The Cycle Frontier Swamp Camp Root Dead Drop

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A popular social media game called Cycle Frontier has been banned from the App Store for what Apple deems “unlawful or dangerous automated software.” In response to this ban, an online petition was launched with over 100K signatures in support of the app.

The “the cycle frontier dead drop explained” is a location in the game The Cycle Frontier. It’s a swamp camp that has been overrun by enemies and it can be difficult to find if you don’t know where it is.

The Cycle: Frontier’s maps are covered with Badum’s Dead Drop Containers, which serve as mid-game pickup locations for different faction tasks.

It may be challenging to locate the Dead Drop, however, and if you’ve been trying to discover the Swamp Camp site without success, go no further than our tutorial.

Location of The Cycle Frontier Swamp Camp And Root Dead Drop

Location of The Cycle Frontier Swamp Camp And Root Dead Drop Guide

The secret is to avoid looking inside the camp at all times. Instead, go out from the camp in a southwesterly direction, following the enormous skeleton’s left side until you reach roughly halfway down the ribs.

You can see a large, twisting root sprouting from the marshy ground here. The Dead Drop container is a yellow box that is partially buried under the root.

At this point, all you need to do is open it up like you normally would, but instead of collecting the treasure, you place the necessary item into its inventory to finish the task and carry on with your day.

You may as well go up to the Rock Pools to get some polymetallic prefabricate and optical glass since you’re already down there.

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