Ship of Heroes recaps housing beta, plans a second test in July

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Today, Ship of Heroes announced that it would be testing a second beta for its housing feature. The announcement came with more information about the test and what players should expect during this time. We also recapped some recent news from the game’s subreddit last week.

The “ship of heroes reddit” is a subreddit that recaps the latest news in the world of Ship of Heroes. The subreddit has released a recap on the housing beta, which will be happening again in July.


With the player housing beta for Ship of Heroes in the rearview mirror, Heroic Games is reminiscing over the experience in its new dev blog — and promising a sequel.

“It was a big success!” exclaims the studio. “Housing isn’t for everyone, but hundreds of individuals joined up, entered Apotheosis City, and put the housing system to the test. […] Far more people signed up than we anticipated for a limited event that isn’t centered on fighting and doesn’t provide most of our missions and raids.”

“The flexibility and inventiveness of SoH homes appealed to 91% of gamers. The ability to set anything anyplace without being restricted by hooks was lauded by players. Better placement control was also requested as a result of this. The ability to alter several of the accessible items was also complimented by players. A fairly equal number of people requested various types of new props and goods. Only 1-2x the present amount of props would be adequate for launch, according to 56% of players, albeit we may end up with more than that at launch. Similarly, the diversity of plan and décor modification was lauded, with calls for even more variation ranging from pre-designed houses with furniture to bigger layouts and the creation of new layouts by linking or building separate rooms. Obviously, some of these proposals may be difficult to execute, but many more will be introduced to the game in the following months.”

As the company works to have the game “ready to launch,” Heroic also talks customer support issues, Steam patching, and plans for a second event in July, though the press release warns that the “launch date is still unknown.”

If any of the screenshots seem to be familiar, it’s because they were taken on MJ’s personal test drive home after the event! In her stream, you may also see the entire extent of her building.


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