Old School RuneScape breaks down PvP arena reward poll results and Giants’ Foundry feedback

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There has been a lot of discussion in the RuneScape community about PvP, and rewards for those who actively participate. In this blog, I will talk about what we have learned from your feedback as well as a breakdown of how you voted on our recent poll.

The “osrs loot keys pvp” is a blog post that breaks down the results of a poll for the Old School RuneScape PvP arena. The blog also includes feedback for Giants’ Foundry, which was recently released by Jagex.


Old School RuneScape’s continuous development-by-committee process has some new player feedback to distill and communicate. The developers have gathered player feedback on the future PvP arena and Giants’ Foundry features and are ready to share their findings.

The PvP arena poll explanation begins by explaining why poll access was limited, stating that the developers desired results from PvP players. The article then breaks out the polling results with and without certain results filters, and encourages players of all stripes to join a Discord to debate future actions, however only chosen players will be able to participate in real dialogue; everyone else will simply have to watch.

On the PvE side of things, the devs have shared responses to player feedback, including changes to activity rewards to make them feel less underwhelming, another adjustment to XP per hour rates, and explanations for why smithing and mining haven’t been reworked or addressed (a smithing rework would take years, and the Giants’ Foundry wasn’t the right place for new mining content).

In the meantime, those who are looking to have the past month’s Gielinor Gazette recapped in video form can do so in the embed below, and Jagex would once again like to remind fans that the board game based on the MMORPG is headed to Kickstarter on May 31st.


The “Old School RuneScape breaks down PvP arena reward poll results and Giants’ Foundry feedback” is a blog post by the Old School RuneScape team, which discusses the rewards for the PvP arena. Reference: pvp arena osrs reddit.

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