Overwatch Tier List Competitive Season 28 (May-June 2021)

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Two weeks ago we announced the first coin-flip in Overwatch League history, where the London Spitfire took home the Stage 2 title. Since then, many have been curious about what our next competitive season will look like. While the party line has been that there will be some minor changes on the Overwatch League’s calendar, no one truly knows what the new season will look like. We aim to keep you updated on everything Overwatch League related, so we asked each of the Overwatch League team for our latest thoughts on what to expect for the 2019-2020 season.

In the spirit of Season 28’s recent tournament, I’ve decided to create an Overwatch tier list to highlight the most dominant players of the current Competitive season. This list is based on in-game balance, recent results, and how the players compare to each other.

The blogpost shall explain the reasoning behind the tier placement of each hero, and what to look for in the hero’s playstyle.. Read more about overwatch tier list season 28 and let us know what you think.

Get up! Get ready! Overwatch! The new 28. The season is here and you don’t want to miss it. In this Overwatch Tier List Competitive Season 28 article, we discuss the Overwatch Tier List and the Overwatch Tier List June 2021. For those who don’t know: Overwatch is an animated team-based shooter set in the not-so-distant future. The remaining days until the end of the current Overwatch season are displayed in the game client. The 28th. The Overwatch season begins in May 2021. overwatch-wallpaper-heroes Midway through the year, it becomes clear that Overwatch’s 28th season of competition could very well be the last of its kind. Indeed, Jeff Kaplan has stated in an update from the developer that the competitive open queue will appear permanently in the game in Season 28. Read more: 5 best mods for Overwatch

Overwatch Tier List

The Overwatch tier list includes the best DPS heroes in the game. Most heroes in Overwatch fall into the DPS category. It can be difficult to know which are the best at any given time, as panels change frequently. Here’s our ranking of all the DPS heroes from Overwatch Competitive Season 28.

S Tier Level A Level B Level C
May Torbjørn Mower Headlights
Doomfist McCree Sombra Junkrat
Echo Search for clues Private 76
Hanzo Genji
Ash Symmetra


Level S

These S-level heroes pack a solid punch. Not only are they difficult to fight one-on-one, but even when outnumbered, fighting them can be frustrating. DPS heroes are able to hold their own in any fight. There’s a reason why players get upset when Mei gets banned. overwatch-mercy-overwatch-tier list word-image-657

Level A

The A-level heroes in Season 28 are more team-oriented than the S-level heroes. Torbjorn’s turret provides constant destruction, which is handy for breaking barriers, and McCree can balance between standing behind his shield and trotting around the enemy team for pickups and ults. overwatch-animal-list-sigma Read more: Top 25: Fire Emblem Three Houses Characters Tier List

Level B

All snipers and the most experienced members are placed in the B layer. They are often too localized to penetrate the A-layer, but when they work well, they can be invincible. overwatch-tier list

Level C

Level C has a lot of heroes that can lead to their team’s defeat. Both Junkrat and Farah can do a lot of damage, but they can also attack and frustrate the enemy Zarya to kill their opponents. Symmetra benefits from her turrets and teleporter, and is not particularly useful when they are on standby. Title: sojourn-overwatch-hero_feature-overwatch-animal-list rest Bastion is at the bottom of the ladder this season because he’s not that hard to handle. While Bastion changes are often attacked, Omnic is still not a valuable DPS hero. But it looks like Jeff Kaplan is on board, as he said in an update to developers: I know many of you are eager to see more Bastion in your games. Read more: Best and Worst WarframeLevel List overwatch-animal-list-online

Overwatch Tier List Competitive Season 28

The highly anticipated Overwatch Tier List from the Overwatch Boost team has been released. Note that this only applies to single-player quests in the 1500-4000 SR range, a new classic power to play with random strangers. Some heroes will play better in higher and lower SR series than in their current series. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the Overwatch tier list for June 2021 characters. tracer_overwatch-tier-list Read more: How to play Hanzo in competition [Manual]


Level 1 – These are the most useful characters, they are chosen in most games, and they are suitable for almost any command combination. Row 2 – If you can’t choose anything in Row 1, choose Row 2, these are balanced options. It is likely that you can choose a character from it. Tier 3 – These heroes are not particularly difficult, but they play worse than Tier 2 and Tier 1 heroes if not played particularly well, and may do better in a ranked team game than in a solo quest. damage_overwatch_tiers list Stage- McCree, Tracer, Hanzo, Echo, Ash, Widowmaker Level 2– Junkrat, Private : 76, Doomfist, Farah, Reaper, May, Torbjorn, Genji. Level 3– Bastion, Symmetra, Sombra overwatch-animal-list-tank Level 1 – Reinhardt, D.Va, Roadhog, Sigma, Orissa Level 2 – Wrecking Ball, Aurora Level 3 – Winston overwatch_tier_list_support Level 1 – Moira, Ana, Brigitte Level 2 – Baptiste, Mercy, Lucio Level 3 – Zenyatta Read our Overwatch Tier List Competitive Season 28. What do you think of the Overwatch tier list from April 2021? Who’s your favorite character? Are you looking forward to season 28? If you disagree with anything or need an update, please let us know in the comment section below.Competitive season 28 of Overwatch is in full swing now, and to help you at your matches, we have created the Overwatch Tier List that provides you with the best heroes to use to gain points. It also includes in-depth analysis of each hero, so you can make your own decisions on who to pick and when to play them. The Tier List has been put together by the most experienced Overwatch players, and the analysts at GeeksPlayingGames, so it will give you a competitive edge at each match.. Read more about overwatch tier list reddit season 22 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best character in overwatch 2021?

Overwatch has a plethora of characters, each with their own unique playstyle, and depending on what you play, you may prefer one character over another. Sometimes they are difficult to play and have a weak kit, but when they are just the right fit, they can be a force to be reckoned with. So who is the best character in Overwatch? Find out who is on the tier list that everyone has an opinion on, and why they made the cut. We are just few months away from the start of the next overwatch season and we have already seen a lot of new character release. We have also seen some characters nerfed or changed to a support role. Here are the overwatch characters that have been buffed or nerfed.

Is overwatch dead in 2021?

Overwatch is a fantastic game, but it’s not dying anytime soon. It’s still a year or two away from reaching its full potential, but there are a lot of things on the horizon that will notify a great time to invest in the game. There are a lot of changes coming to the game, and Blizzard Entertainment are looking to make a few big strides ahead of the next competitive season. It’s finally here! Overwatch’s latest competitive season is here, and there is a lot to look forward to. The new meta has been revealed, players have been informed of their new roles, and the majority of players are now confident in the best heroes for the new season. However, there are still some questions to be addressed: will the meta change this time around? Will the new support hero be effective in the current meta? How long do you think the Overwatch League will last?

Is overwatch good 2021?

Overwatch Tier List is a website that collects and organizes competitive Overwatch statistics, such as win rates and rankings. It is dedicated to developing a comprehensive Tier List for the game. It also includes a popular tier list for Blizzard’s first-person shooter Overwatch, an arena game with a variety of characters, randomly selected by Blizzard for purchase. Overwatch is a fast-paced first-person shooter game played by millions of people around the world. It is an online game with a strong focus on team play and objective-based gameplay. It is one of the most competitive games in the e-sports world, and a major e-sport. With the release of the game, there are now tournaments that are held all over the world. Each tournament is held on a different map, with a different point system, and a different format. All of these tournaments are exciting in their own ways, playing a part in the professional and amateur Overwatch esports scene. Overwatch has a player-base that is growing each year, with the game being the most popular e-sport in the world.

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