Back in June, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the game company White Wolf Entertainment, in which people claimed that the game “Chronicles of Elyria” infringed on their copyrights, and asked for a settlement for all the damages.  One of the interesting parts of the case, was its geographic location.  The lawsuit was filed in California, the home of White Wolf. The complaint, however, was later divided between two states of the US, Washington and Texas.  Since then, the lawsuit has continued, with the two parties continuing to argue their case, while the masses of people affected by the lawsuit are now split between the two parties.

The class-action lawsuit against Camelot Unchained has been split into two groups, as two groups of players have been accused of participating in a scam to advance the game’s development by raising money from investors.

Last week, a federal judge issued a ruling about the class-action lawsuit against the studio behind the Kickstarter project “The Chronicles of Elyria”, separating the case into two parts. This ruling related to a provision in the lawsuit that allows the court to “determine whether a class should be certified as representative of plaintiffs.”


If you can tear your gaze away from the gaming lawsuit that has dominated the news this week, there’s another case worth following: the Chronicles of Elyria class action. Readers may recall that last year, Soulbound Studios ran out of funds, lay off the crew, and put Chronicles of Elyria on hold, only to reverse course a month later and claim the game was still in development with volunteer workers. Backers, however, sued both Soulbound and payment processor Xsolla in a class action lawsuit.

The drama surrounding the game heightened in the last month when Soulbound began testing for Kingdoms of Elyria, a spinoff game that came with an NDA that appeared to ask participants to sign away their rights to participate in class-action lawsuits, which gamers feared would affect the ongoing lawsuit. After amending the NDA to address such concerns, Soulbound shut down Reddit due to “death threats” and abandoned its plans for crypto land transactions.

That brings us to the present status of the case, which has been partly moved from California to Washington, according to Originally, the complaint listed both Soulbound (in Washington) and Xsolla (in California) as defendants, with Xsolla being accused of refusing to provide refunds for violating its own terms of service. Xsolla’s request to submit that part of the case to non-class arbitration under the provisions of Xsolla’s original TOS was reportedly granted a few weeks ago, while the Soulbound portion of the case was transferred to the Western District of Washington. To put it another way, the class action against Soulbound is still going strong.


The attorneys for the class-action lawsuit against Cryptic Studios are asking one of the judges to split up the case into two separate cases. The complaint has been filed in the courts of California and Texas, but they’re hoping that splitting up the case will help them get a better understanding of the evidence that’s being taken in each state. The lawsuit was filed in December of 2015, and alleges that the developer “failed to disclose the true scope of the game.” It was filed on behalf of former Kickstarter backers who missed out on the $65 tier.. Read more about chronicles of elyria lawsuit reddit and let us know what you think.

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