The July report from Chris Roberts’ semi-regular monthly report on Star Citizen’s development covered a lot of topics, from the continued development of the FPS module (with a focus on the use of matrix-locked weapon models), the continuing work on modular base building, and the continued development of the Persistent Universe’s medical system.

Star Citizen’s July report touches on hospital design, Pyro development, and several unannounced vehicles

The July update for Star Citizen has been released, and this month’s development report has a lot of information about the upcoming Hornet, a hospital, a new hat, and even a new gun. The Hornet is a small fighter designed to attack other ships in the game, and they have been testing it in a closed multiplayer environment on the Star Citizen persistent universe.. Read more about star citizen 2021 roadmap and let us know what you think.


CIG has updated its monthly progress report for Star Citizen’s July development, and it seems that a significant portion of the month was spent preparing for new ships and vehicles, the inclusion of hospitals, and the Pyro system, among other things.

Rest stop and Grim HEX medical clinics, Area18 and Lorville hospitals, and some associated art elements like medical gowns and NPC mocap for physicians and nurses are all progressing through their respective greybox, whitebox, and art stages. The report also mentions some work on the new Pyro system’s design, including quality checks on the system’s planets and moons, the creation of unique clothes for Pyro’s people, and the mention of cybernetics for Pyro characters.

On the vehicle front, there are a few unannounced releases mentioned, including an all-new vehicle entering the ships pipeline, another new ship starting greybox design, continued development of an unannounced ship mentioned in last month’s report, and a new unannounced vehicle that the team is reportedly excited to share moving from whitebox to greybox. Additional work on the Retaliator, Sabre, Constellation Taurus, Redeemer, and Crusader Ares variants are among the other vehicle advancements.

Finishing touches on player inventory updates, such as backpacks and the mobiGlas’ NikNax app; transitioning to a new Gen12 renderer; refinement of the Ninetails dynamic event; and additional AI combat work, such as intelligently using cover, surrounding players, appropriately reacting to stimuli, and taunting players in melee combat are all noteworthy. As is customary, the complete report contains all of the important information.

Long-time MMORPG fans may recall that Star Citizen was initially Kickstarted in 2012 for almost $2 million, with a 2014 release date anticipated. It is still in an unfinished but playable alpha as of 2021, after raising approximately $350 million from players via years of ongoing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is now the most crowdfunded video game ever, and it has been met with unwavering support from fans and skepticism from detractors. Squadron 42, a co-developed single-player game, has also been frequently postponed.


July’s monthly report from Cloud Imperium Games contained several interesting tidbits, including a note that Star Citizen’s medical bay and hospital module has been implemented into the game, along with a new Pyro weapon. In addition, the report revealed the name of an unannounced vehicle, and a new “part” of the planet Yela that was implemented into the game. The report also mentioned that a new demo is in the works that will be accompanied by an extensive tutorial, since so many new players are joining the game.. Read more about star citizen ship sale 2021 and let us know what you think.

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