The MOP Up: Star Stable gets into the toymaking business

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Star Stable Entertainment has long been a pioneer in the field of online gaming, but it’s also making waves with its latest announcement: They’re launching their own toy company. That might sound like typical business-to-business activity for any other game developer at this point, instead Star Stable is breaking new ground by being one of the first major games to form its own brand into physical toys.

Star Stable has released a new game called “The MOP Up”. In the game, you play as a toymaker. The game is free to download and comes with a few different items for purchase. Read more in detail here: how much does star stable cost.


If you’re a Star Stable fan, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Swedish company has recently secured a contract with Toyco to manufacture a line of collectable figurines based on the MMORPG.

The gaming firm says it would use user input to develop “a collectible line of dolls and horses based on some of the game’s most famous and iconic Star Stable characters.”

And this is just the beginning of what’s to come! In this episode of The MOP Together, we’ve rounded up some of the lesser MMO news pieces and videos from the last week (and if you spot anything we missed, please let us know)!


“Six characters from the renowned anime series RWBY are entering the fantasy world of Paladins as champion skins,” according to a statement from Paladins. Hi-Rez and Rooster Teeth have had a long connection, and our alliance recognizes that.”

Valorant shared their efforts to increase map randomization and variety in a developer blog post.

Are your ships getting lost in Starbase’s capital ship hanger halls? There’s a hotfix for that.

Moonlight Sculptor has posted a roadmap over the next six months or thereabouts, including new dungeons, zones, tales, and a friend reroll mechanism.

The June 7th update to Realm of the Mad God features faster realm spawning, an expanded UT trade list, and a new generation of ST sets.

“We’ve explored the depths of the ocean on our Voyage to the Sunken City and come up with a Mini-Set of 35 all-new cards to add to your collection,” says a new Hearthstone mini-set.

mop-up-avEvery year, the MMO business produces an increasing amount of news, and no one website could possibly cover it all. That’s why, every week, we compile all the extras in The MOP Up, our weekly roundup of MMO news we don’t want to go lost in the gaps of time. Send us your breaking news through our tip line!


Star Stable, the popular game that has been around for a while now, has just announced their new toymaking business. The MOP Up is excited about this news and can’t wait to see what Star Stable will bring to the table. Reference: star stable database.

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