Profane, a mercenary and an expert in PvP, is a part of a group of adventurers that is trying to fight for the rights of the people of Norrath. You can check out Profane’s adventures here:


Some like fabric armor, some prefer leather armor, while yet others prefer the large, heavy, and (hopefully) secure feel of metal armor. Profane, predictably, will include all of them, and the game’s newest Twitter thread shows off an early design for one of these hefty armor pieces.

The remainder of the post devolves into a rant about Insane’s choice to make the game a full-loot FFA PvP game, how it wants players to influence the game world’s history, and the significance of risk and reward — all of which the developers at Insane boasted about when the game was originally revealed. The discussion says, “We think full-loot and PvPFfA (PvP Free for All) simply can’t be thrown as a feature in any game.” “For it to work, the game must be designed in such a way that such features are simply a result of the game’s commitment to genuine RPG freedom, where actions have consequences rather than being rejected because the game design can’t support them!”

After showing you our cloth and leather sets, it’s now time to show you the plate set we’ve created. 🔨🔥

Of course, some modifications may occur before you get to wear it, but we couldn’t help but show you what we’ve come up with thus far.

August 27, 2021 — Profane MMORPG (@ProfaneMMO)


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