Top 5 Things We Want to See From Jedi Survivor

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In a galaxy far, far away…
There are many things we want to see from the upcoming Jedi Survivor game. We hope to find out what path this sci-fi adventure will take in our series of articles about the newest Star Wars franchise.。

“Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order” is a game that was announced at E3 2019. It will be the first Star Wars game to be released on console and PC. The game is set in the aftermath of “Jedi: Fallen Order”. Read more in detail here: star wars jedi fallen order.

The superb third-person action game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is situated in the Star Wars world. Cal Kestis, a Jedi padawan who spent many years hiding from the Empire, was our character. The game garnered a lot of positive feedback, so it’s no surprise that a sequel is in the works.

We finally know a release date for this much awaited sequel, according to recent leaks. Furthermore, we are aware of the game’s title: Jedi Survivor. There’s no better time than now to speak about our top five wishes for Jedi Survivor, and that’s exactly what we’ll do in this piece.

5 Things We’d Like to See in Jedi Survivor

And now, without any more delays, let’s get right into this list of the top 5 Things We’d Like to See in Jedi Survivor.

1. More Cosmetic Choices

20200126115359_1-1024x683 better cosmetic options in Jedi Survivor Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

Let’s start with something that I’m sure everyone will agree on: greater cosmetic choices! I’m not talking about the game’s lightsaber customization. I thought the range of sabers and crystal hues available was fantastic. When it came to lightsabers, there wasn’t much that could be improved.

The costumes that Cal Kestis may wear in the upcoming game are something that certainly needs to be improved on. You’ll come across chests that can be unlocked with the help of BD1 as you explore Jedi Fallen Order. These chests are frequently well-hidden across the maps and provide a pleasant surprise when found in the wild.

Imagine how dissatisfied you’d be if you spent all your time exploring an area and came upon one of these chests, only to have it open and offer you YET ANOTHER re-color of the poncho you’re wearing. Cal has few distinctive clothing in the main game, and the most of the costumes you may obtain for him are just ponchos in various colors.

We get to witness a hallucination of Cal dressed as an Inquisitor at the conclusion of the game. This clothing seems to be quite nice, and it would be an excellent cosmetic unlock. Except, outside of this delusion, we can’t get it or utilize it! The only way to acquire it is to download a mod for your PC.

More clothes are desperately needed in Jedi Survivor. Consider donning a pair of authentic brown Jedi robes on Cal. The bounty hunter suit is tough and battle-tested. Cal in a Sith guise, maybe, with golden eyes and black robes! Exploration would be more rewarding, and players would have far more leeway in how they wanted to express themselves via Cal.

2. More Detailed Characters

20200222120758_1-1024x683 More fleshed out characters Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

The finest part of Star Wars isn’t the action, lightsaber battles, or the fascinating foreign worlds we get to see. The characters’ interactions with the surroundings and with one another are what make the game so enjoyable. The same could be said of Jedi: Fallen Order, which presented us to a diverse group of characters each with their unique personalities and backstories.

While each character was well-written in their own manner, I couldn’t help but feel that the majority of them lacked depth. Cal Kestis was a likeable guy, yet he came off as a bit cliched. He’s a young man who’s trying to figure out how the force works. He fights bad guys and is tempted by the dark side, but he resists it in the end. It’s a reasonable notion, but one we’ve seen before, dating back to the 1977 release of the original Star Wars film.

Cal’s character might need a little more substance. However, I’m not convinced they’ll be able to pull it off. I thought his PTSD from Order 66 was an interesting character trait, and I’d want to see more of it in the sequel. I don’t believe he’ll truly embrace the dark side since he’s already shown his resistance to it, but maybe he’ll be forced to utilize it to get out of a difficult situation?

Nightsister Merrin is a character that really needs more screen time. She was a popular character among fans, although she only joined the crew of the Mantis late in the game. It would be fantastic to hear her discuss her Nightsister past, as well as her friendship with Cal Kestis.

Greeze, the Mantis’ four-armed ship commander, is also present. To be honest, when I first encountered him in Fallen Order, I considered him to be really obnoxious. However, as the game progressed, he began to grow on me. It’d be fantastic to see him take on a conflict and have a meaningful journey in Jedi Survivor, even if it’s just a little one.

Cere was without a doubt my favorite character from the Jedi Fallen Order! It was a fantastic experience to see her dread her own strength and shut herself off from the force, only to return to it in the last act and nearly fall to the dark side. I’d be sad if this isn’t addressed more in Jedi Survivor, given how close she came to succumbing to her rage.

Saw Gerrera, who made a cameo on Kashyyk in the last game, might possibly make an appearance. He’s recognized for his darker, more extreme ways of imperial resistance. It would be fantastic to see some of that in the next game. It would also be a major cause of contention between him and Cal.

3. More Options

20200216152346_1-1024x683 Star Wars Games Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

One of my favorite sorts of games are those that allow players a lot of control over how their game progresses. This might help Jedi Survivor in a couple ways, in my opinion. Let me be clear: I am not looking for something extreme. Jedi Survivor should not be turned into a role-playing game or an immersive simulation. It should adhere to the same principles that made the original game so successful. There are a few things I believe it is capable of.

You are given an option early on in your Jedi: Fallen Order playing as to which planet you wish to investigate next. You may start in the world of Zeffo, which seems to be the recommended starting point for newcomers. You may also journey to Dathomir, the homeworld of the night sister, for a more challenging task. This kind of stuff is incredibly great, and I think the sequel should expand on it further.

I’d want to see the player having a variety of options in terms of which planets to visit initially in the game. They may even alter based on the sequence in which you visit them, increasing the replayability.

If you visit the empire early on, you may be able to break free from it. However, if you come back later in the tale or start a new playthrough and go back to it, it will be under Imperial control! You could even be able to get exclusive gifts that can only be obtained by visiting planets in a certain sequence and at a specific point in the tale.

If it seems like too much to ask of the creators, Jedi Survivor may be able to help in another way. Give us a variety of endings! This is something that many previous Star Wars games have done. And I’d want to see it in this game again. Maybe we’ll see a darker conclusion where Cal joins the Inquisitors? Even if some of the endings aren’t official, they’d be interesting to watch!

4. More Exciting Battles

20200506185058_1-1024x683 Jedi Survivor- what do we want? Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

When Jedi Fallen Order originally came out, one of the most prevalent criticisms I heard was that the fighting seemed… lacking. It’s a lot of fun to play, and the fighting is fantastic, but many players complain that it’s too basic. Jedi Survivor should do all it can to improve on what it has previously done in order to keep the experience new and to raise the skill ceiling.

Jed Survivor may accomplish a variety of things, depending on what precisely it is. One suggestion I had was to incorporate buddies that may assist you in boss battles and situations. Cere, Merrin, and Greeze are three completely fine personalities from which to pick. You may ask one of your three buddies for assistance when you arrive at specified places or bosses.

Cere would make a fantastic melee fighter. Merrin can boost you with her night-sister powers. Greeze could also provide backup fire with his trusty blaster. They’d each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages in fight, requiring some forethought in deciding who would assist you. Perhaps they might be helpful for accessing new regions or solving riddles in addition to assisting you with bosses?

Because not many characters have the same level of mobility as Cal, you wouldn’t be able to carry your pals anyplace. Some narrative objectives and particular elements of a level (such as boss battles and opening scenes) might be shared with your pals. This notion may be more difficult to execute, but if the devs can get it off, the boss battles will be revitalized.

A stronger focus on combination attacks is another concept that may be simpler to execute. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed done a fantastic job with this. You could only utilize the proper button combinations to perform a wide range of varied actions. It made the game a lot more interesting for those who wanted something a little more challenging and rewarding.

But whatever we receive should stay close to what made the first game so good. I don’t want them to give Cal anything like a blaster or anything…

5. A More Somber Story

20200222171913_1-1024x683 a darker story from star wars Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

Finally, one of the top five things we want to see from Jedi Survivor is a darker plot with significantly bigger stakes, according to our wishlist. A New Hope and Return of the Jedi were mainly lighthearted and upbeat when the original Star Wars trilogy was published. The Empire Strikes Back, which took place between these two films, has a significantly darker and grittier tone.

This move was widely praised, and many fans still believe The Empire Strikes Back to be the finest Star Wars film. What better way to follow in the footsteps of the original trilogy than to make the second installment of the Star Wars franchise darker as well? It rhymes, just like poetry!

Given the setup of the previous game, this kind of approach would make perfect sense. Darth Vader is well aware of Cal’s danger, and it’s safe to presume that he’ll be aggressively seeking him down in the next game. Cal seems to be spending less time attempting to restore the order and more time trying to dodge the empire and remain alive, based on the title.

This might possibly be related to my prior point about providing us more options. Cal surrendering to the empire and his companions being abducted might be a pretty grim and brutal finale. Even if we don’t get various endings, the tale may still proceed in a variety of directions.

It’s thrilling to consider what they might achieve with a darker take on Cal Kestis’ narrative. But whatever we wind up with, I’m excited to get my hands on it.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the top five things we’d want to see from Jedi Survivor! What do you want to see in the sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order? Please let us know!

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