Last week, Sony announced that a new content update, aptly dubbed “Challenge Modes,” will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in early 2018. This free content update will include a new four-player co-op mode called “Mission: Impossible.” In this mode, you take control of four agents, each of which has their own unique abilities and special powers. Mission: Impossible will also feature new challenges and missions based on film franchises such as Mission Impossible, Mission: Impossible 2, Mission: Impossible 3, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

In news from the world of PlayStation today, The Maid of Sker has been revealed for the PS5 and Xbox One, as well as the next iteration of the FPS Challenge series. The news came in part from a recent tweet from PlayStation Brazil, which stated that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One edition of the game will be released next week.

Home News Maid of Sker is coming to PS5 and Xbox next week with an update to the FPS Challenge modes. word-image-17958 Wales Interactive has announced that a plethora of first-person challenge modes will be available to console owners in the survival horror game Maid of Sker. Watch the trailer for the Maid of Sker Next-Gen update and FPS challenge modes:

. The new game modes offer an entirely new gameplay mechanic with the introduction of first-person shooting between new and familiar enemies of the Sker Hotel – each equipped with their own powerful and unique abilities. The FPS challenge modes will be released as a free update on the 26th. Possibly available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. word-image-17959   Here’s an overview of the new content and features available on the consoles: – Game modes: Long night, Axe of Kindness, Nightmare in the hotel, In the dark – Weapon: Knife, .357 Magnum, double-barreled shotgun, infantry rifle – Enemies: Six enemies patrol the Sker Hotel, some new, some familiar, all with unique and powerful abilities – Achievement: 10 new achievements/trophies added – Optional: Added support for the PlayStation DualSense controller – The Long Night – Escape from the Sker Hotel – You have many weapons at your disposal, including a wooden chopper, a .357 Magnum, a double-barreled shotgun, and an infantry rifle – Life is limited, you only have three chances. – The Axe of Goodness – Approach the Axe of Goodness! – Rescuer, gets full health on CPR – Lives are limited, you only have three chances. – Hotel Nightmare – You have a full set of weapons – Enemies have become much stronger and harder to destroy – Don’t take any risks, restarting is not possible – Extreme challenge! – In the dark – You have a full weapon and a flashlight – There is darkness, health does not recover – Life is limited, you only have three chances. word-image-17960   A number of technical improvements will also be available on PC and consoles; here are the details: – PlayStation 5 – FPS Challenge Modes – 4K 30 FPS and 1440p 60 FPS modes (accuracy/performance) – DualSense haptic feedback Better stepping, shooting, hitting objects, healing, etc. – DualSense adaptive trigger. Used for a variety of devices, including phonemodulators. – Has different strengths, difficulty, run time, etc. – Improved texture resolution – Faster loading time. 1s on PS5, was 10-15s on PS4 and 3-4s on PS5 with backwards compatibility. – Xbox series X|S – FPS Challenge Modes – XSX – 4K 30 FPS and 1440p 60 FPS (fidelity/performance) – XSS – 1080p 30fps – Improved texture resolution – Faster loading time – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – FPS game modes – Windows 10 PC – New release on the Microsoft Store – No FPS and resolution restrictions – Support for Xbox Play Anywhere

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