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: There is no doubt that indie games are on the rise, and it’s great to see that they are getting a lot more attention than they did in the past. There are more and more quality games being released every year, and that’s always something to look forward to. This month, a game called Shelter 3 has been released on Steam, a wilderness survival game that sits somewhere between The Sims and Minecraft. Shelter 3 is the new game of the series, and it’s a bit different than the previous titles in the series. The game plays very much like The Sims, in the sense that you control a group of characters that help each other out during the day, and then they have to

Shelter 3 is the third iteration of the popular survival-strategy game from publisher 505 Games and developer Might and Delight. It’s been in development for years, with the first game being release in 2014. In this game, you control a mother badger who’s trying to protect her cubs from vicious predators and the elements. It’s a beautiful game that relies on the simple premise of point-and-click gameplay, so we can’t wait to take it for a test drive. Blog Post: Shelter 3 Review – High Ground Gaming

When a game has been hyped for as long as this one, the natural inclination is to be cynical when the final product finally arrives. There’s no doubt that Shelter 3 is a long time coming, but now that it’s here, it’s up to the gaming community to decide whether or not it was worth the wait. (It was!) We recently got the opportunity to play Shelter 3, and we’ve put together a comprehensive review for you.

I came here expecting a relaxing elephant play. I was looking at the performance. They talked about beautiful flowers and flamingos. They thought the game would be simple and fun, cute and light. Shelter 3is a completely different story. This is a story about leadership, loss and moving on in the midst of terrible adversity, about making seemingly insignificant decisions that can have deadly consequences. It can also be messy, frustrating and repetitive, but more on that later. For now, suffice it to say thatShelter 3got me thinking and feeling about the material – and that’s always worth exploring. Increase

  • What is Shelter 3? This is a survival/simulation/adventure game for elephants. You play as Reeva, the mother of a young calf and now the leader of a scattered and endangered herd. Under the guidance of the matriarch, Reeva must lead the other elephants to food and water, protect them from tigers, and plot a route back to the rest of the herd.
  • Tested on : PC
  • Price: $14.99
  • Developer: Strength and joy
  • Publisher: Strength and joy
  • Release date: 30. March 2021
  • Website: See on Steam

Hard Herdin’

Image: Strength and fun on HGG word-image-7949 word-image-7950 Since this is the 5th help of the Shelter series, let’s focus on some internal issues first. People tend to compare him to his predecessors. Conversely, I came into the game not knowing the prequels and I won’t waste my time guessing. TheShelter 3online press kit also claims that the game has increased replay value. Honestly, I’d say this advice to replay the game for more fun actually sabotages its thematic weight and overall impact. For reasons I’ll discuss later, immediate repetition would rob the ending of its emotional impact. In practice, it’s an unnecessary revelation of the flaws in the game’s design, which become obvious as you play. Let’s get this straight. Image: Strength and fun on HGG word-image-7951 word-image-7952 One of Shelter 3’s greatest strengths is that it manages to immerse you in the story through the mechanics of the game. When a herd begins to cross a desert area in search of food and water, even a slight detour can mean death for an elephant. Autonomy and choice are most meaningful when they fit seamlessly into the overall emotional experience of the game. As long as the tutorials are concise and clear, and the bar at the bottom of the screen is clear and conveys the danger of the situation well enough, your brain can integrate these mechanics into the story without paying as much attention to them as it would with WASD. The longevity of such a game depends on the mechanics’ ability to contribute to the emotional experience without standing out or taking the player out of the story world. For example, problems arise when you remember sitting in a chair, typing on your mouse and keyboard, instead of leading a herd on a dangerous race across the savannah. Image: Strength and fun on HGG word-image-7953 word-image-7954 These memories pile up and become fixed as the game progresses. The limitations of the graphics become apparent – the elephants are constantly sliding through the environment, missing opportunities to increase realism and emphasize the mass and weight of these creatures. The command to feed the calf seems ironic and whimsical, disrupting the themes of motherhood that are central to this story. And soon the game has used up much of its power to surprise you with exciting mechanics and decisions. The result is a repetition of moves and emotions begin to wane until a grand and exciting denouement.

The soul of motherhood

Image: Strength and fun on HGG word-image-7955 word-image-7956 As previously stated, I do not recommend replayingShelter 3immediately after the ending. I’ve already explained the mechanical reasons for this, but let’s dive into the action that takes place. This story challenges you to gather your strength to give hope to the hopeless, to inherit and take on the enormous responsibility of caring, protecting and leading, knowing that you cannot be perfect, that you cannot control death, fate or time, but you can choose to move on. And you can choose, as, to continue and take as the next generation. As I played, I lost several elephants to the perils of our journey. Two adults and a baby elephant (an elephant never forgets) fell victim to tigers and the hot desert sand. At first, I was quite frustrated with the game and tended to criticize the mechanics when they punished me for seemingly pointless decisions. Image: Strength and fun on HGG word-image-7957 word-image-7958 As the game progressed, however, I realized that this is an important part of whatShelter 3thematically explores. Part of the game is processing that anger and heartache, and then accepting that you can never make up for those mistakes or replace those losses. Without giving too much away, the game’s finale ties these themes together in a perfectly satisfying way. Hope and sadness are in constant conflict with each other throughout the play, right up to the end. Replaying the game so soon after the end feels like a betrayal of all those themes. It’s certainly a dramatic statement, but it’s worthy of such an ending. Trying to go back and do better – save more elephants, work more efficiently, etc. – means that the hard lessons learned by the herd and Riva through death and suffering due to inappropriate play are somehow detrimental to the plot. Image: Strength and fun on HGG word-image-7959 word-image-7960 On the other hand, and somewhat less flattering, the ability of game media to continue to evoke emotion diminishes over time. If you’ve seen all the mechanics, you’ve probably also seen most of the team’s art skills, and the game’s assets don’t quite match up. Repetition is also present on a technical level – one of the hidden virtues of the finale is that it wraps things up before the emotional weight of the story has had time to dissipate.

Shelter overview 3
  • Audiovisual – 7/10
  • Narration – 8/10
  • Survival Mechanisms – 6/10
  • Technical Structure – 6/10

Summary Shelter 3 hides a very simple, evocative and emotionally resonant story that is worth exploring. But don’t expect a technical miracle, and certainly don’t expect added value by playing ad nauseam. At the end of the day, you have to move on. Professional

  • Interesting interplay between the story and the mechanics
  • Thought-provoking topics such as motherhood, leadership and legacy.
  • It’s a great ending, full of suspense.


  • Repetition, both mechanical and emotional, sets in.
  • Technical limitations
  • Embarrassing, awkward moments and missed opportunities….

Last month, we had a look at “Shelter 2”. Today we have a look at the direct sequel to that game, “Shelter 3”. This time around, instead of a procedurally-generated open world sandbox, you have a hand-crafted story mode. “Shelter 3” takes place after the events of “Shelter 2”, but before the events of the original “Shelter”, and is the culmination of everything that the developers have learned about game design over the years.. Read more about pc gamer and let us know what you think.

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