Rainbow Six Siege operator Osa’s ability rundown. Osa is an operator with a very interesting ability, but it is not always easy to understand how to use it. This is a handy guide that shows how to use it, what it does, and how it compares to other operators. By the way, this is my first guide: so I hope it is useful and interesting to you. Let me know your opinion, I’ll be happy to make improvements.

Rainbow Six Siege operator Osa is one of the most versatile operators in the game. With the ability to both scout and hold ground, she is one of the most powerful operators in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege has been out for a couple of months now and the meta game is already in full swing. Operators are being picked up and used to great success. The tier list has been updated several times, and the new operators are now seeing play in all modes. Some players have become somewhat of a legend, such as the most recent winner of Operation Health Ladder, -Kaptain-. Others have emerged as a force to be reckoned with, as seen in the top 10 ranked players on the ladder, -Smi7h-, who has successfully won 7 different games using the new operator, -Osa-

Osa is the newest Rainbow Six Siege operator, and she comes with the Talon-8 translucent tactical shield.

The Talon-8, like the deployable shield, acts as a bulletproof protective barrier – but it’s higher! While it will protect you from gunfire, it will also enable both sides to see through and respond appropriately. Talon-8s may be used wherever a normal shield can be used, including in windows and when rappelling. By protecting your teammates and keeping an eye on defenders, you may apply map pressure.

The Talon-8 can generate, block, and threaten angles in order to keep operators safe — until they decide to attack. The Talon-8 offers you a whole new universe of possibilities. Use the shield in a window to push opponents out of a room, then shatter it with a melee to block the view. It has a system similar to that found in Mira windows, with a breakable canister on the bottom that may be used to deactivate the shield. Back away from the shield if you hear hissing.

Rainbow-6-Siege-Osa-loadout-guide-operatorRainbow 6 Siege Osa loadout guide operator Ubisoft created this image.

Osa and her Talon-8 are a welcome addition to Siege’s roster, and they should provide a lot of new options on the battlefield. Of course, you could simply go in with the shield up and draw fire if that’s what you want to do…

On September 6th, Osa and Operation: Crystal Guard will be released in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege has been a huge part of my life the past few months. I’ve been playing since beta, and have slowly improved my skills. My first favorites were Stinger and Jackal, but I fell in love with the Operator’s role, and that’s where I spent most of my time. Now I have a pretty good grasp of the operators and their abilities, but there is still a lot I don’t know about.. Read more about osa rainbow six siege reddit and let us know what you think.

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