New Horizons Bunny Day Event Easter 2022

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The annual New Horizons Bunny Day Event is an Easter tradition that has been around for many years and it’s a day when families come together to celebrate the new life of spring.

The “all bunny day recipes 2022” is a new event that will be available in the game on Easter. The event has many different types of recipes for players to cook.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf New Horizons’ Easter event, Bunny Day, has new dishes, event activities, Easter eggs, and more. Although the Bunny Day event lasts for a week, keep in mind that Bunny Day is on April 17, 2022. Zipper will return on this day for you to bring in your eggs and swap them for recipes.

Animal Crossing Bunny Day 17 April

What Day Does Animal Crossing Bunny Celebrate?

The Bunny Day event will take place from April 10 through April 17, 2022. Because it is a unique Easter celebration, the dates change each year. Previous Animal Crossing Bunny Days, for example, were on April 1, 2020, and March 28, 2021.

Zipper T. Bunny: Who Is He?

Animal Crossing Bunny Day Zipper

During the Bunny Day event, a new character named Zipper will visit your island. Zipper has a giant zipper on his back, which you can see if you look behind him. According to rumors, Zipper is really another Animal Crossing resident disguised as a rabbit.

However, don’t be tricked into calling Zipper out on it since he despises people making fun of his outfit.

Bunny Day Eggs in Animal Crossing

Zipper lands to your island before the Bunny Day event begins on April 10, 2022. He’ll inform you that he’s buried eggs outside on your island. To have a chance of discovering an egg instead of, instance, a fruit, you’ll need to utilize equipment to uncover the eggs or acquire resources.

Bunny Day Eggs in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Egg Balloon

Various eggs will be collected on ACNH Bunny Day. Make Bunny Day recipes using these, which you can get at Zipper. These recipes may be learned by collecting eggs or receiving gifts.

Animal Crossing earth egg

Six distinct sorts of eggs may be found during the event:

  • Leaf Eggs are located on trees and may be found instead of fruit or by shaking the tree.
  • Sky Eggs: They resemble an egg rather than a balloon present.
  • Water Eggs: Instead of a fish, medium-sized shadows in the water may develop an egg.
  • Stone Eggs: Hit a stone with a shovel or an axe for a chance to get an egg.
  • Wood Eggs: Instead of wood, whack a tree with an axe to get eggs.
  • Earth Eggs: While looking for fossils, you can come upon eggs instead.

Bunny Day Rewards in Animal Crossing

acnh bunny day diy recipes

Zipper will return to your island when the Animal Crossing Bunny Day occurs. He’ll be in the Plaza, along with your people dressed in Easter garb.

You may speak with Zipper, who will assign you tasks and provide prizes for doing them, although they are only accessible on Bunny Day (17 April 2022). Bunny Day is the day to accomplish it if you want to obtain the Arch for Bunny Day recipe. If you obtain the Arch for Bunny Day, you’ll only be able to earn the “creating all Bunny Day DIY Recipes” reward.

You may continue to gather and utilize your eggs to construct products and sell them after you’ve completed all of the chores and have the Arch for Bunny Day, Wand for Bunny Day, and Bunny Day Basket.

ACNH Bunny Day eggs cost 200 Bells apiece, but it’s wiser to use them to make products and sell them for twice as much.

Recipes for Animal Crossing Bunny Day

bunny day animal crossing recipes

During the occasion, there are 20 different Bunny Day recipes to acquire in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The Arch for Bunny Day is included in this. To get Zipper’s ultimate prize, the Wand for Bunny Day recipe, you must construct all of the recipes (no need to actually put them).

  • Day Bed for Bunnies
  • Glowy Bunny Day Garland
  • Gable, Bunny Day
  • Wall Clock for Bunny Day
  • Stool for Bunny Day
  • Day Lamp with Bunny
  • Bunny Day Carpeting
  • Wall of Bunnies
  • Wardrobe of Bunny Day
  • Fence for Bunny Day
  • Wreath for Bunny Day
  • Rug for Bunny Day
  • Vanity for Bunny Day
  • Festive Balloons for Bunny Day
  • Balloons for Bunny Day
  • Day Bag for Bunnies
  • Crown for Bunny Day
  • Arch for Bunny Day
  • Zipper Toy that wobbles
  • Wand for Bunny Day

You may continue to hand in one of each sort of egg to obtain a Bunny Day Basket after you’ve finished Zipper’s responsibilities. If you have the eggs to trade, you may swap each batch of eggs for as many Bunny Day Baskets as you like.

Wand for Bunny Day


To craft the Wand for Bunny Day, you’ll need 1x Zipper Toy that wobbles and 3x Star Fragments. If you don’t want to keep the Wand for Bunny Day, you can sell it for 11,100 Bells, which is a pretty tidy profit if you can make multiple.

Zipper Toy that wobbles


The Zipper Toy that wobbles is probably the hardest Animal Crossing Bunny Day event item to create. You’ll need 4x each type of egg (Earth Egg, Stone Egg, Leaf Egg, Wood Egg, Sky Egg, and Water Egg), making a total of 24 eggs to craft it.

FAQs about Animal Crossing Bunny Day

In Animal Crossing, how can you earn a Sky Egg?

In Animal Crossing, you can collect a Sky Egg by shooting down the Egg Balloons using a Slingshot. Present Balloons in the Sky may be seen outside of the Bunny Day Event, however during the Easter event, the balloon resembles an egg. Shoot down the gift, collect it, and then put it in your inventory.

In Animal Crossing, how can you acquire a Water Egg?

Finding medium-sized shadows in the water will yield Water Eggs (rivers or sea). Instead of capturing a fish, you can end up with a Water Egg.

In Animal Crossing, how can you obtain a Stone Egg?

In Animal Crossing, you may gather Stone Eggs by using an Axe or Shovel on a rock. If you hit the rock, you can get a Stone Egg instead of other items like iron, stones, or cash.

In Animal Crossing, how can you obtain a Wood Egg?

To harvest Wood Eggs, hit trees with your Axe (a Stone Axe is ideal). When you strike a tree, you won’t always obtain a Wood Egg, but there’s a possibility you’ll get an egg instead of wood.

In Animal Crossing, how do you obtain a Leaf Egg?

In Animal Crossing, shake trees with eggs instead of fruit to acquire Leaf Eggs. You’ll notice that the trees are bearing eggs instead of the typical fruit.

In Animal Crossing, how can you obtain an Earth Egg?

Earth Eggs may be found by digging out fissures in the floor where Fossils or Gyroids are commonly found. When digging, there’s a possibility you’ll come upon an Earth Egg.

In Animal Crossing, what do you do with eggs?

During the Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing, there are six distinct sorts of eggs to gather. When Zipper visits on Bunny Day, April 17, 2022, these eggs may be given to him. Eggs may be substituted in DIY recipes.

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