Two Point Campus Preview: An Accessible University

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Gaming is a growing industry that has more than doubled in size over the last decade. As it becomes easier to include digital content into games, educators are asking whether they should be incorporating gaming into their classrooms. Gaming can provide students with skills and strategies used in real-world settings while also being an engaging way for learners to practice these skills outside of the classroom setting.

The “two point campus release date” is a game that allows players to explore an accessible university. The game has been in development for over 3 years, and it’s slated to be released on February 19th, 2019.

Two Point Campus Preview: An Accessible University Challenge

Two Point Campus, the firm’s next game, already seems to be a major leap ahead after the developer successfully moved into the sim arena with its Theme Hospital sequel Two Point Hospital.

The same tongue-in-cheek humor that softened the edges of an otherwise demanding sim is back, but Two Point Campus’ version of that alluring mix seems to have a lot more fun, flexibility, and diversity.

In Two Point Campus, the player assumes the job of campus administrator and is tasked with transforming a variety of schools into world-class institutions where students compete for admission. Or a total comic catastrophe that makes Animal House’s frats appear civilized, since we’ve all seen it happen on purpose at some point.

When the formula of Two Point Hospital is put to an academic context, it’s pretty remarkable how well it works. So much so that the first hour or so of my preview build felt really comfortable. The game starts you out on a pretty easy campus and teaches the essentials as you go. These fundamentals include constructing lecture halls, study rooms, dormitories, restrooms, and eating areas, then outfitting them with whatever trinkets seem most appropriate for making the space appear pleasant and updating the amenities to promote success via learning and pleasure.

Once you’ve completed a specific amount of prerequisites, you’ll be able to go on to the next, somewhat more difficult campus. Rinse and repeat as needed. The structure is quite similar, but the flavor is entirely distinct. Each campus has its own personality and goals, making the transition from one to the next more noticeable than it is at Two Point Hospital.

The preview build gave you four campuses to manage, each concentrating on a different craft. Freshleigh Meadows, a tutorial school, has a technological concentration that incorporates virtual reality instruction and other such things. The Piazza Lanatra school is for budding cooks, and it includes cook-offs against other schools as well as comedy-sized kitchen equipment. Noblestead gives you the first hint of a Two Point game by having you operate a school for Knights, where pupils learn to be medieval-style fighters and are frequently attacked by knights from other schools. Spiffenmore’s wizarding school completes the picture, taking an evident influence and making it distinctively Two Point in style.

I enjoy how Two Point Campus digs deeper into the absurdity well that Two Point Hospital drank from carelessly. The game’s reality-adjacent academia, the growing fantasy aspect, bizarre phenomena like frog rain, and the newly developed life sim drama that is the students’ love lives all add to a game that has more going on than its predecessor, but yet managing to flow more smoothly.

Student care distinguishes Two Point Campus from Two Point Hospital as a more interesting simulation game. It’s funny to write, but it’s true in the context of these games, that a student’s enjoyment and capacity to learn is a more personal undertaking than treating patients. Two Point Campus, which borrows a few chapters from the Maxis book, enables administrators to fine-tune a student’s life on campus by offering not just the correct tools for learning the trade they’re studying, but also for social and psychological development. Two Point Campus demonstrates how to help students blow off steam and create friendships with one another by allowing them to join activity-specific groups and arrange parties. From there, the possibilities expand even further, with pastoral care being accessible to assist students who are having difficulty adjusting to life on campus. It’s not quite The Sims-level interactive life drama, but I did find myself remembering some genuine student names and being sidetracked from other responsibilities while attempting to make them happy.

On the academic side, rather than having on-the-fly additions sprout up while your campus structure is already thought out, the administrator may unlock and add new courses to a curriculum as they like. In the universe of Two Point, operating a campus is a different type of turmoil than running a hospital. Tuition fees account for the majority of revenue, and there’s a captive audience to keep happy for more than a few minutes. As a result, there isn’t an overwhelming influx of new pupils, providing the player more time to concentrate on the kids. Mini goals will appear, much as they did in Two Point Hospital, to keep possible lulls in action at bay.

Surprisingly, while school is out for the summer, Two Point Campus permits you to plan at that time. The aforementioned additional courses may be introduced, rooms put up for them, and general preparations made in order to avoid the pandemonium of opening day. It contributes to the game’s generally laid-back atmosphere.

Two Point Campus seems to be a game that was built on the foundations of a prior release. Little niggles that irritated me about the generally entertaining Two Point Hospital seem to have been fixed and improved. It maintains its lovable sense of comedy, and it has kept me intrigued and wanting to play more. If it keeps going in this direction, Two Point Campus will be an A+ student of the sim genre when it comes out later this summer.

Two Point Campus is now available to pre-order for £27.64/$34.72 via Fanatical.

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The “two point campus game pass” is a new game from Two Point Studios. The game is an accessible university that lets players explore the world and learn about different cultures.

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