Update: We’ve found a way around our hardware limitation. The build limit is a hardware limitation. We’re working around it. You have our word. In short: The limit has been removed, but the options for building your dream ranch are now limited to four items. The same applies to the ranch you get when you finish the game. One cow, one barn and one chicken coop (which only holds a couple of chickens).

The game is a great example of how a team of people can work together to create an awesome game. The game was developed with a team of really smart people with different expertise, and it shows. The game is a fun and funny simulation game where you have to build a farm in an open world environment. If you love fun games like FarmVille, this game will keep you entertained for hours.

We’ve been updating our  Ranch Simulator build anywhere again today, with some bug fixes and new features:. Read more about how to update ranch simulator and let us know what you think.


Ranch Simulator, the unexpectedly addicting game in which users create their own ranch, has received yet another significant upgrade.

Ranch Sim’s most recent update is the game’s largest ever, with the update’s primary emphasis being on enabling users to construct anywhere they choose.

But there’s more; the devs have been hard at work on this ranch, from pig breeding to a new optimized terrain.

It’s also worth mentioning that upgrading to the latest version will reset your progress, requiring you to start again with a new ranch. While this may be inconvenient, it’s quite typical for a game at this level of early access, and reasonable given the game’s massive game-changing update.

Ranch Simulator is a game that allows you to build a ranch anywhere.

When we originally reviewed Ranch Simulator, the one major complaint we had was that you couldn’t customize your ranch by putting buildings where you wanted them, but that’s no longer a problem.

Chicken coops, fences, foundations, walls, doors, and much more may now be put wherever you choose, giving you complete creative control over your ranch.

While the previous Ranch Simulator construction system included a lot of pre-determined building locations in which you could only build, it lacked some of the flexibility that this new version provides.

Ranch sim old building system The Old Building System in Ranch Simulator

Ranch Simulator Gets a New Hardware Store

Aside from the construction system, Ranch Simulator has undergone map improvements and the addition of a brand-new hardware shop, which sells items such as:

  • Materials for construction
  • Tools
  • Lawnmowers
  • Trailers
  • paint

The new hardware shop will come in useful for our ranches’ building needs, enabling us to get construction supplies and more promptly.

Ranch Simulator Map The New Map in Ranch Simulator

Breeding pigs

Female pigs were previously unavailable in Ranch Simulator, however with the build anywhere update, not only have female pigs been introduced, but players may now also breed pigs.

You don’t need to do anything other than possess both a male and female pig to get pigs to breed; they’ll do it on their own… Make tiny piggies, the number of piglets in each litter fluctuates.

Ranch Simulator Build anywhere poster

The complete patch notes can be seen on Steam here.

The latest content update for GKS (Ranch Simulator Build Anywhere) is now live and includes a new season, random events and more! We’ve also fixed some bugs and made some performance tweaks and stability improvements.. Read more about ranch simulator update download and let us know what you think.

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