Ubisoft 2022 financials: Skull & Bones will finally set sail by early next year

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The ongoing legal battle between Ubisoft and Tencent, the developer of the mobile game Honor Of Kings has created a number of interesting developments in the gaming industry. China’s ban on games that are “too addictive” seems to have no end as both companies continue to fight it out.

The “blazing strike” is a game that Ubisoft has been working on for quite some time. They are finally ready to release it, and the company expects it will be released early next year.


It’s not every quarter that Ubisoft’s financials are worthy of a post or even a mention, but the company has been a low-key mess for the last year or so, starting with its own sexual harassment scandal, then wild delays, and finally the tone-deaf attempt to cram its own Quartz-branded NFTs into Ghost Recon Breakpoint – NFTs that so few people bought that the company ended up maintenance-modding the game. The most recent report out of the studio was that it was being shopped around to private equity companies, which Ubisoft continues to believe.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company’s sales have dropped 4.4 percent year over year, according to fresh full-year earnings statistics, despite the fact that its most recent quarter was up considerably year over year. Ubisoft credits its previous library, as well as its Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Rainbow Six franchises, for this.

“IFRS 15 sales for the fourth quarter of 2021-22 were €708.0 million, up 41.1 percent (or 38.0 percent at constant exchange rates) from the fourth quarter of 2020-21. Sales under IFRS 15 for the full year 2021-22 was €2,125.2 million, down 4.4 percent (or 4.8 percent at constant currency rates) from €2,223.8 million in 2020-21. Net bookings in the fourth quarter of 2021-22 reached €664.2 million, up 37.0 percent (or 33.7 percent at constant currency rates) from the €484.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2020-21. Net bookings for the whole fiscal year 2021-22 was €2,128.5 million, down 5.0 percent (or 5.4 percent at constant currency rates) from €2,240.6 million in the previous fiscal year.”

Notably, the company’s Avatar game, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and the long-delayed Skull & Bones are both listed as “premium” inbound titles expected to create “significant topline growth.” Both should be out by the end of March next year if this schedule holds, which comports with the expectations Ubisoft set last February.

The report’s most intriguing aspect is what it does not include. The print report doesn’t even mention Quartz, NFT, blockchain, or crypto, as MMO Fallout pointed out; we agree with his assessment that it’s more about embarrassment than resignation, but we’re guessing the ongoing collapse of multiple cryptocurrencies and NFTs this month wouldn’t have made the best backdrop for whatever scheme the company is trying next.

Ubisoft is the source of this information. Brazen Bondar, thank you!


Ubisoft has announced that the naval combat game “Skull & Bones” will finally set sail by early next year. The company also revealed its financials for the first time in 2022. Reference: ubisoft investor relations.

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