We’ve had three Victoria 3 dev diaries and I thought it’d be fun to do another! This one is information about the four goods categories in game, and the four resources (money, wood, stone, food) that go into making building materials.

In Victoria 3, you’ll find four types of goods. Each type of goods is made up of two to three different goods, such as animals, tools, etc. When you use these goods, they will be consumed, and the surplus of goods will be added to the depot. The four categories of goods are:

Log 4 of. word-image-10532 In the recently released 4developer diary, Paradox gave more details on the role of the items available in Victoria 3, as well as the four categories players will have to track down and craft. The goods of Victoria 3 are produced by fathers working in buildings, and so the vast majority of wealth in Victoria 3 is created.

Victoria 3 Development Agenda 4

Log 4 of. word-image-10533 Log 4 of. word-image-10534 Throughout the game you’ve had to deal with broad categories – basic goods, luxury goods, industrial goods, and military goods – but now there are strict rules for who consumes what type of goods. As the developer explains, in you will see buildings using luxury goods and fathers buying industrial goods when and where it makes sense. The main products of Victoria 3 are everyday items that fathers need to live, such as B. Food to eat, wood to heat the house and clothes to put on. Poor and middle class people prefer them, while wealthier fathers are more likely to opt for luxury items. These are described as things the pope doesn’t necessarily need but absolutely wants, such as gourmet food, top-quality drinks like tea and coffee, or fine Chinese silk clothing. If production is more profitable, you also need to make sure people are willing to buy it. Iron, coal, rubber and lead are industrial raw materials. Their main purpose is to be converted into other goods, and you will need a lot of them if you want to industrialize and increase your country’s GDP. Military goods such as small arms, ammunition and warships are used to arm and supply your fleet. The more technologically advanced an army or navy is, the more sophisticated (and expensive!) military goods it needs, according to Dev Diary 4 Victoria 3. Paradox will return to the topic of merchandise in future developer diaries. Victoria 3 is available on PC and has no release date yet. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.

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