The Cycle: Frontier | Best Way To Craft Uncommon Loadout

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A shooter’s loadout is comprised of a selection of weapons, perks, grenades and ammunition. If you’re not careful when crafting your perfect gun hoarder’s paradise then it can be easy to end up with an arms race on your hands.

The “the cycle frontier best loadout” is a game that takes place in the future. The player must use their own skills, weapons and armor to survive.

Originally Published: June 14, 2022; Updated: June 14, 2022

This is a brief guide to THOSE PLACES in Bright Sands where you may collect the materials you need to assemble a unique loadout.

The data was given by The Cycle: Frontier Interactive Map [], and all praise is due to the awesome individuals who created the map. I’ve also included details on where to locate Old Money, Crystal Focuss, and Jewelry for Farming K-MARKS.

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The best spots in Bright Sands for crafting uncommon loadouts

Dates and a short summary will be provided for any changes or revisions to this manual. You should be able to make a farming run for a certain item with the help of this section. These are merely the best materials’ spawn spots; they do not represent all of the materials’ locations.

Powerful Stim

ancient medicine

  • Falls Water Labs (42)
  • Viral Labs (11)

Mushroom Brightcap

  • Broken Ship (110)
  • Stone Pools (55)

Filament of water weed

  • Falls Water Labs (31)
  • Stone Pools (21)

Small Backpack

Multi-metal prefabricated

  • Falls Water Labs (83)
  • Broken Ship (41)
  • Viral Labs (20)

Modified Nickel

  • a dig site (102)
  • Camp Base (38)
  • Caves in East (35)
  • Stone Pools (33)

Observation on Helmets and Shields: Unusual helmets and shields may be made in three (3) distinct ways.

Basic Helmet/Shield: This item has 17 armor points in total. With 14 armor and 0.2 life regeneration each second, the Restoration Helmet/Shield is quite effective.

Tactical Helmet/Shield: The Tactical Helmet/Shield has 14 armor and increases maximum stamina by 35%.

Under the materials needed for the Restoration and Tactical variations, it is noted that one more material is needed.


Enhanced Metals

  • a dig site (122)
  • Energy Source (71)
  • Collection Point SW (62)
  • Point E of Collection (60)
  • Camp Base (56)

Spinal Root

[Restoration] Mushroom Brightcap

  • Jungle or Shipwreck (110)
  • Swamp/Stone Pools (55)

Electronic Cables (Tactical)

  • Falls Water Labs (114)
  • Camp Base (57)
  • Broken Ship (50)


Multi-metal prefabricated

  • Falls Water Labs (83)
  • Broken Ship (41)
  • Viral Labs (20)

Spinal Root

[Restoration] Mushroom Brightcap

  • Jungle or Shipwreck (110)
  • Swamp/Stone Pools (55)

[Tactical] Filament of water weed

  • Falls Water Labs (31)
  • Stone Pools (21)

the-cycle-headerthe cycle header

Farming K-MARKS

Have you used all of your K-Marks? These things may be useful. Old money and jewels are suitable for “naked drops.” This is for those times when you arrive on a planet broke and just equipped with a melee weapon and your jail wallet (safety pockets).

dated money

  • Camp Base (67)
  • Forest Camp (18)
  • Communis Tower (17)

Crystal Focus

  • a jungle (64)
  • Parking Space (7)
  • Camp Base (3)


  • Camp Base (67)
  • Forest Camp (18)
  • Communis Tower (17)


In this section, the data from the first two sections is arranged geographically. Falls Water Labs

  • ancient medicine (42)
  • Filament of water weed (31)
  • Multi-metal prefabricated (83)
  • cable electronics (114)

Viral Labs

  • ancient medicine (11)
  • Multi-metal prefabricated (20)

Broken Ship

  • Mushroom Brightcaps (110)
  • Multi-metal prefabricated (41)
  • cable electronics (50)

Stone Pools

  • Mushroom Brightcap (55)
  • Filament of water weed (21)
  • Modified Nickel (33)

Dig Site

  • Modified Nickel (102)
  • Enhanced Metals (122)

Base Camp

  • Modified Nickel (38)
  • Enhanced Metals (56)
  • cable electronics (57)
  • the accessories (67)
  • dated money (67)
  • Crystal Focus (3)

Central Caverns

Energy Source

Collection Point SW

Point E of Collection

Forest Camp

  • dated money (18)
  • the accessories (18)

Communis Tower

  • dated money (17)
  • the accessories (17)

Parking Space


As I open more loot chambers, I intend to update this section. Please leave a remark below if you know of any SCAM ROOMS that are currently missing.

I need to know the location, what is need to enter the chamber, and what the main components of the room are. I’ll share the details and give you credit. Accept my deepest appreciation.

Dig Site

Needs 3 fuse puzzle pieces; includes weapons and ammunition

Facility for Water

Needs 3 fuse puzzle pieces; health

Communis Tower

Server Room is necessary. Lockers and data drives are listed on the key card. Reminder: Lockers may contain the textiles needed to make the unusual backpack.

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