Skyrim: Best Weather Mods for PC

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Even before the release of Skyrim’s official modding toolkit, players have been delving into their own custom mods to give the world’s best open-world game a new shine. This article surveys some of these greatest hits and discusses what we might expect in future games with an evolving technology like blockchain.

The “skyrim weather mods” are a great way to enhance the game. The best weather mods for PC will make Skyrim more immersive and realistic.

Even though The Elder Scrolls VI is under production, it is still a long way off from being published. That’s why so many folks continue to play Skyrim to satisfy their Elder Scrolls itch. The usage of player-made modifications that improve the vanilla experience is one of the finest methods to keep a game alive and active. Weather modifications are one sort of mod for Skyrim. These game-changing add-ons don’t do much to change the game’s overall experience, but they do add some pleasant touches to make it more immersive and gorgeous. That’s why we’re going to examine the three finest Skyrim weather modifications for PC in today’s post!

The Best Weather Mods for Skyrim, Ranked from Good to Best

So, what do we have to lose? Let’s go to work on the modifications right now!


Storms of the Realm

2472-3-1478136637-1024x683 Skyrim Best Weather Mods Storms of the Realm Image credit: Nexus Mods/fadingsignal

  • fadingsignal is the creator of this mod.
  • Skyrim Special Edition was released in 2012.
  • Sound Effects, Immersive, Lore-Friendly
  • Here’s the Nexus link:

The first mod on our list is called Storms of the Realm, a weather overhaul mod that stays true to the vanilla feel of Skyrim.

The patch “completely overhauls Skyrim’s storm systems,” and it makes the weather effects in the game far more thrilling and engaging in a variety of ways.

Many new textures and components have been added to the game, drastically changing the way it looks and feels. Rain and snow, in particular, have been improved over the vanilla versions. These new textures were created with the graphic style of the vanilla game in mind, ensuring that everything looks pleasant and lore-friendly!

“Heavy dust storms, scorching ash fall, rain, and harbor fogs,” according to the author, have been added to some portions of the map.

The patch also includes additional sound effects and ambient noises–both inside and outside–to make things even more realistic, which adds a lot to the game.


Seasons And Weather At The Cathedral

24791-1554680927-720801330-1-1024x512 Seasons And Weather At The Cathedral DrJacopo’s The Community through Nexus Mods

  • DrJacopo is the author of this mod.
  • Skyrim Special Edition was released in 2012.
  • Sky, Lighting, and Terrain
  • Here’s the Nexus link:

Up next, we have the mod Seasons And Weather At The Cathedral! This mod does quite a few different things to enhance your graphical experience in Skyrim in addition to improving the game’s weather. This is a pretty popular mod that is included in a lot of mod lists for overhauling your game, and it’s not hard to see why.

So, what exactly are these visual enhancements? For starters, there are completely new sunset textures that, depending on the time of day, make the sky appear like a painting. For all of the weather, volumetric lighting has been added, which greatly enhances the ambience.

In addition, the way fog works in the game has been altered. From afar, it will blend in more with the sky, making the world’s boundary seem more natural and attractive to the sight.

One of the nicest aspects of this mod is the amount of customization available. Almost everything about the mod may be changed and tweaked, from the saturation to the seasonal colors to the likelihood of particular weathers occuring.


Tamriel’s climates

2237-5-1478104106-1024x683 Tamriel's climates Image credit: Nexus Mods/JJC71

  • JJC71 is the author of this mod.
  • Skyrim Special Edition was released in 2012.
  • Tags: Companion/Follower Friendly, Lore-Friendly, Performance Optimization
  • Here’s the Nexus link:

This last one on our list for the best Skyrim weather mods for PC is none other than Tamriel’s climates! Tamriel’s climates is one of the most popular Skyrim weather mods out there, and it’s one I consider a must-have if you are looking to completely overhaul your game. But just why is this mod so good?

The patch includes completely new textures as well as a thorough lighting update, resulting in a stunning and immersive experience. Clouds, in particular, seem to be considerably more realistic. There are a number of weather conditions that have been improved, making exploring in Skyrim seem better than ever.

There are also new audio noises for both inside and outdoors, in addition to these new features. This makes the mod much more immersive, and it greatly enhances the game’s mood.

Overall, if you want to re-master Skyrim and add some much-needed new features to improve your experience, this is a fantastic mod.

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That brings us to the end of our list of the best Skyrim weather modifications for PC! What were your thoughts on our list? Have we forgotten about your favorite mod? Please let us know!

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