It seems there was a slight miscommunication between Niantic and the Russian in-game currency developers, and now they claim to have met their goal of having an in-game currency that could be exchanged for real world money, but ended up really only giving out $600k in cash bonuses.

It has been reported that Pokemon Go has been ignoring the Russian player achievements since they had exceeded the company’s goal.

You might think that the success of Pokemon Go would be a boon for every other video game company, but you’d be wrong. The game itself is a juggernaut of popularity, but the things surrounding it are not nearly as fun.. Read more about when was pokemon go released and let us know what you think.


We often seek PR for clarification on different announcements, as readers may have seen in our Pokemon Go coverage. While we understand not wanting too many spoilers, many of the requests are for clarification of news and contest rules that may have an impact on the community in ways Niantic hasn’t made apparent.

However, many individuals were unaware of a new Russian campaign to add additional points of interest to Niantic games. This isn’t the first time Niantic has hosted an event like this; the India area previously hosted one. However, the business added the ability for individuals to change their “home” or “bonus” location to contribute to the target region for those residing overseas. While the business met its goal, several participants observed that their efforts were not rewarded. Players were informed that there was a non-communicated extra rule and that the business would not respect the original ruleset until the company looked into it, which may have legal implications in the UK.

Players have until June 16th to evaluate reported points of interest on Niantic’s Wayfarer site, which is meant to help the game creator populate the game environment (which may cause legal issues for the business and/or users). As you can see, the objective was to have more Wayspots approved, but nowhere does it state that the participants had to have their Wayspot accepted. It’s a collaborative endeavor, similar to many of the objectives in Pokemon Go and Ingress.


This requirement was finally explained by NianticGiffard – five days after the tournament had finished.

Niantic_rule_change For emphasis, the date has been emphasized.

This essentially provided those who were inadvertently left out no opportunity to correct the mistake. While I had personally noticed the offer, I had not passed it on to readers since it was targeted towards Russian players, as Niantic said that players may alter their home/bonus location if they were “a native but residing abroad.” Because certain fans of specific groups pushed for non-Russians to participate, it seemed best to leave this campaign out, but readers complained to us about Niantic not honoring the prizes. Niantic has already closed the thread, which includes players’ personal proof of participation in addition to Giffard’s statement that although he was personally unhappy with the results, he could not “guarantee the inclusion of additional incentives” for those left out by the business.

Furthermore, this event is notable for the unexpected necessity that the point of interest be approved throughout the campaign in order to get individual prizes. Except for individuals outside of India, who received modest prizes, the India campaign paid all participants, and we were unable to uncover any complaints about them not getting awards. Poland had a similar program, although there were few complaints, perhaps because there were public prizes (apparently not restricted to participants).

Because the Russia event offered private prizes, not getting one stands out, as does Niantic’s failure to fulfill it. While we requested responses from the business via PR, we have yet to hear back as of this writing.

It should be noted that as per the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), “Promoters cannot change terms and conditions part way through the promotion, or create and enforce T&Cs retrospectively.” As this change came after the promotion, it really seems outside the safety zone, especially as Niantic offered digital rewards which should fall outside the normal rules for handling unexpected events.

Thanks for the suggestions, Vishal and Steff!


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