The Best Fishing Games of All Time

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Fishing games are one of the most underrated genres in the gaming world. While there are some gems out there, most people do not even think about fishing when they want to play a game. 


However, that is starting to change as developers have been putting more and more effort into making these games better and better. 


In this article, we will take a look at some of the best fishing games ever made and suggest why they have been considered such!

Fishing Planet

For some, there is only one game that involves this particular activity that can ever be considered to be the best game to have ever been created.


Indeed, Fishing Planet is one of the most realistic fishing games out there. It features over 150 different species of fish, all of which behave differently. The game also includes real-world locations, such as the Amazon River and Lake Erie. The game is incredibly immersive and as realistic as they come, with players able to try and level up and catch bigger fish!

Euro Fishing

If you are looking for a realistic fishing experience, look no further than Euro Fishing. 


This game simulates the feeling of being out on the water, and features some of the most popular lakes in Europe. You will need to use all your skills to land the big catches. There is also a ton of different equipment and gear that you can purchase, so you can customize your experience however you like.


The game is incredibly immersive and rather realistic, which does mean there can be a lot of waiting around with nothing to show for it, but if you want an accurate simulator, then perhaps this is the game to play!

Big Fishing Fortune


The Big Fishing Fortune slot is another type of fishing game that can be played and enjoyed. This title is a slot that can be found as one of the many online casino games in New Jersey currently being offered that allows players who enjoy fishing the opportunity to combine it with a little wagering experience at the same time.


Provided by Inspired Gaming, this title will provide players with incredible visuals and a number of bonus features, including wild symbols and a free spins game that will provide an unlimited number of games! Naturally, the biggest prize of this game is when the biggest fish is caught!

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is the perfect game for fishing enthusiasts who are looking to take one of their hobbies into the gaming arena. The game offers players the ability to try and catch a plethora of different fish from various locations around the world, whilst also providing them with some incredible graphics.


The best feature about this game, though, is undoubtedly the career mode that has been implemented. Players start off as inexperienced anglers and will rise the ranks as they win tournaments and get better at the sport; just as they would in real-life events and competitions!

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

The final game on this list of the best fishing games of all time is the Rapala Fishing: Pro Series title. Most anglers will already know about this game, as it is one that will have likely helped introduce them to the sport or allowed them to further enhance their overall passion for the activity.


This particular title provides a number of wonderful graphics, although it is perhaps the gameplay that makes it stand out for gamers. It contains many of the nuances that anglers will encounter when they fish, while it is a game that can be very immersive and realistic. For instance, it allows players to use real-world weather conditions and provide access to daily tournaments.


These are just a few of the best fishing games out there at the moment, however it is very easy to see that they are amongst the very best, too. It would not be a surprise if a number of gamers were to agree, either.


Indeed, if you want to further enhance your love for fishing, or perhaps even get started with this hobby, then these five games might be the best way to do so! 

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