Remedy Yet to Receive Any Revenue From Alan Wake

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Remedy Entertainment, developer of Alan Wake and Quantum Break, has been waiting for revenue to the tune of $1.8 million since 2013 when it became clear that Microsoft was going to pull the plug on its publishing deal with them. As time goes by without any resolution in sight, Remedy is now looking at legal channels as an alternative way forward.,

Remedy Entertainment, the developer of “Alan Wake”, is yet to receive any revenue from the game. The company has released a statement saying that it will continue to support the game until its end of life in 2020.

Remedy yet to receive any royalty revenues from Alan Wake Remastered

Following yesterday’s Alan Wake 12th anniversary video, there has been a flurry of Remedy news, including a tiny update on Alan Wake 2 and the announcement of an AMC series. A more general business evaluation for the firm was released today, and nestled amid the positives was a tidbit about Alan Wake Remastered’s post-launch performance.

At the start of the review, CEO Tero Virtala detailed Remedy’s earnings, revealing a year-over-year increase attributable to development fees for planned projects including Project Condor, the Max Payne remakes, and Alan Wake 2. Control sales also contributed, albeit at a lower rate than in recent years. In general, Remedy seems to be in good shape.

Remedy yet to receive any royalty revenues from Alan Wake Remastered

Remedy yet to receive any royalty revenues from Alan Wake Remastered

However, Alan Wake Remastered was an anomaly, since Virtala indicated that no royalty income has been received so far. This is owing to Epic Games Publishing first recouping its own game costs, which it has yet to completely achieve.

The game finds a writer surrounded by a shady town full of personal demons, and must cope with a novel he penned that seems to be expressing itself into reality. Epic Games has put up the money to produce and sell the remaster of the 2010 classic Alan Wake.

The remaster was favorably received, and word that a sequel was finally in the works was quickly followed by the announcement that it will be published in 2023.

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