Top 10 Tips & Tricks For Lifeline in Apex Legends

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If you’re an Apex Legends player and are struggling to find your way around the game, check out our top 10 tips. Lifeline is one of the most unique characters in Apex Legends, so we give you some pointers on how to get started with her!

The “3 secret study tips” is a list of top 10 tips and tricks for Lifeline in Apex Legends. The article will provide information on how to use the character as well as some general advice that can help you improve your performance.

The Titanfall world is the setting for Apex Legends, a fast-paced first-person shooter. It allows users to choose from a large number of different Legends to play as. Each Legend has their own set of powers and playstyles, resulting in a wide range of gameplay options.

The combat medic Lifeline is one of the most unusual of these Legends. She’s a support character with the power to resurrect squadmates automatically. She may also make a supply drop request, among other things. You’ve come to the right spot if you’re seeking for some helpful hints on how to play Lifeline properly.

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Lifeline: A Quick Overview

Apex-Legends-5_25_2022-6_09_52-PM-1024x683 Lifeline, Apex Legends Medic Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

Before we get started, let’s take a look at Lifeline and who she is as a character. Ajay Che is Lifeline’s true name, and she was born on the planet Psamathe in the rich city of Olympus. Her parents were both war profiteers, which Ajay despised. Her connection with her parents suffers as a result of this. In the comics, this connection is sometimes a cause of contention.

She enlisted for the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian group, when she was old enough, with the intention of assisting the less fortunate. As a result, she finally joined the Apex Games and fought with the other Legends. As a result, she was able to contribute her prize money from winning games to the charity. At the time of Apex Legends, she is twenty-four years old.

The Apex Legends Wiki provided this information, and you may learn more about her here.

The Capabilities of Lifeline

Apex-Legends-5_25_2022-6_10_00-PM-1024x683 Lifeline's Abilities Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

Let’s continue our walkthrough by briefly summarizing some of The Capabilities of Lifeline. As previously mentioned, she’s a support Legend. Her kit revolves around helping out her squadmates when they need medical aid, as well as giving them the supplies needed to win every engagement.

  • Combat Revive is a passive ability that allows Lifeline to resurrect fallen teammates by deploying a drone that immediately puts them back on their feet.
  • Tactical Ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone: Lifeline summons a medical drone that heals her and all other players in her immediate vicinity.
  • Ultimate Ability – Care Box: Lifeline orders an air-dropped supply package including heals, armor, and other supplies for her and her crew.

It’s fantastic to have these skills, but they’re useless if you don’t know how to put them to good use. So, how about we offer you a rundown of some fundamental pointers?

Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Lifeline

Let’s go into the remainder of this post for the top 10 Lifeline tips and tactics in Apex Legends!

10. Follow in the footsteps of your teammates

Apex-Legends-5_25_2022-6_13_39-PM-1024x683 stay behind your squadmates Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

Legends are divided into four categories in the game: attack, defense, recon, and support. Depending on their team, certain Legends are better positioned in different places. For example, Assault Legends should generally remain on the front lines. Support Legends, like as Lifeline, should always be behind the team.

The major reason for this is because Lifeline lacks the offensive powers that other Legends possess, as well as any defensive abilities. Of course, if you’re strong at the game, you can still play Lifeline aggressively. But, in general, it’s ideal if you delegate most of the fire to your colleagues so that they can defend you.

You may simply swoop in to rescue the day if one of your friends is knocked down or need aid since you’re just behind them!

9. Make use of a weapon with a long range.

Apex-Legends-5_25_2022-6_10_47-PM-1-1024x683 Use a long range weapon for Lifeline Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

Because Lifeline is a Legend that is best played with others, you should choose weapons that are compatible with that style of play. Sniper and marksman weapons are excellent choices. You may use these weapons to strike opponents from a greater distance while remaining relatively safe.

You may also employ them to weaken and thin out opposing Legends. When you ultimately decide to push, this will make things simpler for you and your colleagues. Of course, a long-range weapon isn’t the only option. Keep a shotgun or an SMG on hand as a backup weapon in case things get a bit too close for comfort.

8. Prior to healing, deploy a health drone.

Screenshot-2022-05-25-173854-1024x683 Deploy Health HGG/Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG

DOC, Lifeline’s health drone, comes in helpful when you need a rapid treatment for your wounds. Only your health bar, not your shields, may be replenished by him. So, if you’re hurt and require medical help, it’s a smart idea to use the drone first and let it heal you before recharging your shields. This saves a significant amount of time.

If you observe one of your squadmates recharging their shields, there’s no better time than now to rush up to them and drop down your drone to help them out. Don’t be hesitant to utilize your drone to its full potential. It’s still a smart idea to deploy it even if you or a squadmate only have 80 percent or so of their health. Every little bit contributes! Not to mention that the drone just takes a minute to refuel.

7. Make the most of auto-reviving.

Apex-Legends-4_20_2020-3_13_52-PM-1-1024x683 Take Full Advantage of Auto Reviving Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

Lifeline’s ability to immediately resurrect fallen friends is one of her strongest qualities. This has the major advantage of allowing you to protect your teammates while they are regaining their footing. You may stand in front of them and provide them with some shelter. You may even shoot back at the opposing team while doing so.

With Lifeline, you may now revive up to two teammates at once! Use auto revive on one buddy and then go pick up your other teammate if things are safe and you have the chance. This provides you a significant edge over your opponents. This is due to the fact that your team will be able to recover and re-equip far more quickly after being knocked down.

6. As soon as possible, open the blue containers

Apex-Legends-5_25_2022-6_13_53-PM-1024x683 Open Up Blue Containers ASAP Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

This one is included since it is a particular pet peeve of mine. When I play with random people that choose Lifeline, they often overlook one of her most crucial abilities. There are unique blue supply bins scattered around the game that contain a hidden section. Extra goods, generally shield cells and other essential heals, may be found in this hidden compartment.

This blue supply container can only be accessed by Lifeline starting of Season 13. Don’t forget to open one of these blue containers if you come across one on the battlefield! You can always ping the prize for your colleagues to pick up if you don’t need it yourself. You never know when they’ll come in helpful in the future!

5. Use Caution When Sending Care Packages

Screenshot-2022-05-25-173922-1024x683 Be Careful When Calling in Care Packages HGG/Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG

Lifeline’s ability to call down a care package (or “Lifeline Package”) from the skies is one of the game’s most helpful powers. This precious prize is always welcome, and it provides a significant benefit to her and her comrades. Unfortunately, it has the unintended consequence of drawing unwelcome attention from the other team. The care package’s smoke trails may be seen all across the map.

It’s usually a good idea to call in your care package at the appropriate location, or at the very least be ready for a battle when you do. If I have the high ground or am near to an interior where I can defend easily, I attempt to call for it. Avoid bringing it up in a public place where you have few defenses. It’s also better not to call it in if it’s late in the game and you’re attempting to remain hidden while other teams battle it out.

4. Take use of the Gold Backpack

Apex-Legends-5_25_2022-6_10_31-PM-1024x683 Lifeline - Use the Gold Backpack Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

There are various different levels of things in Apex Legends that you may discover on the field. The terms “common,” “uncommon,” “rare,” “legendary,” and “mythic” are all used here. Legendary things are gold in hue, and each has a unique benefit that other pieces of equipment lack. The gold bag is one of these legendary goods, and it comes with a unique advantage that involves recovering allies.

If you revive a teammate while wearing a gold backpack, they will resurrect with increased health and shields. This is a really important tool, particularly if you’re playing as Lifeline. Because you can revive two individuals at once, you can resurrect your whole team with additional shields and health!

If you aren’t playing as Lifeline but one of your friends is, ping the gold backpack if you come across it. It’s a little detail, yet it may be really useful in some scenarios.

3. Whenever possible, use Ultimate Accelerants

Apex-Legends-5_25_2022-6_10_58-PM-1-1024x683 Use Ultimate Accelerants Koby Gibson Ross / Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts through HGG

We’ve reached the top three on our list of the top ten tips and techniques for Lifeline in Apex Legends with tip number three: wherever feasible, employ ultimate accelerants. Ultimate accelerants are a unique item that may be discovered in the wild. When you utilize one, the time it takes for your next ultimate ability to activate will be drastically reduced. For a character like Lifeline, this is fantastic.

Her ultimate power, the Care Package, enables her to offer her comrades more treasure and better gear, as previously indicated. You’ll want to utilize this skill as frequently as possible and as quickly as possible. This will enable you and your team to get purple body armor and other necessary items before other teams have the opportunity to scavenge for them.

So, if you chance to come across one in the arena, don’t throw it away. Also, if your team has a Lifeline, try not to retain it for yourself. Everyone on the team will benefit if you ping it for Lifeline!

2. Use Punches to Push Teammates Behind Cover

use-me-1024x683 Punch teammates in order to move them HGG/Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG

This following tip is one I’m very eager to offer since it’s not something that many people are aware of. Of course, everyone knows you can melee your teammate to knock them out. Did you know, though, that if you stoop down to a fallen teammate’s level and strike them, you will knock them back as well? You certainly can, and the greatest Legend to do so as is Lifeline.

Because you can crouch next to your buddy and punch them to cover if they fall in the center of an open area. You may resuscitate them and send DOC to help them once they’re out of harm’s way. This is a move I’ve used a lot in the arena, and my teammates are usually astonished when I use it.

1. Don’t be too aggressive while playing.

Screenshot-2022-05-25-173829-1-1024x683 Try Not to Play Too Aggressively with Lifeline HGG/Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG/HGG

This is just another one of my pet peeves. When I watch someone else choose Lifeline, I notice that they usually play really aggressively. They’ll push back against their foes, remain on the front lines, and put themselves in dangerous situations. This is something you should aim to avoid since there will be no one to give medical assistance or auto-revive for the team if you go down.

Because of their auto-revive abilities, Lifelines are often prioritized above the other characters in the game. So, if you’re playing Lifeline, you should expect to always have a target on your back. The ideal method to play Lifeline is to stay back and allow your colleagues handle the most of the shooting so that you may assist them when necessary.

Only when your squad is attempting to push an opposition team with one or two fallen men should you play aggressively. Even so, you should maintain tight contact with your teammates. If you see one of them fall down, be sure to resuscitate them as soon as possible. There are exceptions, but in general, while playing as Lifeline, reviving is more essential than shooting.

Be a part of the High Ground

And with that, we’ve come to the conclusion of our post on the top 10 Lifeline tips and tricks in Apex Legends! Do you have any more suggestions? Please let us know, and don’t forget to sign up for our weekly email for even more great material! We cover all of the top games, including more Apex Legends, on a regular basis.

Have fun gaming!

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