Top 10 Worst and Best Moves in Tekken 7, Ranked

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Tekken 7 took the fighting game world by storm, with its new flashy and diverse cast of characters. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such spectacle in Tekken titles, and it doesn’t look like any other fighter is going to unseat Tekken 7 for top spot anytime soon. Still, there are plenty of ways that this title could have gone better – both within the game itself and outside of it!

The “tekken 7 highest damage characters” is a list of the top 10 worst and best moves in Tekken 7. The list includes the highest damage character, lowest damage character, and their overall rank.

Tekken 7 is often regarded as the most meticulously executed fighting game available. To be effective at the game, the principles of the game need accuracy, mobility, timing, and technology. There are a total of 51 characters in the game, each with over 100 moves on their move list. You do not, however, need to know all of the movements in order to be effective in the game. (Whew!)

This guide will assist you in determining which Tekken moves are the greatest to utilize and which ones are the worst to employ. The greatest and worst moves in Tekken 7 are listed here.

Tekken 7 Controller Reference for Learning Moves

These notations will serve as a guide for the moves:

p5qBPYZefzhKfWCg8SqsIwWvwHAYtfGi13IKj0mIzPU1T03HrBkBns-cJhwTBLP9zdGO1E6XLlN7WlfJyt8OMxK-Mjf9IrsoXn3BAe4REM72W61BJ4Av9MZ5B0x3pmK_kKj3cAqup5qBPYZefzhKfWCg8SqsIwWvwHAYtfGi13IKj0mIzPU1T03HrBkBns-cJhwTBLP9zdGO1E6XLlN7WlfJyt8OMxK-Mjf9IrsoXn3BAe4REM72W61BJ4Av9MZ5B0x3pmK_kKj3cAqu image (doomshine)

Because not everyone calls the moves by their names, this is a typical controller notation that Tekken players use to communicate through text. Since it has become the global language for players, it has simply been a more convenient method to trade moves and debate them. So, according to the chart, if a move is “d/b3,” you can readily see where you need to type the move on the controller.

Tekken 7’s Top 10 Moves, Ranked from Least to Most Favorite

Let’s go into the specifics of the maneuvers. First and foremost, we have all of the top Takken 7 techniques you need to know. We’ve arranged them in order of our least liked to our fave. All of these maneuvers will greatly enhance your game if you learn them.


FFF2 Claudio

IMG_48141-1024x576 Claudio - FFF2 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Claudio’s fff2 is a long-range move that may catch an opponent off guard if they aren’t prepared. Depending on the height position of the opponent, it may be utilized as an approach to narrow the distance between you and the opponent, or as a combo finisher. Because the move is a high, the opponent may simply dive under and punish you if they spot you attempting to input it from distance, so exercise caution while using it.


f4 – Heihachi

IMG_48131-1024x455 Heihachi - f4 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Heihachi has a number of fantastic skills in his arsenal that allow him to mix and match his opponent’s mid assaults. His wavedash may help him approach opponents and keep them wondering about what he’ll do once he’s inside. One of his alternatives is to throw F4, a mid-attack that is a good pick among his options.

Heihachi’s f4 is a safe move to draw out, and whether it strikes or is blocked, it may provide him an edge. Heihachi is free to utilize another F4, a different move, or block after the F4, making this a strong choice if you need to keep the opponent locked in.


B1 – Bryan

IMG_48121-1024x441 Bryan - B1 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Bryan possesses strong counter strikes and destructive normals. This includes his B1, which is very adaptable to all of Bryan’s tools. It may drive the opponent into a crouch if struck, but if it is countered, it creates a ground bounce, launching the opponent into the air for a complete combination. Even if it is blocked, B1 is a safe move to toss away. If you need to stall your opponent’s next move, this is definitely something Bryan players should try.


D/F1 – Kasumi

IMG_48111-1024x450 Kasumi - D/F1 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Kazumi possesses excellent buttons and pokes with which to chip away at the opponent. Kazumi is continuously testing his opponent to see if they would leave himself vulnerable or make a mistake that he can exploit.

She uses her D/F1 to test them, for example. It’s a rapid mid-range poke that’s easy to repeat, and it allows Kazumi to perform additional attacks after it lands. People that play against Kazumi are used to this kind of pressure, thus it’s a wonderful and unpleasant move to deal with.


FF1 – Julia

IMG_48101-1024x422 Julia - FF1 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Julia excels at dragging opponents to the corner. Her FF1 is her most important instrument for getting to the wall. Because it is swift and safe if blocked, this technique is effective for controlling the distance between her and the opponent. Because it’s a mid and can be blended with lows, it may be utilized as a poke. After launching the opponent, press FF1 to continuously push them closer to the wall for maximum damage.


D,D/F,F+2 Paul

IMG_48091-1024x452 Paul - D,D/F,F+2 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

In Tekken 7, Paul’s Deathfist is a very strong move. Paul makes a massive stride forward and, whether standing or crouched, thrusts a punch directly into the opponent. It has the potential to create a lasting impression, since it does a significant amount of damage for such a basic move. It’s normally Paul’s go-to ender after a combination, or it may catch an opponent who is jammed against the wall if timed well. He has a low combination in particular that he can vary up to play mind games as he approaches.

It also pushes the opponent a good distance on block, although it may still be punished if the user possesses the appropriate penalty.


D3 – Akuma

IMG_48081-1024x442 Akuma - D3 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Akuma is a contentious character in Tekken since he defies the game’s rules. Even while having a guest character on the roster is fantastic, he might be deemed overpowering since he has a super meter that allows him to do massive damage. His D3 is a quick low that he may cancel into one of his special techniques.

It’s unusual for Tekken fighters to gain so high damage off a low, but Akuma is an exception. Not to add that blocking low in Tekken is unusual, thus it’s a habit to keep in mind while facing Akuma. With full meter, his D3 is lethal, and he wins the round against someone who executes well.


U4 – Leroy

IMG_48071-1024x473 Leroy - U4 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Leroy had a lot of destructive combinations when he was initially launched. He was straightforward to use, which contributed to his tournament success. His U4 is a move that has been well-used by professionals. Normally, everyone’s universal U4 is a quick leap kick that launches the opponent.

Leroy’s U4 was unique in that it caused the opponent to bounce off the ground while still allowing him to complete a full combination. This maneuver covers a lot of territory and is potentially safe if properly spaced. It’s also great for avoiding low attacks, and since it’s so quick, the opponent would have to time their side step correctly.


D2 – Negan

IMG_48061-1024x446 Negan - D2 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

This motion is painful. Negan’s moveset includes several effective counter-hit techniques. The game D2 is a standout on the list. It may be used as a poke to keep the opponent away on a standard hit. It is so powerful on counter hit that it may equal the damage of a high-damaging combination. Negan is the best pick for dealing massive amounts of counter hit damage from a single move if you’re good at guessing your opponent’s intentions.


F * D,D/F2 Kazuya (Electric Wind God Fist)

IMG_48051-1024x448 Kazuya - F * D,D/F2 (Electric Wind God Fist) Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

This is the greatest move in Tekken 7, yet it’s also the most difficult to master consistently. Anyone who understands the Mishimas knows how important the EWGF is to their strategy. It’s a quick uppercut that’s safe on block and can combo into each other consistently with the appropriate time. It works well as a whiff punish and may be used with a quick wavedash mixup.

Many users on EWGF are now in training mode, working to master this in a match. This is Kazuya’s most severe move, and it’s also the start of his major combination. Because it is a high, you can duck it, but even avoiding it requires quick reactions.

Bonus: Tekken 7’s 10 Worst Moves, ranked from least to most useless.

These are some of Tekken 7’s less-than-worthy moves to be aware of.


D/F3 – Bryan

IMG_48151-1024x451 Bryan - D/F3 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Bryan has been recognized to have the most devastating normals and strong counter hits in the game, as we noted in our Best Moves in Tekken 7 section. He keeps his opponents at midrange for the most part and has the weapons to approach if he wants to. His D/F3, often known as Snake Edge, is one of his most well-known moves. This is a low sweeping move with a long range and good homing capabilities, allowing it to catch the opponent off guard. It may be transformed into a complete combination if it lands.

However, the technique is sluggish and may be countered if the opponent anticipates it. It may be a simple block for them, leaving Bryan vulnerable to a punish.


U3 Kuma/Panda

IMG_48161-1024x576 Kuma/Panda - U3 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

In Tekken, Kuma and Panda are unique. It’s not just that they’re not bear characters; their physical form is fragmented in comparison to the rest of the ensemble. Because bears have a different body type than humans, hitboxes and combinations will function differently against them. If they want to maximize their damage against bears, certain characters will need to use bear-specific combinations.

A global U4 is used by the majority of the cast as a hop kick to catapult the opponent for a juggle. Because the bears’ U4 is so short, they must be quite near to land it. It’s a viable choice if you need to get a fast launcher in for a combination, but the bears’ legs aren’t their strongest suit, so it’s better to avoid it.


2+3 = Leroy

IMG_48171-1024x481 Leroy - 2+3 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Leroy is a good character with good defensive abilities and the ability to do a lot of damage with his easy input combinations. One of his strategies involves calling out his dog, Sugar, for a low assault on the opponent. This move might be quite beneficial… If Sugar chooses to strike.

Sugar will either assault the opponent or halt in the midst of his tracks and do nothing if 2+3 shouts out Sugar. It is entirely dependent on the Dog’s temperament, which might change depending on when you want his services. This maneuver isn’t worth utilizing since the random aspect leaves you susceptible after you call Sugar.


Hold D, U3+4 Paul

IMG_48181-1024x481 Paul - Hold D, U3+4 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Paul is a powerful striker who doesn’t need extensive combinations to do significant damage. He has a deadly mixup game in which if the opponent does not guess properly, they will suffer significant consequences. Paul’s Incomplete Somersault (Hold D, U3+4) is nothing to be afraid of. This move is ineffective since it requires you to charge before it can be used, and it takes a few seconds to notify you that it is ready.

Even when charging, it is evident that it will come out since you will be in crouch the whole time. The Incomplete Sumersault is a straight up and down move that can only be landed if the opponent is near enough to fall for it.


F3+4 – Miguel (Hold)

IMG_48191-1024x461 Miguel - F3+4 (Hold) Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Miguel leans heavily on his poke game. His buttons provide enough harm that the opponent is afraid of his might. As he goes forward, his F3+4 enables him to laugh at his opponent. If the buttons are kept down, he will swipe with an unblockable mid-attack that will KO them in one hit, regardless of their health.

While it seems to be fantastic on paper, the motion is preceded by a lengthy animation. It gives the opponent enough of time to get out of the way or just jab them out of the way. It’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy, but given how exposed Miguel will be, it’s almost not worth it.


FF3+4 – Jack

IMG_48201-1024x460 Jack - FF3+4 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Jack has lengthy arms that he may use to keep his opponents at bay. As a result, he can take advantage of penalties that other characters can’t accomplish from his range, making him a good pick. With a rapid mid/low mixup, he can dive roughly half-screen with his FF3+4. While this move has a vast range, it is a risk since Jack is vulnerable on block and hit, meaning he will be penalised if he uses it. If your opponent is one hit away from KO, it’s advisable to utilize it to finish the round.


U/F4444 Kazuya

IMG_48211-1024x454 Kazuya - U/F4444 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Fighting Kazuya is a terrifying experience. With his wavedash, he can control a large amount of area, and if he scores a hit, he will merge his opponent. Kazuya will not let the opponent to protect themselves, which is what makes him so dangerous. He is well-known for his EWGF, as well as his U/F4444. It may be pretty frustrating for the opponent if they don’t know how to handle this technique.

Kazuya begins this move by leaping with a homing kick and then completing with two homing lows. What makes this maneuver so awful is how predictable it is. The initial strike does not even combo into the remainder of the move, and if the lows are blocked, Kazuya is stunned, leaving him vulnerable to attack. The key is to just block low.


WS3 – Alisa

IMG_48221-1024x461 Alisa - WS3 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

The Alisa While Standing (WS) 3 technique is completely worthless. Her move list include superior WS moves. Alisa begins spinning like a top after this maneuver. She may then choose between pressing 3 for a mid kick or D3 for a low kick. What makes this technique so awful is that the opponent may quickly jab her out of her spinning once the WS3 falls. Even if the follow-up actions succeed, Alisa will earn nothing in the process. There are no consequences for this move, therefore it’s best to avoid it if you’re playing this character.


D,D/B,B,F2 Yoshimitsu

IMG_48231-1024x456 Yoshimitsu - D,D/B,B,F2 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

This is an intriguing maneuver. Yoshimitsu possesses a large number of distinct moves that aren’t included on the move list. This grab is one of them. If you can land it, the move causes a decent amount of damage and may be a certain method to increase your fury drive, however the move also heals the opponent. It may seem to be a fair bargain, but the danger of having to physically grasp them only to give them health is not. However, it might cause some positive mental harm.


D1+4 Yoshimitsu

IMG_48241-1024x456 Yoshimitsu - D1+4 Rommel Zapanta / Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG

Yoshimitsu’s being on this list twice does not make him a poor character. There are certain alternatives he possesses that he has no need to employ. His D1+4 entails his stabbing himself with his sword, for example. If the opponent is near enough, you can attack them for a lot of damage, but Yoshimitsu also absorbs a lot of damage. If timed incorrectly, it just hurts him and makes him appear foolish for even attempting that action. It’s also a method to irritate your opponent if you want to get into their brain. Aside than that, it’s not a really successful strategy.

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The “tekken 7 best 10 frame punish” is a top 10 list of the best and worst moves in Tekken 7. The list includes the number of frames that it takes to punish each move.

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