The Best Tanks in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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The importance of tanks (or DPS) cannot be overstated in World of Warcraft. With the right skills and gear, tanks can usually be your most powerful characters in the game, having the potential to kill your enemies in a split second. But, there’s always a tank that stands out above the rest.

I had a lot of fun with these tanks and I am really happy I decided to write about them. There are a lot of tanks to choose from in World of Warcraft but some are more fun to play than others.

In the World of Warcraft universe, it doesn’t matter where you go. There’s always something trying to kill you. There is no longer a border between you and the afterlife. The only thing keeping you from leaving this mortal world for good is the fortress called tank. If you want to stay alive in the Twilightlands, you need to know which tank to take and what to expect. Looking for more tips and tricks for WoW ? Click to see all our guides World of Warcraft . Today we’re going to talk about the best tanks in WoW and what you need to know about each of them.

The best tanks for PvE

Like a tank, you are the one who determines the flow and direction of the group. In most cases, it’s up to you to decide when and where to attract mobs and how to position the group. With that in mind, make sure you research and study the battle before you get to work. Poor positioning and failure to anticipate mechanisms will lead to the demise of your group. I hope you enjoy a leadership position. In order of importance, follow this list: Keep aggro on all enemies, stay alive by keeping your defense up, position the enemy correctly for mechanics, save your party with emergency cooldowns, and deal as much damage as possible. Once you’ve mastered this list, it’s just a matter of equipping yourself, tweaking your gameplay, and discovering what other classes/specs can do for you when clearing content. 6 /6

Knight of the Dead (blood)

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG word-image-2061 word-image-2062 A relentless force of death, constantly sewing itself together. The Bloody Death Knight is a tank that constantly oscillates between the threshold of death and full health. By consuming and controlling their six runes, death knights generate rune energy that they can use for powerful abilities such as Deathblow. A maximum of three runes can be loaded at a time, so make sure you use them constantly. Death Knights are versatile tanks and can respond to any threat, but they lack some of the specialized skills that other tanks have. Let’s take a look at their basic capabilities. Your default skill is Dark Command, and you have access to a second skill, Death Grip, which allows you to shoot and move most enemies. Always keep your main damage reducer from Bone Shield to Marrowrend. If you don’t, expect to die very soon. Deathblow is your primary attack and defense skill. It heals 25% of the damage you took in the last five seconds and generates a shield based on your healing. Heartbeat is a basic run energy generator that hits multiple enemies and slows them down 20%. Finally, cast and hold constant Blood Boil DoT on your enemies to constantly generate aggro and provide you with healing. You can again rely on the Blood Boil to quickly put DoTs on everything around you and fight many enemies. Death and Decay is another basic skill that places a circle around your feet, constantly attacking enemies around you and allowing you Heartbeat to hit more targets as long as you are in that circle. In most cases, however, you’ll want to wait until Scarlet Scourge is spoken by opponents hit by Blood Boil to get a free AoE turn (to save your rune). You can also use Raise Dead and the next ability Sacrifice Pact to explode the ghoul like a bomb when it’s about to decompose, but this combo can only be used as extra damage if you have nothing else to do. As for defensive skills, the most important is the Dancing Rune Weapon, which increases parrying by 40% for eight seconds and deflects all melee attacks you use. Usually you use it early in the fight to generate aggro and rune power (Blood Boil, Heartbeat, , and Marrowrend have additional effects during this time), but it can also be used to significantly reduce damage during phases when the opponent is attacking you quickly with high-impact auto-attacks. Lichborne is your next personal defense, giving 10% leech and full immunity to fear, spell and sleep effects. You can use Death Coil on yourself during this window as a fairly strong heal, since you are considered undead for the duration of the action. Rune Tap is a bit of an expensive defense, but it reduces all damage by 20% for four seconds, while its stronger variant Icebound Fortitude reduces free damage by 30% for eight seconds (though it has a much longer Kuldown). Then there are two anti-magic protections: Antimagic Zone and Antimagic Zone Shell. The former creates a dome of bubbles that reduces all magic damage to allies within the dome by 20%, which is a real lifesaver in raid-wide damage phases. The second is personal. It absorbs magical damage and makes you immune to weakening effects. So plan on using it to nullify the weakening effects. Finally, you have Vampire Blood , which increases your maximum health and healing by 30%. This skill can be useful if you plan to coordinate with a healer to survive heavy damage. Despite ranking sixth on our list, Bloody Death Knights is still a very powerful tank that needs to be constantly planned to get the most out of its cooldowns. However, due to his lack of mobility other than dead advance, his reliance on healing damage (rather than preventing it to begin with), and his rune management, he is considered one of the hardest tanks to learn to play well.

  • React to every situation and threat
  • Ability to reposition opponents with Death Grip.
  • A good choice against wizards and bosses with heavy magic.
  • Requires immediate response to threats
  • Very dependent on the availability of runes to do anything.
  • Exacerbated by an anti-healing effect, such as. B. mythic + necrotic modifier

5 /6

Warrior (Defense)

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG word-image-2063 word-image-2064 The defensive warriors, a staple of tanking since the early days of Vanilla, continue to scramble to take hits and counter them tenfold. By taking hits and striking back, warriors develop a pure and unbridled rage that they use to bolster their defenses and knock down their enemies. While they have the potential to be among the best tanks in the game, of all the tanks they are the most equipment dependent and have difficulty with magic attacks. But once you master the warrior’s defense, you turn into an unstoppable madman with a fierce reaction that deflects every blow. As befits a warrior, start each encounter with attack to get into mêle range, and use taunt mid-attack to gain immediate aggro and pose a threat. You must activate your primary defense skill, Shield Block, as quickly as possible to block as much damage as possible. You can also ignore Pain to reduce the damage suffered by 50%, but this takes a lot more rage than Shield Block. We recommend playing Avatar at the beginning of your turn to increase the damage of all your skills by 20% to create more threat and immediately have 20 rage to start with. So what’s the best way to get angry/distraught and do it quickly? Use Shield Slam on enemies’ faces until they become bloody. You’ll want to use shield strike as the main rage generator when time is up. Also, constantly spam Thunderclap to generate free rage, slow down the opponent, and pose a threat to all targets around you. If you manage to get a free proc from parry/evasion attacks, you can use Vengeance for free to hit all targets in front of you. Otherwise, use Revenge as a consumable rage during downtime. Devastate will be your filler skill if you can’t do free damage with anything else. If an opponent has 20% or less health, use Execute as many times as you can to take more damage. Important Notice: There is a 30% chance that the Shield Slamtimeout will reset immediately after using any of the other skills listed above. So keep hitting your opponents in the face with your shields! As for your defensive skills, we’ll look at those with longer delays, as Shield Block and Ignore Pain are more consistently maintained. His greatest defensive cooldown is Wall of Protection , which reduces damage by 40% for eight seconds. However, he also has a four-minute timeout that you should keep as an emergency timeout. Last Stand is your next ability, which runs on a three-minute timer and increases your maximum health by 30% for fifteen seconds and heals you immediately by the same amount. Then you have Rallying Cry to give you and the entire raid 15% temporary and maximum health for 10 seconds, which is very useful when the raid takes massive damage. Demoralizing Scream has the shortest duration of all your major defense spells at forty-five seconds, and for eight seconds reduces all damage done by enemies around you by 20%. Be careful, because it will not reach opponents more than ten feet away from you. Finally, you have reflection output. This skill can be completely useless if programmed properly, as it mirrors the next immediate spell cast on you within five seconds of using it, and it affects a surprising number of boss skills. You can also use it to reduce all magic damage you receive by 20%. As for deployment options, you have Heroic Leap to go fast if needed. Intervene can be used to pounce on an ally and intercept all physical attacks against them for six seconds, which can really save someone shooting aggro at you. Challenging Scream is an emergency AoE bait that suffers from a four-minute timer. They also have berserker rage to become immune to fear effects, and shockwave as a small frontal stun cone (usually useful for interrupts). Finally, Battlecry is always welcome in a group for the extra buff for DPS physical damage. In general, defensive warriors are very aggressive tanks, constantly using their skills to consume as much rage as possible while still having enough strength to maintain an active defense. Their strong defenses allow them to easily take high damage and their healers have plenty of room to maneuver in times of turmoil. When the expansion comes out and the equipment improves, expect defensive warriors to become the best tank class WoW .

  • Ability to react quickly
  • Constant threat
  • Very strong defensive cooldowns and assisted defenses.
  • Lack of real self-reliance
  • Incredible dependence on devices
  • Limited response to magic damage

4 /6

Druid (Guard)

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG word-image-2065 word-image-2066 Hundreds of pounds of raging subcutaneous fat are dumped on you. That’s right, you’ve just been mauled by a bear. Druid Guardians, who are nature avatars, are the easiest tanks in the game with strong passive damage reduction and built-in regeneration. Like warriors, they raise anger and use it to strengthen their skin and bleed their enemies to death. Guardian Druids, with one of the largest health reserves in the game, are an excellent choice when you need someone to take a hit. As befits a bear, your repulsive power is Growl , and your two main anger generators are Throw and Rend. The first is an AoE that inflicts bleeding damage that can be stacked up to three times, and the second is a single-target attack that inflicts more damage on bleeding targets and applies a 50% delay. Use both skills when they’re open, especially if you’re pumping Gore, which allows you to cast Mangle for free for even more fury. If you need to break a spell or get into combat range immediately, you can use Skullblow to cover the distance. You will also likely use the Galactic Guardiantalents, which will likely give you a free Moonfire boost when you use other attack skills. You’ll want to consistently maintain the DoT of Moonfire on your primary target as a maximum damage spell. Otherwise, fill in the blanks with Swipe. What you should spend your anger on is Ironfur your main defensive buff, which you want to constantly maintain as you take physical damage. They give you a strong armor boost for seven seconds and have the advantage of stacking, making you incredibly resistant to physical attacks. But beware of the cost of 40 tube units. You can also use a Frenzied Regeneration rage attack when your health begins to drop to restore 24% health for three seconds. Don’t spend too much money. If you take no physical damage and need to spend rage to avoid the overrun, use maul for extra damage. As for your major defensive cooldowns, the most important is Survival Instinct , which reduces all damage taken by 50% for six seconds over a three minute cooldown. It also has two loads, so use it to avoid likely fatal scenarios. Bearded Skin – Your other primary defender reduces damage by 20% for eight seconds with a one-minute delay. Use it to deal medium damage bursts or magic damage, since your support buffs only reduce physical damage. As a bonus, you can also use Calm to remove enemy rage effects, Corruption Removal to remove curse/poison effects, and Rebirth to recharge an ally in battle without leaving bear form. Of the useful abilities, the most important is the Stampeding Roar , which gives allies in a group a movement speed of 60% for 8 seconds. This is great if you need to dodge a blow during a boss fight. Incapacitating Roar can be used to disorient or disrupt spellcasters, but note that not all enemies can be disoriented. Entangling Roots is another powerful snapper that helps keep the complement under control, but requires you to be in bear form, so be careful with it. Finally, Dash allows you to turn into a cat if a situation arises where you need to move as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to go back to the bear before you strike. Simple yet incredibly effective, the Guardian Druid is a great value as a tank due to its ease of use. If you are a first time tanker, we recommend the Guardian Druids as the best tanks for beginners.

  • The easiest way to take a tank
  • Excellent resilience and high health reserves
  • Very useful features including Battle Rez
  • Lack of good options against magic damage
  • Requires a wide reserve at all times
  • The magnified character model makes it difficult to avoid certain mechanisms.

3 /6

Paladin (Protection)

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG word-image-2067 word-image-2068 Witnessing what faith in the light can accomplish, the Paladins of Protection are Azeroth’s strongest defenders, channeling their faith to protect themselves and purify their enemies. The defensive paladins draw on sacred power and constantly use powerful defenses and healing to survive. As a bonus, they are also the most powerful tank in the game. Your default tank unit is Hand of Reckoning. However, in many situations it is best to start with Avenger’s Shieldto hit up to three targets and silence them, especially if you are trying to place opponents with a spellcaster. It also generates a sacred power. You’ll want to immediately cast Consecration around your legs as soon as you position your opponent, because standing around in Consecration gives you other benefits besides AoE damage. It reduces incoming damage by a fixed percentage and increases attack power and blocking chances. Of course, you still want to stick with Consecration if you can. Additionally, your Righteous Hammer becomes an enhanced conical frontal attack when you cast it in the Initiation position. For example, Hammer of the Righteous is your main Holy power generator (1 point) and damage spell. He also has a 15% chance of resetting Avenger ‘saction time. As mentioned above, always try to throw from consecrated ground. Hammer of Wrath is another holy force generator (1 point), but it requires the opponent to have 20% or less health to use it, so use it if all conditions are met. Verdict is your other main Holy power generator (also 1 point), which deals 25% more damage to your opponent on your next Holy power expenditure. In this case, you will continually spend holy power points on Shield of the Righteous . This ability deals solid damage to the target and, more importantly, gives you a basic protective armor buff for four seconds. You must maintain these buffs the entire time you are taking physical damage. Otherwise, you spend your holy power on Word of Glory as a powerful self-healing that increases with the amount of health you lack. You can also apply it to other target friends, but in most cases it is best to apply it to yourself. Additionally, for every five rolls of Shield of the Righteous, you get free. If the situation requires damage or healing, use Vengeful Wrath to increase your damage, healing, and chance of critical strike by 20% for twenty seconds. Before we get into defensive skills, we want to point out that one of the reasons your damage is so high as a defensive paladin is that you have no target limit on your skills. All of these improved -Hammer or Righteous -cone throws hit everything in front of you, dramatically increasing your AoE damage compared to other tanks. For basic defense, Paladins have some of the best options in the game. Flame Defender reduces all damage you take by 20% for eight seconds and serves as a lifeline if you are killed by an attack. Heals you from 20% of your maximum health for two minutes. Guardian of the Ancient Kings is your great defense skill, which reduces all damage taken by 50% for eight seconds, but with an effect time of five minutes. The next two skills provide an attenuation (Tolerance) for thirty seconds to avoid overlapping. Laying on Hands Heals you or a friendly target with an amount equal to your maximum health. Divine Shield makes you invulnerable to all damage and spells for eight seconds, but you lose all your aggro unless you use the Final Position talent (we don’t recommend it, since the other talent is much better). As for skills, you have all the standard skills any paladin can have. Blessing of Freedom makes the target immune to effects that make movement difficult. Blessing of Sacrifice reduces an ally’s damage by 30%, but transfers all damage to you (useful for saving healthy people). Blessing of Protection makes an ally immune to physical attacks for ten seconds, but causes the aforementioned weakening Impatience . We do not recommend using Lightning Bolt to heal yourself while tanking, as you cannot block, parry, or dodge while transmitting. It is also not as strong as the Word of Glory. All in all, if you’re looking for the best AoE tank, take a talented defensive Paladin with you. In addition, they consistently preserve their lives and significantly reduce damage while doing damage.

  • A high profit for the whole raid
  • Causing devastating AoE damage
  • Excellent damage control and self-repair
  • Low mobility
  • The exposure time is quite long
  • Incredibly dependent on ability to stand Consecration

2 /6

Monk (brewer)

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG word-image-2069 word-image-2070 The brewing monk, always with a glass in hand, is an intoxicated martial artist who numbs the feeling of pain with a frenzied amount of alcohol. This of course makes the tank a little strange, as its main passive Stagger puts some of the damage it gets as a DoT on itself. Thanks to this passivity, the Brewer Monks deny the biggest threat to all other tanks: burst damage. For Stagger , the Brewer Monk set revolves around Stagger damage reduction and constant defense. But before we get into that, let’s talk about the standard mockery of tanks – the provocation. From there, you must hit an enemy with Keg Smash, which deals AoE burst damage and slows down all enemies by 20%. You will often use this skill as your primary attack skill, giving you Shuffle, which doubles the effectiveness of Stagger. It is followed by the Blackout Kick, which gives you more Shuffle, damage and an increased chance to dodge with an incredibly short delay. Always try to keep Rushing Jadewind to inflict AoE damage and pose a threat. Touch of Death takes a long time to develop, but it is one of the most powerful skills you have, with the benefit of taking some damage from Stagger depending on the strength of your hit. Otherwise, fill in the gaps with Breath of Fire as a small AoE and a 5% damage reduction for targets hit by Cannon Strike. Tiger Palm is also a decent single target filler, but it’s rather sparse and only serves to keep your power from overflowing. When defending, rely primarily on the passive damage control of Stagger/Shuffle. However, you have two main timers active: Purifying Infusion and Celestial Infusion. The first removes 50% of the damage from Staggered , which goes on you. If you ate a large piece, take it out and remove half of it. The second gives you a powerful shield that can be increased by 200% depending on how much Stagger you eliminate with Purifying Brew. These two skills work incredibly well together, and their wait times are reduced with Keg Smash. They also have Summon Niuzao, Black Ox as a mix of attack and defense options. It summons a minion that deals AoE damage based on the number of Reeling s you just took out, and redirects 25% of the remaining Reeling damage to the minion. Finally, you have the invigorating decoction as your first emergency remedy in six minutes. It immediately increases your health by 15%, increases the effectiveness of Staggerby 10%, and reduces all damage by 15% for fifteen seconds. His action time is also reduced by Keg Smash. As for self-healing, Brewer Monks have a passive ability that periodically creates healing orbs around you when you take damage. If you go through them, you get a large amount of healing, so letting them pile up around you and going through them after you’ve been hit hard is a very viable strategy. You can also use damage dispel to heal yourself and return some of the healed damage to the enemy. It also attracts healing spheres around you. Revive is a simple healing spell that you can use on yourself during rest periods. As for skills, you have access to the standard skills of a monk: Role and Transcendence. The former allows you to literally drive in one direction (great mobility/positioning), while the latter allows you to set a waypoint to return to. Make sure you plan ahead with Transcendenceto avoid creating a warp point that kills you. As a brewer you have access to clash, which should be an amalgam of attack warrior and death gripdeath knight. Theoretically, you and an enemy can charge each other, then collide halfway and throw enemies around both of you for four seconds….. but this is very buggy and usually only results in a halfway cooldown. In general, Brewer Monks are considered one of the best tanks in WoW, , especially at high levels, due to their unique tank mechanics and the space they leave for healers.

  • Excellent mobility
  • Permanent healing and damage reduction
  • Excellent survivor of severe damage
  • A rather low health reserve
  • Damage is highly dependent on combos and can be interrupted.
  • You have to manage the defense more carefully than other tanks.

1 /6

Demon Hunter (revenge)

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG word-image-2072 word-image-2073 Filled with rage against their enemies, the avenging demon hunters pursue their targets relentlessly, all the while amplifying their demonic abilities with the flame energy flowing through their bodies. Revenge Demon Hunters are the most mobile tanks in the game and focus on ripping soul shards from their enemies to heal them for a percentage of their current damage. They also arouse anger, but compared to the soul fragments, it is less important. Demon Hunter tanks have fairly different attack and support capabilities. In most cases, you go on the attack first to maintain your DoTs and generate enough threat, before using support skills like Shear to generate Soul Shards. No more than 5 soul fragments can be used at any one time. You can manually run to the soul fragments to collect them, or use a skill that draws the fragments close. Before you start, your default simulacrum skill is Torture. Normally, you want to start by placing Flame Seal at your opponent’s feet and jumping on him with Hell Strike. With this combo, you can do a lot of damage in a row and, more importantly, tick off your DoTs on all the opponents you hit. Try saving a Infernal Strike charge for regrouping, or just use it if it doesn’t matter in combat. Then activate Immolationsaura to create rage and pulse damage. Basically, you’re going to use Shear (or more likely Fracture , which is the main talent that Shearreplaces) to get extra rage and soul shards. Otherwise, fill in the gaps with Throw Glaive to create an additional threat. For rage problems, target Devil’s Desolation when available to reduce damage and heal some of the damage inflicted. If this ability is disabled, use Soul Split to prevent a rage overflow, and use the two nearest Soul Fragments to heal yourself. You switch between soul splitting and tearing/fracturing to heal yourself. As for defensive skills, you should always have at least a Demon Sting charge as your primary damage reduction. This greatly increases your armor and increases your parry chance by 15% for six seconds. You can also mark your biggest threat every minute with the Burning Fire spell to give him an increase in damage and reduce the damage he deals you by 40% for eight seconds. Finally, you have Metamorphosis as an emergency delay, which transforms you for fifteen seconds, increases your health by 50% and your armor by 200%, and gives you 20 additional rage, as well as the creation of an additional Shire/Breaksoul fragment. While defensive skills don’t have as many options as other tanks, it’s important to note that these skills also reduce magic damage, which is incredibly valuable. In terms of utility, demon hunters can not only kite and easily group with most enemies, but they also have access to multiple CC options. Seal of Silence silences all enemies in an area for six seconds, Seal of Misery disorients all captured enemies for thirty seconds, and Seal of Chains (another important talent) slows down targets by 70%. You also have access to Prison as a juice on demand. The following two skills are the most important: destruction and magical consumption. Disrupt is your interrupt with a fifteen second delay that gives you 30 angers for a successful interrupt. Consume Magic removes an opponent’s buff and grants 20 rage. These nudges are pretty important and allow you to use your attack skills more often, so make it a habit. If you are looking for a simple but effective self-propelled tank with great mobility, the Demon Hunter is for you. It is also the only effective tank in mythic+ dungeons of incredibly high level, when actual protection from hits becomes impractical and kiting is the only way to survive. This makes demon hunter the best single player tank for small groups.

  • Constant pressure AoE
  • Very high self-sufficiency
  • Amazing mobility and kite surfing potential
  • The basic defense upgrade is harder to get compared to other tanks.
  • Battles/phases with unfocused enemies make self-sufficiency impossible.
  • Effective soul and anger management can be a little tricky.

The best tanks for PvP

This section will be exponentially shorter, as the basics of each class are covered in the CoE section above. Also, tanks are not considered viable for arenas, and you really only need one or at most two tanks for battlefields to hold objectives and buy time for reinforcements. So with these factors in mind, we’re going to focus on what to do on the battlefield. 6 /6

Warrior (Defense)

word-image-850 word-image-851 Unfortunately, if you don’t really protect yourself, you’ll succumb to the constant onslaught of most players. They can be pretty hard to kill with all your damage control tools, but once they stop working, you’re doomed. It is best to use Charge in the enemy ranks and try to take out their healers with skills like Shockwave. 5 /6

Monk (brewer)

word-image-852 word-image-853 Because of your mobility, you are very good at moving from place to place and constantly harassing those who try to target you. Other than being slow to destroy people and generally not killing them, you don’t contribute much to the team. You do a lot of damage when you lock all your attacking Kulduns at once, the most important of which is Touch of Death . Because this ability kills the target instantly if it has less health than you and you’re a tank….. and it has a pretty long range. But with the exception of this particular skill, it’s best to hold the point and buy time for allies to come to your aid. 4 /6

Knight of the Dead (blood)

word-image-854 word-image-855 In addition to being in constant combat and hitting incredibly hard with Death Strike, you have the ability to disrupt the strategies of many classes. Your Anti-Magic Shell destroys the weakening effects of any spell, Death’s Advance prevents you from kiting, and Death Grip can be used to lure a backline player (such as a healer) into your bloodline. The various diseases you can inflict on other players also help to permanently weaken them, and you can use the Death and Decay talents to become the most ridiculously slow player in the game, by blocking points. 3 /6

Paladin (Protection)

word-image-856 word-image-857 Honestly, you hurt people… a lot. Thanks to the attack bonus you get when you’re at Consecration and Vengeance, you deal a tremendous amount of damage when the situation requires you to fight off a wave of attackers at a target point. Also, the amount of healing you can generate with Word of Glory can easily save your teammates from death. Between these healings and other useful spells like blessings, you can easily act as an incredibly untouchable off healer. 2 /6

Demon Hunter (revenge)

word-image-858 word-image-859 With high mobility and excellent self-sufficiency, you can easily move between all the goals as one defender. When you are about to die, simply use one of your healing/defending abilities to resume the fight. Also, all your sigils are fully effective against players, so you have a wide variety of CC options. You can also permanently isolate one of their main damage distributors by relentlessly tracking it and preventing it from getting stronger. They will probably try to stun you and put enough distance between them to hit you safely, but your agility and jumps will make this impossible. Another bonus is the spectral gaze, which you can use to bring pesky thieves out of hiding. This avoids the juice and stun that most lone defenders try to use on redirected targets. 1 /6

Druid (Guard)

word-image-860 word-image-861 The biggest, strongest, and honestly the most invincible tank in PvP. If you want someone who can distract and annoy the opponent with his immortality, choose a Guardian Druid. With the constant availability of Frenzied Regeneration and a huge health pool, reducing the Guardian Druid’s health to zero becomes an impossible task. Players who inflict physical damage will not be able to pierce -Ironfur’sdefenses, and magic users will struggle to overcome self-sufficiency. If you are trying to defend the point, your bleeders and defenses should be able to withstand most attackers and deal with the pesky thieves, as bleeders are not easy to eliminate. If you begin to lose strength, you can disorient enemies with Unrestrained Roar and come out of your bear form so that a heal like Overgrowth can work on you, then immediately return to your bear form. As for the racing flags, your movement speed is incredibly impressive with access to Stampeding Roar and Dash in chat form. You should also not underestimate your CC of Devouring Roots, Incapacitating Roar, and Ursol Vortex to keep opponents off you if you don’t want to fight.   word-image-862 word-image-863


At this point, our guide to the best tanks in WoW: is ready. Twilight Land. We hope this has helped you decide which tank to play or ride with your band on. If you have other opinions, feel free to share them with us in the comments. Enjoy the game! Linked reading

Frequently Asked Questions

What tank should I play in Shadowlands?

Have you ever wondered what tanks are best for your character? Or maybe you’ve been asked to play multiple tanks in your guild? This article will give you a list of the best tanks in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, broken down by class. There are three main tank specializations to choose from in World of Warcraft: melee, ranged, and ranged (beams). The tank specializations are far from the only playstyles that are viable in WoW, however, and to find out which your ideal choice is, you need to know a little about the classes themselves.

What is the best tank in WoW right now?

The tanks in WoW have been getting a lot of major changes lately, and the changes are impacting the way tanks play. Each class has its own focus, and the tanks follow suit, focusing more on certain abilities than others. For Warrior, they want to play more as a front line tank, to protect their melee DPS. This has resulted in the Warrior having to play more defensively, and less as a solo hero. The Paladin, on the other hand, has focused on the defensive aspect to become the first line of defense for his/her party. This has left the Paladin having to play slightly more aggressively, and to rely upon the tank for support. Wow! The new expansion, Shadowlands, just came out, and there are a ton of new tanks on the PTR stage, fresh from their beta test, and some even new, for the first time. So, what is the best tank in Shadowlands, right now? For me, I have to pick the Primordius.

What is the easiest tank to play in Shadowlands?

On my World of Warcraft Shadowlands guide, I discuss the best tanks in Shadowlands, and with the start of Season 10, I’ve relaunched the article with updated information. You can currently find the article here. “Shadowlands” is a free downloadable modification for World of Warcraft, that lets you play classic tanks like the German KV-1, the Soviet T-34 and the American M26 Pershing. Want to know what makes these tanks so good? Read the blog post here !

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