Top 20 Best Selling Games of April 2022 (USA). Switch Outsells PS4 Consoles!

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A new report released by the NPD Group has revealed that Switch consoles outsold PlayStation 4 consoles in April of this year, making it the best-selling console since November 2017. This is an exciting moment for Nintendo, as they have been struggling to regain momentum with their Wii U and 3DS platforms. With a steady stream of releases set to push sales even further into 2022, gamers should be excited about what’s coming next!

The “top selling games of 2022” is a list that ranks the top 20 best-selling games in the United States for April 2022. The list was compiled by NPD Group.

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The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars happy dance

What were the top 20 best-selling games in the United States in April 2022?

The newest NPD numbers are in, and so are the top lists of the highest selling game systems and games (by revenue) for last month in North America. Including both retail and most digital sales & revenue numbers.

What’s most shocking isn’t only that the 108 million Switch consoles sold in the United States after 5 years on the market outsold the PS4’s lifetime sales, thanks Nintendo! It is just 9 million units behind in the global market. — Ring of Elden was the second best-selling game in April 2022, and it is currently the best-selling game in 2022 year-to-date, surpassing Vanguard in Call of Duty to become the best-selling premium game in the previous 12 months. You did a fantastic job!

April 2022’s top 20 best-selling games

  1. The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars (NEW)
  2. Ring of Elden
  3. Baseball: The Show 22**
  4. Kirby and the Land of the Forgotten*
  5. Sports on Nintendo Switch (NEW)
  6. Vanguard in Call of Duty
  7. Horizon II: The Forbidden Frontier
  8. 8* Mario Kart
  9. Gran Turismo 7 is a racing game.
  10. Arceus* from Pokemon Legends
  11. Minecraft
  12. FIFA 22
  13. Cold War in Call of Duty: Black Ops
  14. Ultimate Super Smash Bros.
  15. Miles Morales, Spider-Man from Marvel
  16. New Horizons: Animal Crossing*
  17. WWE 2K22*
  18. Superstars Mario Party
  19. NFL Madden 22
  20. Wonderlands of Tiny Tina*

* Digital sales are not included, and Xbox digital sales are not included.

Here’s the TV ad for The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars… LAE4WZo

TV Spot for The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars

So far, the top ten best-selling games in 2022

  1. Ring of Elden
  2. Vanguard in Call of Duty
  3. NFL Madden 22
  4. Pokemon: Shining Pearl/Brilliant Diamond
  5. 2042: Battlefield
  6. The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars
  7. Far Cry 6
  8. FIFA 22
  9. Village from Resident Evil
  10. Arceus* from Pokemon Legends

Sales of video game systems in April 2022:

Nintendo Switch’s lifetime unit sales have now exceeded those of the PlayStation 4, making it the 4th most popular console in the United States and the 6th most popular video game hardware platform overall. Only the PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii are ahead of it on consoles.

In both April and year-to-date 2022, Nintendo Switch has the most unit sales of any hardware platform. During both time periods, the Xbox Series came in second in terms of units sold.

The PlayStation 5 had the most dollar sales in April, followed by the Xbox Series and the Nintendo Switch. Year to far, the Xbox Series has produced the most hardware revenue of any platform, followed by the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch.

“Video game hardware dollar sales grew 16 percent year over year to $343 million, thanks to better availability of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles,” according to NPD analyst Mat Piscatella. “Hardware expenditure has dropped 9% year to far, to $1.5 billion.”

Analysis of the remaining sales figures:

NPD analyzes retail sales to obtain a decent idea of the best-selling video games from the previous month. Since April 2018, NPD has been tracking Steam (PC), Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network sales for the following major third-party publishers: Activision-Blizzard, Capcom, Deep Silver, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros.

Mat Piscatella, an NPD analyst, says…

He mentioned the following about the top video game sales:

“The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars was the best-selling game of April 2022, while also debuting as the No. 2 best-selling game of 2022 year to date. The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars was the best-selling game of the month across Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam platforms. The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars achieved the highest launch-month dollar sales for any LEGO title in history, and after one month ranks among the top 6 best-selling LEGO games life to date. The Skywalker Saga: LEGO Star Wars is the first third-party game to rank as the best-selling title on Nintendo platforms since March 2021’s Monster Hunter: Rise.”

“Ring of Elden was the 2nd best-selling title of April 2022. Ring of Elden remains the best-selling game of 2022 year to date and has surpassed Vanguard in Call of Duty to become the best-selling premium game of the trailing 12-month period ending April 2022.”

Candy Crush Saga, Roblox, Coin Master, Evony: The King’s Return, Royal Match, State of Survival: Zombie War, Bingo Blitz, Clash of Clans, Genshin Impact, and Call of Duty: Mobile are the top-earning mobile games in the United States in April 2022.

He stated the following about video gaming accessories:

“As of April 2022, consumer expenditure on video gaming hardware, content, and accessories fell 8% year over year to $4.3 billion. Hardware increases were not enough to compensate for lower content and accessory expenditure. Spending for 2022 so far has been 8% lower than the same time last year, at $18.3 billion.”

“Spending on video game accessories fell 10% to $151 million in April 2022, compared to a year before. Spending on video game accessories has down 15% year to date to $743 million.”

“The PS4 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Black was the most popular accessory in April.” The Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller is still the year’s best-selling accessory.”

Source: Resetera

Are the games in the Top 20 what you expected?

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The “npd january 2022” is a report that shows the top 20 best selling games of April 2022. Switch outsells PS4 consoles in the USA.

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