NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 Review: A Pocket (Mostly) Full of Gold

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This week we’re reviewing the NeoGeo Pocket Color, a nice little handheld video game console/TV you can play games on. The system was released back in 2000, and was the first handheld video game device to support wireless controllers. One of the games we’ll be playing is Samurai Showdown II, one of the best fighting games on the system.

This week on GPG I’m reviewing the NeoGeo Pocket Color. The good news is that it’s still a great game system, but if you’re like me and are still looking for a few titles, you may be disappointed. The bad news is that it’s likely to be even more expensive to get any new games.

When gamers think “NeoGeo Pocket Color”, the first thing that comes to mind is probably “The King of Fighters”. It was released in 1996, a year before everyone else, and it was the first Street Fighter sequel. That alone would make it a cult classic in the gaming community and have it become a staple of the NeoGeo library. But there’s more to SNK than a quirky fighter.

The Neo Geo Pocket, like the Neo Geo itself, has a special place in the hearts of many old and nostalgic gamers. It was definitely a niche platform with unique games. Originally released in 1998 and followed by the Neo Geo Pocket Color the following year, the Neo Geo Pocket did not receive much attention in the West and its game library was limited during its short existence. However, many of these games were surprisingly good. The NG Pocket, like its arcade-equipped big brother, focused on a genre that the Nintendo Gameboy had never tackled: Fighting games. This emphasis on one-on-one action movies is evident in the first part of the NeoGeo Pocket Color selection. The game contains 10 games, six of which are minor versions of some of SNK’s best action games.

NeoGeo Pocket Colour Selection Vol.1 Overview: Bag (mostly) filled with gold

word-image-12112 The NGP was a 16-bit handheld console designed to compete with the Game Boy Color. The screen resolution was 160×152 and the color version could display 146 colors from a palette of 4096. By comparison : The GB Color had a resolution of 160×144 with a palette of 32,000 colors, of which it could display 56 simultaneously. The Pocket’s biggest advantage, however, was its large analogue stick, which was responsive, comfortable, and generally much better than the regular D-pad. With these features, the emulation here essentially recreates the entire device on your Switch screen. However, you can scale the screen and adjust the background to your liking, and the Switch’s built-in analog sticks are great for gaming. Of course, graphic design is a niche at this point. The handheld versions of these games were modeled after the original Neo Geo, with the cute graphic style of big heads and small bodies typical of all the action games in this collection. The sound is simple but charming, the background animation is minimal at best, and the whole thing is incredibly retro. All fighters in this collection have already been released on the Switch Store. Samurai Shodown 2, Gal Fighters, Fatal Fury : First contact, last knife Beyond Destiny, SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium, and King of Fighters R-2 can be purchased separately for $8 each. So this collection (for $40) is a more economical way to get them. word-image-12113 What stands out most about Pocket’s action scenes is how fluid they are. Despite the limited two-button controls and some visual limitations, anyone familiar with the main game Fatal Fury , for example, will immediately feel at home in First Contact. All battles presented here have smooth, intuitive, and responsive controls. The other four games: Metal Slug First Mission and Second Mission, Big Tournament Golfand Dark Arms :. Beast Buster. TheMetal Slug games are excellent side-scrolling shooters. These games are still relevant to any fan of the series and are great fun. The other two games are a bit odd. Big Tournament Golf is a superficial game, but sports games rarely age well, and this is exactly that. Dark Arms is a kind of action-RPG with many interesting elements, especially in the way you constantly evolve weapons, but the gameplay feels clunky and dated. Monsters keep popping up, the combat mechanics are simplistic and the graphics are much weaker than in other games. It’s a pretty fun curiosity, but it would be nice to see some of the more interesting unusual games, like Biomotor Unitron, Puzzle Link, and Dive Alert (among others). NG Pocket also contains some notable Sega and Capcom games like Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, Puyo Popand SNK vs. Capcom :. Card Fighter’s Clash , which should be reviewed in a future collection.

NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 Review – Theconclusion



  • An excellent emulation of one of the most underrated and least known portable systems of the late 90s.
  • Fighting games always have great controls and gameplay.
  • Two games Metal Slug , both excellent.


  • Very retro graphics and sound that look particularly old on TV.
  • All fighters had previously been released as standalone games on the Switch store.
  • Dark Arms and Big Tournament Golf are frankly odd choices to be included in other games for NGP.

A very retro collection of games from a little-known handheld from the past is probably a tough sell for most gamers. For anyone who loves the Neo Geo handheld, this is a great nostalgic experience. The included fighting game and Metal Slug are still extremely entertaining and showcase the console’s precise controls. But nostalgic charm aside, the original arcade versions for Neo Geo are also available in the Switch store, and they’re arguably much more appealing. [Note: SNK used a copy of NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 for this review].Your standard Neo Geo Pocket is a great little handheld gaming system, but there is a discrepancy between the system’s capabilities compared to its price. The system has many games, but its hardware has trouble showing all of them, more particularly, the Neo Geo Pocket Color version. This is due to its limitations in displaying 3D graphics, which is the beauty of the Pocket’s game library. The good news is that it’s not a hardware issue, but a software one. So, it’s time to take the Neo Geo Pocket Color for a spin, and see how far it can go.. Read more about neogeo pocket color selection vol.1 physical and let us know what you think.

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