Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is a medieval sandbox game developed by a Turkish indie studio called Taleworlds Entertainment. This sequel to the critically-acclaimed 2009 success Mount and Blade is set in 12th Century Europe and focuses on historical battles and warfare. Players will earn their fame and fortune as they fight for control of the land, but struggle with a mysterious plague that threatens to destroy their lands.

For those who have been with us since the beginning, you already know how important it is to follow your bannerlord in Mount and Blade: Warband.

Have you ever wanted to play Mount and Blade but never managed to get round to it? Well, not any more! This guide will show you how to set up the Mount and Blade: Bannerlord game for a competitive, yet fun, multiplayer family feud experience.

Visit plenty of cities and towns in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, and you will meet NPCs willing to complete various quests. Most quests can be solved with bloodshed, but the Family Feud quest is a bit different, as it requires the use of words instead of weapons.

Because it may seem daunting at first, our guide includes everything you need to know to get through Mount and Blade 2:. Bannerlord‘s Family Feud Search successful.

Fixing and blade 2: Bannerlord Family Feud Quest

The Family Feud quest, like its counterparts, appears randomly and can be obtained from NPCs in many of Calradia’s towns and villages. Just talk to any NPC with a blue question mark in the city menu.

Mount & Blade II : The Bannerlord Family Feud quest is about a young family member who accidentally kills another family. Although the wounded were offered money for blood, they decided to shed the killer’s blood.

The NPC you pick it up from will lead you to a young relative who usually resides in the same town.

You can mark important NPCs with the ALT key when you physically visit a town or village with your character. Unlike the other quest objectives, the young member does not have a blue exclamation point, so check his name.

Have a frank conversation with them and go to the place where the family lives of whom the young man was murdered. You can usually find them in the nearest town on the map.

When you get there, you automatically start a new conversation. Select that you break the law. the option to start a mini-game with a conversation so you don’t have to fight right away.

As far as we know, choosing the third option and then the first is enough to convince the grieving family to leave your protected character alone, although the character’s abilities may also play a role in whether the choice is considered correct.

After completing the mini-game, the Family Feud quest automatically ends, you receive gold and reputation and can continue your Mount & Blade II adventure: The Calradia of Bannerlord.

When you enter a fight with a wounded person, don’t start a dialogue with the NPC you had to convince first.

In this case, all NPCs are frozen and the quest cannot be completed. In this case, the only option is to be patient until the number of days allotted to complete the search has passed.

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We’ve all been involved in various forms of Family Feuds. Well, we’ve all been wronged in some way or another until we’re either looking for revenge or trying to get even by accusing our family members of various crimes. I’m here to show you how to get even, and how to make the most of your opportunity to take revenge.. Read more about family feud bannerlord reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my family approval on Bannerlord?

You will need to speak with your family and ask them if they are okay with you playing Bannerlord.

How do I play Mount and Blade 2 in Bannerlord?

Mount and Blade 2 is not available on Bannerlord.

How do I enable cheats in Mount and Blade 2?

To enable cheats in Mount and Blade 2, you must first start a new game. Once the game is loaded, press F2 to open the console. Type in seta c_enableCheats 1 without quotes and press enter.

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