Sniper Elite 5 | Invasion Mode – Complete Walkthrough And Tutorial

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The best way to start your invasion would be by learning the invaders’ sniper-filled ways. This walkthrough will take you from beginning to end, with tips on every level and an intro tutorial that should help get you started.

The “sniper elite 5 walkthrough” is a complete walkthrough and tutorial for the game, Sniper Elite 5.

28 May 2022 | Last Updated: 28 May 2022

In this award-winning series dubbed Sniper Elite 5, Karl Fairburne battles to uncover Project Kraken in 1944 France. The genre-defining realistic sniping with enhanced kill cam has never looked or felt better as you battle over immersive terrain to halt the Nazi war machine in its path.

I got to 100 invasion kills (the end of unlocks/progression for invasion mode) with a W/L of roughly 100:6. Here’s some food for thought, as well as some tips on how to spoil the days of other gamers.

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Invasion Mode in Sniper Elite 5: A Complete Guide

What Exactly Is The Invasion Mode?

A new mode named Invasion has been added to SE5. Similar to Dark Souls, you descend into another player’s (or coop) game with the goal of making them stop enjoying themselves.

You can tell whether the game is single-player or cooperative by hitting escape and counting the number of players in the bottom-right corner.

All players may play Invasion mode for free and there are no further payments required. You assume the character of a German soldier and have the option to (somewhat) alter your look.

You start off looking like a regular German, but you may upgrade to a ghillie suit later on. You don’t have to play single player or multiplayer to unlock anything in Invasions.

How To Make Your Jaeger Unique

If you pick attire that mixes in with the other German soldiers, Karl won’t be able to tell who is AI and who is a player, according to loading screen tips. That is just unforgivable.

You’re the only Jaeger on the map, and you have three weapons. Your concealment is immaterial, and Karl will never see you if you follow my strategy. Always start with the drip. Until the final two costumes are unlocked, put on your finest suit with the most medals.

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How To Select The Appropriate Weapon

The only genuine “meat” in this guide.

The Chad Gewehr 43, a small French semi-automatic rifle, and the Thundercracker KAR98K are the only three options for the Invader. But, since firearms are immaterial, we’ll discuss them later. The only weapons you’ll need are submachine guns and pure zerg energy. The MP40, Type 100, and Stg 44 are all excellent Karl killers.

  • Reading “Sniper Elite” and assuming the game is about careful placement, creeping about marksmanship, and precise long-range shooting is the most typical mistake Karl players make.
  • They use their pistol as a suppressed weapon to dink AI with a just-in-case SMG with strong mid-range performance.
  • Even more absurd than attempting to “fit in” with other Germans.
  • Your main weapon is a submachine gun. All three are good selections, with the Type 100 offering the most fun and the Stg 44 delivering the most drip.
  • In order of significance, rank the following statistics: Recoil is the highest priority, followed by Spray Accuracy, Damage, and then everything else.

Because SE5 is a low-HP game, it’s more important to shoot Karl quicker than he can fire back than to have the largest stick in the battle. Choose soft point ammo and switch to it as soon as the game starts!

The Jaeger doesn’t seem to mind that he can’t puncture wood or metal helmets. Karl dislikes the idea of wearing a helmet. Furthermore, while using the SMG, you should always aim at the central mass (or the testicles).

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If you have to use your weapon, bullet speed and bullet drop are the most important factors to consider. Because Karl is always moving, cutting (or at the very least decreasing) the amount of speed and distance correction necessary may dramatically improve your ability to hit him.

The semi-auto rifles do less damage than the KAR98K or Karl’s guns, but they fire much quicker, giving them a speed advantage akin to SMGs. Tacticool LARP snipers aren’t equipped to deal with your barrage of rage. I advise against employing a suppressor and instead opting for match ammunition.

The Jaeger places a premium on stealth, but not in the same manner as Karl does. Mounting a bayonet could save your life if you and Karl unintentionally collide while using the incorrect weapon, but you should have had your SMG ready.

With semi-automatic firearms, I prioritize damage and range, then try for consistency. With the KAR98K, I prioritize rate of fire, then damage/range, and lastly stability.

If you completely optimize for damage/range, you will have a very sluggish follow-up shot and exceedingly slow reloads. This game is really idiotic, even with a maximum damage Mauser, with deadly lung bullets “downing” Karl rather than killing him. Get your follow-up shot as fast as possible before he may resurrect, crawl into cover, or be rescued by a COOP partner.

Soft points look to be handy for heavy damage, but with rifles, you’re more likely to have to breach plants, fences, and other barriers. Armor-piercing shots are also an option since you may tag Karl with your binoculars (or scope) and then dome him through walls with them.

If you “empty lung,” your automated bullet drop compensation will even steer your bullets through walls, ensuring that you shoot Karl through three levels of stone windmills and preventing him from achieving the goal he was working on before you invaded.

On several instances, I’ve been able to penetrate walls using Match Bullets. Switch ammunition types again as soon as a match starts. Pistols aren’t a critical emphasis, but consider the possibility that your fat finger may accidentally scroll to the incorrect weapon.

You should double-check that your sidearm is operational. A drum magazine will enough for the Luger, which is geared up for maximum damage. It will quickly kill Karl while assuring that the players will shout about the cruelty with which you murdered them.

Correct Invasion Techniques

1. Get the game started. 2. Karl’s Assault 3. That’s all there is to it.

Invasion may be a lot of fun or a lot of frustration, in all seriousness. In most circumstances, you’ll spawn near to Karl (within 150 meters), and a “alert” AI will already be looking for him.

However, maps like the first level of the game are awkwardly chunked into bits divided by bushes and waist-high barriers, so you may be 50 meters away from Karl on the map but 50 kilometers away in terms of the real route to take to get to his position. That is, if he doesn’t relocate before you arrive.

You should also attempt to figure out where AI is most likely to occur so that its presence (or absence) might serve as a warning. There’s a grain tower/barn with a German sniper on the fortified Chateau map, for example; if you tag the sniper with your binoculars, you’ll know as soon as Karl kills him, signaling that Karl is likely to take up a position in that tower. 

You have the powerful “Wake up” talent as a sniper Jaeger, which lets you to order the AI around you to become less brain dead. In addition to seeing Karl sooner, they will share triangulation information with you if Karl is seen or shoots too much.

Always assume that their triangulation is near, but by the time you reach, Karl will have relocated. Always keep a safe distance between suspected Karl spots and, if feasible, circle to attack from a different direction than the AI. 

Your grenades and bombs are unlikely to kill Karl. Mines, on the other hand, may both alert you and intimidate Karl, while grenades can flush him out of cover. 

Most Karls kill themselves or are shot by AI long before you have a chance to start hunting. It took me roughly 150 games, even with a 100:6 W/L. In other words, roughly a third of the time, Karl is a total fool. 

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As the Jaeger, you must be incredibly mobile to track down Karl on maps like level 1 or the blown-out city (I don’t know their names, I only invade, I haven’t touched the campaign at all).

On maps like Chateau or Hitler’s House, there is a big central edifice with a commanding view in all directions. You’ll want to tag AI in each direction surrounding your position using your binoculars on these maps, then wait for an AI to see Karl or die and tell you where to search.

To prevent Karl from creeping up on you in your own house, mine stairwells and high-traffic corridors. You have an aggressive scope glimmer whether you’re indoors, behind a window, or in pitch darkness.

While your rifle is a great weapon for killing Karl, your binoculars are a superior tool for tracking him down. Although binoculars will not betray your position, peeking through your scope will alert Karls all across France.

Karl’s primary weapon is his ability to remain undetected. It’s a great surprise to get one from you! Karl is hell-bent on snooping around, and he’s got a whole German army on his tail. You have the freedom to rush about the area while being defended by the strongest troops in Vaderland.

You may almost collaborate with Hitler to kill Karl in this game. He’s the highest-ranking Vaderlander!

If your stalking route leads you over a field of dead Germans, don’t be worried; this means you’ve arrived at a site Karl thinks he’s already cleared. And Karl is mistaken.

Take a step over your brothers and follow Karl’s lead. Make him beg for a return to Rebellion since his two alternatives are to 1) gain half as much XP or 2) die from a Jaeger Sniper shot in the head.

This is a game in which you take on the role of a third party. Although it may seem to be filthy cheese, remember that you can always peer around corners securely. When seeking for Karl amid a slew of items, this is critical. He’s most likely doing the same thing anyhow, attempting to deceive AI.


The fact that I, a mid-tier, low-skill player, managed a W/L ratio of 100:6 (about) speaks volumes about how tough invading is (it isn’t). In this scenario, the invader enjoys a substantial edge.

The “sniper elite 5” is a first-person shooter video game developed by Rebellion and published by 505 Games. The game was released on March 14, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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