The MOP Up: Overwatch teases a huge new feature

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Overwatch may be one of the most popular video games around, but it doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. The team behind Overwatch seem to be constantly thinking of new ways to expand on the gameplay and keep fans interested in the game, and they’re doing a great job so far. While the game is still in beta-testing, we’ve already seen new game modes and maps, new characters, and even a new map specifically designed for the game’s latest event.

Rumors have been circulating around the Overwatch team that they are working on something big for the game, and I think it might be time for me to clue in. The latest rumor says that they are adding a new hero, and she might not be at all what people expect.

Overwatch has become one of the most popular games in the world and Blizzard is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the game, so we get a new feature announcement that is quite impressive.

word-image-15140 Something big is coming in Overwatch – and no, we don’t know what it is yet. To celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, Blizzard has revealed an undisclosed feature that will be integrated into the game: A great feature will be announced somewhere between soon and very soon. The speculation begins. This was part of a lengthy AMA session in which the studio confirmed that there will be an Overwatch 2 beta (yep), an improved version of the current game engine, a possible ping system, and most likely cross-play or cross-progression. And this is justthe beginning ofthe rest of the news! Read on to discover other small MMO news and videos from the past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see the news we should be covering, give us a hint)! word-image-15141 Aion brings back Oblivion Rift with all sorts of rewards – but you have until the 16th. In June, it’s time to win! Warframe is releasing a new collection of fashion frames for Amazon Prime members. By linking their accounts, players can earn fashion from now until July. The Fallout MMO has announced that the Global Edition of Atlantica Online is finally available on Steam. The launch will coincide with the release of a brand new server. How can I accelerateinto Thriving Universe? Tags. The beacons reduce the distance between your ship and the planet during the last part of the flight between the systems, saving the STL time and fuel. Of course, the lighthouse owner will charge a fee for each flight. Starbase is beginning to test the General’s ships. The studio has also created a video montage of many of the events in the game:

. PlanetSide 2 Lead artist Chris Bishop spoke about his work on the MMO: I recently had the opportunity to model the Colossus tank. Not only was it a nice model, but it had been hanging in the archives for years. I was so excited when I heard she was finally going to be in the game. The mobile MMORTS Million Lords has just finished a big competitive event with players from 27 different countries. Webzen reported that MU Archangel was launched after the launch of 13. May in SEA is in the top 10 mobile games in Thailand and the Philippines. Old School RuneScape publishes the third part of six new story series. Go off-roading with the 12.1 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update:

. The new champion Watu is part of the major content update of May Paladins :

. The MMO industry produces more and more news every year – no single site can cover it all. That’s why each week we bundle all the extras into The MOP Up, our weekly compendium of MMO news that we don’t want to see lost in the rush of time. Send us your messages on our information line! word-image-15142 View

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