Madden NFL vs NBA 2K: Which One Is Better?

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Both “Madden NFL” and “NBA 2K” have their fans. “Madden NFL,” which originally started life back in 1989 as “John Madden Football” for the Apple II and is derived from the name of the late NFL football coach John Madden, is the older of the two. “NBA 2K” has enjoyed annual release since 1999, a time when “NBA Live” was dominating the world of gaming. “NBA 2K” wasted no time in generating an impact, using Sixers legend Allen Iversen as its first covers athlete. 

Part of the attraction of both games has been the realistic gameplay, which have transformed the titles into a massive hit. The movements of the NBA players and the game’s graphics have been especially impressive. Which of the games is better, however? Is one actually better than the other? Below is a comparison of the two games, including of the career modes.

Madden Football or NBA 2K?

“Madden Football” really is king of the American football video games, and one of its very best features is the Franchise mode. This adds a further dimension to the game, giving players not only the chance to play “Madden Football” as if they were their favorite players, but also the chance to run an NFL team as if they were the owner. This means controlling contracts, stadium amenities, concession prices and more. 

 “Madden Football” delivers beautiful graphics when it comes to the stadiums and some of the gear, but some fans feel the actual renditions of the players still need a little work. Although some have criticized the gameplay in the past, those criticisms are dying down as EA Sports have really done their homework and made some important tweaks, especially to catching and tackling, making the experience more enjoyable. Fresh attention to detail has bolstered enjoyment for fans.


“NBA 2K” has also paid a great deal of attention to detail, much to the delight of fans. The gameplay feels smoother and more realistic, the NBA lines suggest the Golden State Warriors should be the best team in the game and this is indeed reflected in the gameplay. One of the other great joys of the NBA 2K franchise is that 2K Sports, who make the NBA 2K games, aren’t frightened to update the tactics annually to include more recent ones from the playbook. 

A general quest to offer the best experience possible appears to have been undertaken by “NBA 2K” as well and helped the game capture the hearts of fans. Players of “Madden NFL” have appreciated the details of the stadiums but have felt glitches in the game spoil the gameplay, allowing “NBA 2K” to steal an edge in this regard.

The battle of the career modes

The career mode in “Madden NFL” is highly enjoyable. The career hub will provide you with all the necessary info for you to make major decision in the road to the draft and the rest of the NFL season. The game’s “Road to the Draft” itself starts you off by allowing you to train with some of the NFL’s best players. You’ll be able to improve your NFL stock at the college playoffs, train at team workouts and participate in NFL interviews, and generally learn what it takes to succeed in the NFL.

The NBA 2K career mode is less linear and more open. 2K have made the MyCAREER experience a lot more interactive. Players also have more control of their story and whereas every year, they’ve been able to choose a player to take to the NBA, reaching the NBA is just the start of the adventure. The quest for an open-world RPG vibe lends to the interactivity of the game and tailors lots of different elements of the game in line with what’s going in your player’s career.

Playing online

You can play either of these games on the internet. In fact, playing them online could even be good practice for when you decide to place wagers on games, as you learn about how to strategize and about the impact of different events out on the grid or court (and off them) and more. “Madden Football” is especially good for this.

“Madden Football” has had something of a head start on “NBA 2K” in terms of providing for online players. The Madden Championship is immensely successful and allows players from around the world to do battle in regular leagues and playoffs. 

Even so, “NBA 2K” has gradually built a solid online platform for its fans and will be looking to build this out more and more. The Pro Am mode creates access to the 2K League, which the makers will be looking to develop further.

Whether you choose “Madden Football” or “NBA 2K,” you’re sure to enjoy playing, although it seems the basketball game steals the edge in terms of gameplay and graphics. If you’re looking for a better online experience, however, you may decide to turn to the football game for this.


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