Open-source MMORPG sandbox Ryzom has lowered its subscription price – again

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After the company was founded in 2012, it quickly became one of the most popular free MMOs with over 2 million registered accounts. With its latest price cut, it is now even more accessible to a larger audience – but there are some concerns about how they’re handling development and publishing as an open-source game.

The “mmorpg subscription numbers” is a topic that has been in the news lately. The open-source MMORPG sandbox Ryzom has lowered its subscription price – again.


As their playerbases moaned, at least two prominent MMORPGs, RuneScape and EVE Online, took the risky step of raising their membership costs this spring. On the other side, Ryzom is doing the exact opposite: it is cutting its membership costs.

The long-running sci-fi sandbox revealed this week that its new premium fees would cost between €3.90-€4.90 ($4.11-$5.16 US) each month (it’s effectively a dollar more on Steam, presumably due to Steam’s considerably larger share). Ryzom’s subscription cost has varied many times throughout the years; it started at $15 and was reduced to $10.95 in 2009. Longer subscription durations provide you savings, but there’s also a lifetime subscription charge of about €300 (around $316 US).


Ryzom, which turns 17 this autumn, has been a hybrid free-to-play MMO for over a decade and underwent a freemium redesign in 2017; the optional subscription gives a variety of beneficial features such as infinite abilities and gear, additional storage, housing access, transfers, and character renames. If you’re still unsatisfied with these optional payments, you’re welcome to create your own private server, since the MMO is one of the few games in our genre that has been entirely opened to the public for open-source development.

The game is definitely still being developed; the most recent patch landed in April, when current publisher Winch Gate rolled out changes to outposts and guilds. We’ve checked in on the game a few times in the last couple of years in our Game Archaeologist and Whatever Happened To series, but the game is definitely still being developed.

#Ryzom reduces its rates and now allows to give away a subscription to another player!

To learn more about the new subscription’s rates, click here: #indiegame #rpg

— Ryzom (@Ryzom) May 9, 2022


The “most expensive mmo subscription” is a term that is often used to describe the most expensive type of MMORPGs. Some examples are World of Warcraft, Runescape, and EVE Online. In the case of Ryzom, it has lowered its subscription price again.

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