This week, we at got a look at a new piece of art come to light from the upcoming Steam release of Shadow’s Kiss, an upcoming vampire-themed MMO from its veteran developer, Realtime Worlds. What do we make of this new piece?

Shadow’s Kiss, the vampire MMORPG being developed by Bigpoint as a sequel to it’s well-known free-to-play MMO, Supernova, has an official Steam page available now. The game was announced back in October last year, and it has been in soft launch since then. The Steam page provides a glimpse of the game’s art direction, how it will be set in a futuristic world, and some of the gameplay mechanics that will be in place. The page also provides a link to the game’s forums, where the developers encourage players to share feedback or ask questions.

The indie developer behind the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Shadow’s Kiss has launched a new Steam page for the game. The page also confirms that the game will be going through a soft-launch trial period, which will begin on June 20th, and will run until July 13th.


Are you familiar with Shadow’s Kiss? If you don’t know what it is, it’s an adult horror-themed vampire MMO that we first covered in 2016, when it initially appeared on Patreon for fundraising and then a year later on Kickstarter, where it met its funding target right away and ended with 300 percent financing and a lot of stretch goals met. Following that, updates came thick and fast for a time, but then things paused to the point that we wondered what had happened to it in June of last year, until Clockwork Throne Studios revealed intentions for a Steam early access launch this summer.

All of this brings us to the game’s most recent Kickstarter update, which includes a few screenshots of the game’s still-unreleased Steam page as well as news that the developers are working on bug patches, polishing, extended social zones, and additional quest material. The article also reveals that the MMO’s soft launch schedule would need to be adjusted, but no specific date has been set. Backers will continue to get their rewards when early access starts, as previously.

Just a short notepad for worldbuilders! We’ve incorporated the Messengers, one of the more sophisticated factions, and it’s a little-known truth that angels are fiercely protective of their favorite coffee shop against vampires!

August 10, 2021 — Shadow’s Kiss (@shadowskissgame)


Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss is on Steam Greenlight for anyone with an email address and a PayPal account to vote for it. The game is a dark twist on the traditional MMO genre, where vampires roam the night scaring players to death as the game’s main characters do their best to ensure their survival.. Read more about vampire kissing games and let us know what you think.

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