Path of Exile addresses game balance, ailments, endgame changes, and more

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There is a lot of talk about the Path of Exile developers addressing a variety of concerns in a variety of different mediums. The developers have been very active in the public forum, and have been quick to respond to many of the concerns that have been brought up.  One of the more recent topics that the developers have been addressing is the cost of endgame equipment. They have been making sure to see what items get purchased the most, and what items get purchased the least, rather than just making changes to items that are already in the game.  In short, the Path of Exile developers have been very active in addressing a lot of different concerns, and have been very transparent about their process.

Path of Exile (PoE) has been around for a while and has seen a fair amount of changes over the years. This week, the developers decided to change the way their voice chat system works, adding a new feature called “Party Voice”. The new system allows players to meet up in the game and connect with friends using their own specific voice. This enables two players to use their own voice while playing. This is a great feature, especially if you live in an apartment complex or other high-rise building, where standard phone calls are often difficult.

As Path of Exile enters its second year of operation, its developers have finally delivered the game’s first major update, The Awakening. With this update, players can expect things to change—for better or worse—as Path of Exile enters its first league of the expansion. We sat down and talked with Grinding Gear Games to get a better understanding of what players can expect in the coming months.. Read more about path of exile how long to get to end game and let us know what you think.


Chris Wilson, the producer of Path of Exile, has been making the rounds on community podcasts, addressing a broad range of questions, so Grinding Gear felt it would be good to compile some of his responses into their own summary article. GGG, that’s very considerate of you! Thanks! Give yourself a big pat on the back.

The responses cover a wide range of issues, including game balance, disease mitigation, item queries, and plans for endgame content. One of the first responses indicates that the game will not be nerfed as much as it was in patch 3.15, but buffs and nerfs to particular abilities can be anticipated; for example, Fortify will be nerfed in update 3.16 to better align it with its original purpose as a defensive utility for melee characters.

As previously stated, ailments have their own section in the synopsis, with plans to include more mitigation or avoidance in skills, add new clusters to the passive tree to help against poison and bleed, and introduce crafting options that outright prevent specific ailments from being applied, among other things.

There are also the following places of interest:

  • A further item decluttering occurs.
  • Obscure mastercrafting recipes are being moved out of Delve and the Pale Council and into the main material of POE.
  • Plans call for higher payouts at shallower depths of Delve, followed by higher rewards at deeper levels, but with a larger difficulty.
  • In patch 3.16, the Atlas was reduced to four areas instead of eight.
  • In patch 3.17, the Atlas of Worlds and Path of Exile’s end-game systems were completely reworked.

These are just a few of the bean drops sprinkled throughout the description, so fans should keep reading for more.


The Path of Exile developers have been active since the current version launched in late 2014, and the team has been hard at work this year, mostly addressing feedback from players. In fact, Path of Exile is one of the few games that consistently receives updates throughout the entire year. On January 15, the team announced a new system that allows players to emphasize their focus on a specific character, called a “soul,” while keeping a single character alive. The developers also addressed a number of player complaints by making a number of fixes and improvements.. Read more about path of exile season end and let us know what you think.

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