World of Warships launched a couple months ago, and while it’s not without its problems, it’s actually a pretty fun game. In its first month World of Warships was the top grossing app on Google Play, and the game sold out in many locations. This week, the game had a rather odd mishap- it was mistakenly released to the public too early.

After the week of April 15th, I’ll be taking a break in my “MMO Week in Review” series. I’m aiming to write one post each week for the next few weeks, and finish up the blog series in mid-May.

World of Warships, a massive free-to-play multiplayer naval battle game, has just released its latest update to the official game. The update was hyped as a major one, especially on the back of the launch of the new, premium tier of ships available for purchase — and the update did deliver a number of nice features, but they were overshadowed by the misstep of the developers.

Well, this blows.

Is this the first time World of Warships has appeared in the MMO Week in Review? We don’t believe so, not even when Steven Seagal became its spokesperson, but it may now, although not for good reasons, as we reported earlier this week on a major monetization squabble in the community that prompted dozens of content producers to leave.

Meanwhile, Elyon has a new beta, Roblox is disgusting, and WoW’s narrative is still terrible. We also looked at the Jewel of the North in Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2’s new elites specifications, and Free Guy.

Today, like every Sunday (since 2010!) in Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review, catch up on the best of this week’s MMO news and views!


wargaming-warships-lockbox-75x75 The Soapbox: World of Warships’ aggressive monetization incited a mass-exodus of content creators – Gaming monetization has been a topic of intense conversation ever since box copies of software diminished in favor of persistent online experiences. Subscription services entered the scene but presented the… FSC-Virtuoso-75x75 Flameseeker Chronicles: Hands-on with Guild Wars 2’s new Harbinger, Virtuoso, and Willbender elite specs – One of the most anticipated features of any Guild Wars 2 expansion is unquestionably the addition of new elite specializations. We got our first peek at the first elite spec… wow-sylvanas-epl-801-75x75 WoW Factor: World of Warcraft’s burning of Teldrassil plot wrap-up is terrible – Fair warning: This post contains spoilers for the current World of Warcraft plotline for anyone who has not finished up the latest parts of the covenant campaign. If you have… freeguy-review-epl-815-75x75 Opinion: Free Guy is a great watch – particularly for MMO fans – I don’t wind up writing a whole lot of movie reviews. This isn’t because I don’t watch a lot of movies or don’t think about movies a lot, but just… Neverwinter-bard-1-e1628916328195-75x75 First impressions: Exploring Neverwinter’s leveling revamp and bard class – It’s funny: The last time I paid a visit to Neverwinter, it was to check out a revamp of the new player experience. Here we are again, with a much… wrup-epl-529-75x75 WildStar’s Stephan Frost shares the depressing ‘flat circle’ of MMO development – Former WildStar lead Stephan Frost piped up on Twitter this past Friday to share a story. This isn’t just any story, but rather all stories of MMORPG development, from concept… lotro-75x75 LOTRO Legendarium: Why Lord of the Rings Online is worth playing in 2021 – It has come to my attention that there are more MMO nomads than normal this summer who are casting about for a new game world to call “home.” With so… roblox-hyper-rising-lava-75x75 Roblox’s shameless exploitation of child labor is why we can’t have nice things – I didn’t think I’d be back so soon writing “Roblox” and “this is why we can’t have nice things” in the same post two days in a row, but here… GW2TankEscort-75x75 Perfect Ten: My top 10 MMO pet peeves – In general, I try to be an optimistic fellow. When it comes to MMO gaming — you know, that hobby we apparently love and enjoy — I’d rather look on… codex-1-75x75 CODEX, an MMO based on the Shards engine, launches early access today after a brief delay – Just last week we first reported on CODEX, a project that licensed Legends of Aria’s Shards Engine for the purpose of creating an MMO. This title’s hook is that players… wow-classchange-epl-408-75x75 World of Warcraft reverses course on player customization and promises more – Back in February, Blizzard reversed its stance on player customization options for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Originally, players had been told that further customization options for the various races would… roblox-75x75 Roblox sees net losses for Q2 2021, struggles with toxic player-generated content – We’ve got a bunch of Roblox news on deck today. First, there’s the Q2 2021 investor report. Readers will remember that in Q1, the company behind the game had just… vanguard-75x75 SOE’s Jeff Butler gives an epic three-hour interview on EverQuest, Vanguard, and EverQuest Next – If you’re going to interview one of the most notable names behind EverQuest and Vanguard, it helps if you also worked at SOE back in the day. Therefore, it’s great… ffxiv-won-parisfanfest-epl-203-75x75 Wisdom of Nym: What will Final Fantasy XIV add to its healers in Endwalker? – Here’s an interesting facet to consider: Unlike most of the other entries in this Wisdom of Nym series about Endwalker speculation, this one isn’t relying on the benchmark trailer, as… pokemon_go_run_aground-75x75 Pokemon Go’s New Zealand rollbacks show Niantic is more concerned with local law than actual safety – Good news: New Zealanders have had their Pokemon Go PokeStop and Gym radius restored to 80 meters, exactly what the community has been asking for in its demands for the… lineageW-75x75 NCsoft says Lineage W will launch this year for PC, mobile, PS5, and the Switch – Last week, we covered NCsoft’s initial reveal of Lineage W, yet another entry in the long-running Lineage franchise. Lineage W, however, was initially pitched as a mobile MMO, which didn’t… monsters-and-memories-75x75 EverQuest designer’s throwback MMO rebrands as Monsters & Memories – You may recall that earlier this year we reported that former EverQuest and DCUO developer Shawn Lord was working on a “throwback” MMO, which was operating under the codename of… 1629678674_852_playableworlds-75x75 Playable Worlds’ lead designer: ‘We’re in the game industry because we love games’ – Earlier this month, Playable Worlds’ Greg Costikyan, the lead designer for Raph Koster’s upcoming unnamed sandbox MMORPG, opened up about the way games get made. (In fact, if you’re a… eve-online-spaceship-crashes-into-monitor-75x75 EVE Online’s July economic report may have unveiled the number of active subscribers – EVE Online has kicked out its monthly econ report for July, which has plenty to snare the interest of the industrious Capsuleer, but it’s a particular section of the report… among-us-friends-75x75 Among Us developer Innersloth raises eyebrows at Fortnite’s Impostors mode and its striking similarities – While we cast our own shade in the direction of Fortnite and the recently introduced Impostors mode, with its barely veiled copycatting of Among Us, the mode’s striking similarities to… 06_SOLO_XuanjiuJadePalace_Dahan_Boss-6-75x75 Swords of Legends Online asks you to become an unpaid QA tester – It’s so hard not to throw shade at MMO studios that try to outsource paid positions to players — or even worse, to charge them for the “privilege” of testing… bless-unleashed-very-nice-town-75x75 Bless Unleashed PC says it’s cracking down on illicit RMT with 30-day bans – Bless Unleashed is riding the high of its PC launch, which yesterday reported over a million downloads since the release. But now, Round 8 Studio is turning back to the… cma-header-trove-bring-me-that-horizon-75x75 Choose My Adventure: Back to the basic joys of dungeon running in Trove – This is way more like it. [AL:Trove]The bare bones, basic, simple delight of Trove continues to be running around the open world, heading to whatever little dungeons are sprinkled around… bartle-75x75 MUD creator Richard Bartle’s seminal book on designing MMOs is now free – When MMORPG players encounter the name “Bartle,” they think less malt liquor and more a man who helped to pioneer the massively multiplayer online space with his work on MUD1… starcitizen-75x75 Cloud Imperium says ‘there’s NO place for racism in the Star Citizen community’ – Several members of the Star Citizen community messed around and found out. The story begins with a plea to CIG to introduce a profanity filter to the game’s general chat… aika-online-75x75 Aika Online announces a September 15 sunset date – In this latest episode of “I didn’t even realize that game was still running,” Aika Online is finally closing its doors after over a dozen years of operation. Publisher T3Fun… world-of-warships-peekaboo-75x75 World of Warships studio Wargaming addresses row that led to influencer exodus – Yesterday, MOP’s Ben Griggs deep-dived a shocking development in the World of Warships community: As many as 22 content creators had abruptly quit Wargaming’s program, denouncing the studio for everything… bless-unleashed-75x75 Bless Unleashed PC counts a million downloads on PC since its Steam launch – So, how is Bless Unleashed doing since its PC launch earlier this month? Well, apparently, as it’s now claiming 1M downloads on PC alone. “Neowiz and Round8 Studio are thrilled… elyon-armorers-75x75 Elyon outlines equipment and gear enhancement, opens pre-download for CBT2 – The video series all about the systems in Elyon continue with a look at equipment and enhancement. Equipment comes in one of five tiers from common to legendary, and each…


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In this week’s MMO review, we turn to World of Warships, which launched its 0.7.2 update this week. There’s more than just a few changes to the game, though, as we speak. (War)planes are being nerfed, a big patch is on the way that should address some of the game’s most frustrating problems, and ships are getting an overhaul, with some models receiving new looks. Check out the full list of changes and bug fixes, and decide for yourself if this is a development worth getting excited about.. Read more about lost ark and let us know what you think.

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