Pet-gathering open world MMO Chimeraland announces NA release plans, starts Canadian closed beta

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With the upcoming release of Chimeraland, a pet-gathering open world MMO that is inspired by Pokemon, they wanted to give away something special for all their Canadian players. They are giving out free Pokeballs and other bonuses when logging in between now and February 1st.

The “animal crossing new horizons update today” is a game that has been in development for a while. The game is an open world MMO pet-gathering game. The game is now announcing plans to release in North America on March 29th, 2018.


Over the last year, we’ve been following the creation of Chimeraland, an open world cross-platform MMO about taming animals and mixing them via a devouring and evolving system that will be released on PC, iOS, and Android devices. The game was released in the SEA area at the beginning of this year, and NA users will soon get a taste of what this MMO has to offer, with Canadian players being the first to try it out due to a closed beta.

Canadian players may sign up for the closed beta until Tuesday, May 10th, with the test itself taking place between Thursday, May 12th, and Tuesday, May 17th on PC and Android devices. There are no details on how much material will be included in this test version, but it should include access to the game’s main feature set, which includes a 1000 square kilometer open world, several pets to acquire and customize, and a variety of weaponry that may be swapped at whim.

In terms of Chimeraland’s future intentions for the rest of North America, publisher Level Infinite says that the game will be available to all NA gamers later this year. Pixel Soft’s creators want to respond on player input first, but no precise calendar date has been set. Signups are still open for anybody who want to provide feedback (and reside in Canada with the suitable device).


The “mmorpg meaning” is a genre of video games that are typically open-world, action role-playing. In the case of “Chimeraland,” it’s an MMO where players can collect and raise their own pet monsters. The game released its closed beta in Canada on July 31st, 2018.

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