The Ramp Review: Well Worth the $6 Admission

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The Ramp is a new arcade gaming experience at the Indiecade game festival in Los Angeles. According to the creators, it’s a way to bring the intensity of a traditional arcade game to gamers who prefer to play on a monitor. We got to play one of the “games” at the event, and it was definitely intense.

All those who have played the game on their mobile devices know that the game is far from being the same experience. While the gameplay is fundamentally the same, the game’s presentation is vastly different as it appears on the mobile device. For instance, the color palette is brightened to the point of being almost garish, the character sprites are focused on a single character instead of a full party, the quality of the camera is lower to the point of being almost unplayable, and the audio is almost nonexistent beyond the sounds of your character’s footsteps. While the game is not as visually impressive as it is on the PC, it is still a good way to pick up your game on your mobile device and experience the game’s fun gameplay

I’m planning on doing a series of Ramp reviews, which I’ve been told is a type of collection where you purchase a bunch of games for a fairly low price and then give your honest thoughts on each of them. Last week’s review of the new game for Android was The Ramp: Zombies and Robots, and I enjoyed it. I’ve been playing the game for about a week, so I’ve got a good feel for the game’s mechanics (which are pretty simple for the most part) and the game’s theme. I’d like to explain the latter now: The Ramp is a fun ‘simulation’ game, in which you take on the role of a ramp builder. You’re a human (not a zombie), and you have. Read more about ign and let us know what you think.

Skateboarding video games appear to be released on a daily basis, therefore one of two things must happen for a new game to get recognized.

  1. The game has to be one-of-a-kind.
  2. The game must be reasonably priced.

The Ramp by Hyperparadise fits under both genres. It’s a one-of-a-kind game centered only on the sport of vert skateboarding — more on that later — but it’s also fairly priced at about $6 USD. Here’s what The Ramp states on its official Steam page, which doesn’t even mention it as a video game.

Skateboarders will like this digital toy. There’s no additional fluff, just pure flow.

I believe it’s fair to say it’s more akin to a toy than a video game, as the creators imply. Nonetheless, for a game that seems to be so easy on the surface, I was excited to dig in and see how it stacked up against the competition. So let’s get started with my review of The Ramp. 

What I Like About The Ramp

the ramp review steam

It’s a lot of fun and pays homage to the art of vertical skating.

As previously said, the game is entirely built on vert-skating, with the main gameplay centered on “pumping” up and down to generate speed and momentum. The art of pumping is described as follows by Wikipedia.

Pumping is a skating technique that allows the rider to accelerate without taking their feet off the board. Turning or turning on a transition, such as a ramp or quarter pipe, may be used to pump. Long distance skateboard pumping, or LDP, is how it’s called when it’s done on longboards. Pumping is a technique that is comparable to surfing.

To build friction, skaters must press and release the A/X button at certain moments. Here’s an illustration to help you understand:


It may take some time to fully perfect this method, but once you do, it becomes second nature. To be honest, it’s something I’d want to see more skateboarding video games include. Is it possible that we’ll see more of this in Skate 4? My point is that Hyperparidse accomplishes it very well, and I believe future skateboarding video games should follow suit.

You may now add spins, twists, and grabs to your arsenal of tricks after you’ve mastered the art of pumping. The right trigger may be used to execute grabs. Spinning is accomplished by moving the left trigger in the appropriate direction. You also have a large arsenal of techniques at your disposal. This includes just about every grab you can think of, and you can certainly spin as much as gravity permits.

The game’s characters are basic, although there are a few you may choose from, with the main differences being skin color and hair length. The Ramp’s levels, on the other hand, keep the game new.

There are four levels, each with its own function.

Please allow me to reiterate the $6 price tag and the one-person production studio for those hoping for a slew of genuine skate locations. It would have been great if it had been possible. And, although that may be the case in the future, it’s not something I’d anticipate from a self-proclaimed toy.

There are four stages now available: a mini-ramp, a mega-ramp, a large pool, and a modified double pool. I apologize in advance if these levels have particular titles. Each level, despite its tiny size and simplicity, provides more than enough incentive for players to return again and again to attempt new lines and techniques.


the ramp

For what the game is, I believe that each level serves a distinct function. The halfpipe, for example, is an excellent location to attempt to put together a series of tricks. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the controls. Unfortunately, the level — or game — isn’t very tough, apart from maybe going over the side of the halfpipe and clearly failing to land your trick. You may certainly increase the complexity, however the only change I observed was perhaps due to physics.


the ramp

My favorite level is the pool, if I had to choose one. Not only can you gain some serious speed, but there’s also a ladder to air out over or crash into if you’re not cautious. Overall, this level has been the one on which I’ve spent the most time. Maybe it’s the incredible speed you can get by pumping back and forth, or maybe this is the greatest depiction of vert-skating that I’ve seen.

Pool with a Gap that has been modified

the ramp

You’re in luck if you want to go a step farther than a conventional pool. The third level is a double bowl, but it has a unique feature in the form of a little underpass that enables you to travel from one pool to the other. It also provides players with a chasm to attempt to bridge. This is the level where staying on my board has been the most difficult for me. To be honest, I usually end myself slamming into the orange square in the corner or hitting against the wall when attempting to go below to the lower bowl.


the ramp

The fourth and final level is a massive ramp, which I expect to be a crowd favorite. After all, this is the simplest way to gain crazy air, and maybe it’s just me, but the few notable bails I’ve had have all occurred when attempting to clear the huge gap (which can be disastrous) or hitting the quarter pipe at the end – I’ve done 1260s that ended in hitting the concrete. This isn’t good.

What I Don’t Like About The Ramp

Factor of Replay

It seems silly to criticize a game that considers itself a toy for lacking a narrative mode or other essential elements of a video game. Nonetheless, it is the most serious problem I have with The Ramp. The gameplay is enjoyable, and the levels are unique, but there isn’t much to keep me going back for more except a few achievements and your own personal objectives.

I don’t believe this game need a “story mode,” but an online scoreboard might enable players to compare their numbers to those of other skaters, enticing them to return to compete with friends from all around the globe.

There will be no tricks of the trade.

There are no flip tricks in the game, unfortunately. This, in my opinion, is a major oversight. It does, however, give space for the game to evolve and develop. However, you won’t be able to do a Kickflip McTwist or any other tricks for the time being. It’s strange that a skateboarding game doesn’t include flip tricks, but I’m sure this is simple for me to say since I’m not a video game developer, designer, or anything of the like.

However, I believe they should be included, and I expect to see flip tricks in a future episode or update. Adding flip tricks would broaden the range of techniques available to players and, in turn, increase the game’s replay value, which is my main complaint about this arcade skating video game.


Overall, The Ramp seemed like a stripped-down (very stripped-down) version of OlliOlli. There is no narrative, but if you’re a skateboard enthusiast or simply looking for a new challenge, it’s definitely worth buying for the $6 price tag. By not being too difficult to learn, the Ramp pays tribute to the art of vert-skateboarding. Sure, it’s more of a toy than a game, and there’s still lots of potential for future expansions. But what this one developer has accomplished is definitely worth the price of entry, and it should prove to be a fun arcade option for skateboarders across the world.

(However, we wish it were accessible on mobile!)


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