Mortal Online 2 adds bounty hunting system, adds three-strike rule for bans

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Mortal Online 2, an upcoming early access MMO developed by Nexon and XL Games is adding a bounty hunting system. In place of the old deathmatch-style PvP where players fight each other until one dies, this new system adds bounties that can be collected on any player in the game. The addition also includes a three strike rule for those who get banned too many times; after being kicked 3 times they will have to wait 30 days before playing again.

The “mortal online 2 reddit” is a new update for the game that adds a bounty hunting system and a three-strike rule for bans.


If you want to misbehave in Mortal Online 2, you should be informed that the rules governing how StarVault treats you have changed. Previously, small infractions would have resulted in a written warning, “followed by interim suspensions and eventually leading to a permanent ban after repeated violations or immediately if the original activity was very heinous such as cheating, duping,” and so on. However, the studio revealed over the weekend that it will be converting to a defined three-strike system.

“We wanted the new procedure to be as simple as possible for our players to comprehend, so we’ve gone with a three-strike system.” When you breach the rules, you will no longer get a written warning; instead, you will receive a three-day temporary suspension. If you are caught a second time, you will get a two-week temporary suspension, followed by a permanent ban on the third violation. You’re out after three strikes. Unless the violation of the regulation merits an immediate and permanent suspension. We hope that this new method is much easier to grasp for all players and that it results in a better gaming experience for everybody. To be more honest about how many players have been banned, we will reveal the number of bans that have happened either via our automated cheat detection systems or by human GM action on a regular basis.”

On Saturday, the company released version, which includes a bounty hunting system, looting instructions, AI changes, and a slew of bug patches.


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