November 2021 that they were switching from Unity to Unreal Engine. This is not a minor adjustment.

“This improves performance and enables the fighting system to be further developed, shifting to an action-based combat system,” Neojac added. This process will take some time, during which time the current edition of Steam will remain available. Players who have bought the 500 Arcfall coin pack or above will get access to the first Unreal Engine demo for closed testing. All accounts will be erased when the next version of Arcfall is released. Any Arcfall currency that has been bought and spent will be restored, enabling players to start again with new things. In the next weeks and months, more information regarding this momentous transformation will be provided.”

Antares Open World, what happened to it?

Antares Open World debuted in 2019 as a hardcore SpatialOS “hybrid open-world MMO RPG agent simulation, focused on a 4X strategy and survival player-driven sandbox approach,” but it was reportedly presented years before. Last year, the developer released two new trailers promoting the game’s generative environment and AWS connectivity; SpatialOS, it seems, was also eliminated. The website is a jumble of broken links, but there is a November dev update that discusses Amazon Lumberyard, terraforming and topography, and the possibility of small-scale commissioned work from outside developers, so development seems to be ongoing.

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“The ashes of creation” is a game that was released in 2013. It was the first game to be created by Spiral Knights, Arcfall, and Antares. The game has been discontinued since then.

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