Shroud of the Avatar lets you process the heck out of new fetid fish types

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Player-driven storylines in MMOs typically result in long, drawn out periods of tedium broken up by short bursts of excitement. In Shroud of the Avatar, players are able to actively participate with each other and challenge their friends to speed run dungeons or even target practice while they wait for a group raid. This level interactive engagement is not just fun, but also encourages player retention.

The “download shroud of the avatar” is a game that lets you process the heck out of new fetid fish types. It’s set in a fantasy world, where players must explore and build their own towns.

Boredom McScamhour

Have you ever experienced anything similar? Have you ever found yourself in Shroud of the Avatar with an overwhelming inventory of fetid fish kinds and no means to process them, forced to struggle among slippery floppy fish in search of a quest item? Have you ever found yourself dropping to your knees and crying, “There has to be a better way!”? Good news: the most recent patch allows you to process those fetid fish, so you may now fumble through processed fish parts! This is, in theory, a superior method.

The patch also includes a recipe for Altar Lockboxes, alters several features of the Blood River setting, and adds tattoo and hair color choices to character creation. All things considered, it’s a modest patch, but we can only assume that Chris Spears’ work with Richard Garriott on the latter’s new blockchain-based “game” is affecting his ability to do anything with the game on which he ended up being the only developer. So, before you toss money onto anything more plainly scammy, process your fish and recall how this one came out.

Shroud of the Avatar, as long-time MOP readers know, is a contentious MMO. The game and its original studio have been chastised for removing promised features, overfunding, delaying Kickstarter prizes, obscuring company leadership and office status, and failing to file SEC reports as required under the game’s equity crowdfunding. Richard Garriott’s business Portalarium sold SOTA to its principal developer in 2019, therefore exiting the game. Press inquiries have been greeted with stonewalling and obscenities, and equity crowdfund investors have been forgotten about, yet the game still has players and is being developed, as we continue to report.


The “shroud of the avatar classes” is a game that lets you process the heck out of new fetid fish types. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world, and players are tasked with creating their own character.

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