State of Decay 2 Update 30 Release Date – Here’s When It

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The only game to hit the top of both Steam and Xbox store charts is State of Decay 2. The highly anticipated sequel was released in May, with a number of updates since then. It looks like October 17th will be that day when we finally get our hands on it!

The “state of decay 2 update release date” is an upcoming game that was released on May 22, 2018. The new update will include a new map called “The Docks”.

State of Decay 2 Update 30 Release Date - Here's When It Launches

Undead Labs continues to add new material to State of Decay 2 two years after its release, extending and revising its mechanics. The release date for Update 30 is the next big milestone on the plan, and we now know when it will be available.

The Forever Communities feature, which allows players to construct new communities utilizing legacy survivors, is included in State of Decay 2’s Update 30, as well as a much-welcomed sort option for the supply locker.

State of Decay 2 Update 30 Release Date - Here's When It Launches

State of Decay 2 Update 30 Release Date - Here's When It Launches

This significant content drop will include a lot more, and you’ll be delighted to know that we should be able to get our hands on it soon.

Undead Labs, the game’s creator, stated in early May that State of Decay 2’s Update 30 would be released in July. Prior to that, it will be accessible on the PTR, where players may test and offer feedback on the Forever Communities feature.

  • Update 30 for State of Decay 2 will be released in July 2022. (PTR in May)

Fans may have anticipated the Infestations feature, which has been available on the PTR for some time, to be included in Update 30, however it has been pushed until Update 31. This is due to its magnitude, influence on the whole game, and input gathered from players up to this point.

Over the following months, we’ll likely learn more about State of Decay 2’s update 30 release date as the developer nears completion.

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The “state of decay 2 update 30 release date” is the latest build, and it will be released soon. It has been in development for a while now, so it should be worth the wait. Reference: state of decay 2 update 28 release date.

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