Lost Ark: All Solo Classes, Ranked

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Lost Ark is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, where players are able to create and customize their own character. Players can fully explore the world of Lost Ark by themselves with no need for friends or teammates. The recent addition of solo classes has made it possible for players who are not interested in playing with others to enjoy this MMORPG too!

The “lost ark class difficulty tier list” is a list of all solo classes for the game Lost Ark. The list ranks each class by their difficulty level, from 1 to 10.

Choosing which class to play is one of the most difficult aspects of learning a new game. This is especially challenging in Lost Ark since each of the classes shown on the character creation screen has subclass choices that aren’t displayed until after you’ve completed customizing your avatar. Each subclass is treated as a separate entity by experienced Lost Ark players, so keep that in mind while choosing your first class. With our Lost Ark Best Solo Classes guide, we’ll help you figure it out.

Class rankings for single Lost Ark play are primarily influenced by playstyle, and all classes are suitable for both PVE and PVP. The dungeons and monster battles you’ll encounter later in the game will seem considerably simpler than leveling in Lost Ark. Fortunately, this challenging late-game material in Lost Ark cannot be completed alone. The simplicity of going through the leveling levels will be the key worry for solo play. Each class has advantages and disadvantages that we shall cover in this post.

From Worst to Best: All 15 Lost Ark Solo Classes

The Lost Ark Solo Classes were graded according on their soloing capabilities. They’re listed in order of worst to finest, with lots of information to assist you decide which class to play.


Sharpshooter (Sharpshooter) (Gunner)

Sharpshooter-1024x576 Sharpshooter Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Long range, superb mobility, and simple to learn
  • Cons: Low DPS; in raids, you’ll need a lot of help to remain alive.

Solo Play Leveling Guide

If you want to be successful in a single playthrough with the Sharpshooter, you’ll need to level the necessary skills for this class. Because the Sharpshooter only possesses a few key abilities, it’s critical to concentrate on the ones that matter.

You should concentrate your ability points on these skills during leveling:

  • Storm of Blades
  • Mine Claymore
  • Shot Charged
  • Shower of Arrows
  • Slash in Motion

Slash in Motion isn’t going to grant you a lot of damage, but it is essential for this class as it is the only mobility skill the Sharpshooter has.

Solo Play Combination Guide

The Sharpshooter class offers a few different methods to execute combinations, but the greatest solo combo is rather straightforward. It’s not always feasible to get a whole combo off in huge groups, but it’s a good idea to have this combination of abilities in mind while fighting enemies:

Deadly Slash Storm of Blades ➡️ Rapid Shot ➡️ Arrow Wave ➡️ Sharpshooter ➡️ Snipe ➡️ Shot Charged ➡️ Slash in Motion.

Obviously, due to the low mobility of this class, it may be necessary to move the Slash in Motion to an earlier position in your combo.

Sharpshooter2-1024x576 Sharpshooter2 Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

Sharpshooter Class Engravings

The Sharpshooter has two class-specific engravings; depending on how you wish to play the game, either is feasible. I would suggest the Death Strike engraving for solo play. Last Rush’s damage will be increased by Death Strike, which will compensate for the class’s lack of DPS.

The Loyal Companion engraving, on the other hand, will improve your pet’s stats while also providing movement speed to anybody in your party. The second component of the Loyal Companion is utterly meaningless for solo play, making it a less appealing alternative.


Sharpshooter is a straightforward class with just a few key skills to master. He has a large range and decent mobility, but he doesn’t do much damage. The Hawk, on whom this class depends for assistance, has low DPS, and the Sharpshooter has minimal AoE damage, which is crucial in mob encounters. Because he has poor health and protection, as well as limited melee strikes, it’s crucial to avoid being surrounded by adversaries.

This class is tough to play alone, since clearing monsters will be considerably more difficult without the help of a support or another melee damage provider to distract foes.


Deadshot (Gunner)

Deadeye1-1024x576 Deadeye Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: Shotgun does consistent damage, is tough to play, and has excellent mobility.
  • Cons: Limited range (for a “ranged” class), limited feasible build routes, and only one out of three weapons is trustworthy in terms of damage.

Solo Play Leveling Guide

Knowing which abilities to put your points on is critical since the Deadeye has a number of worthless talents. Because the Deadeye’s shotgun will be his primary weapon, the majority of these skills are geared around it. Your main damaging abilities will be Equilibrium, Sign of the Apocalypse, Last Request, and Shotgun Rapid Fire.

Dexterous Shot, the Deadeye’s primary mobility ability, should also get some skill points. Shotgun Rapid Fire, along with Shotgun Dominator and Last Request, should have twelve skill points at the Conclusion of leveling. Shotgun Dominator will not be as crucial for leveling as some of the other talents stated above, but it will be useful for late-game tasks.

Solo Play Combination Guide

Because the Deadeye has three firearms, he can execute a variety of various combos. However, his shotgun, which does the greatest damage, should be the primary emphasis of any combination. The top Deadeye gamers would start the combination with a different weapon, usually a pistol, before switching to the shotgun to annihilate the enemy. This is an example of a combination:

Begin with the pistol. Grenade, Cruel Tracker, Dexterous Shot, Spiral Tracker, Equilibrium, and then Grenade once again.

After that, switch to shotgun. Finish with Shotgun Dominator after using Shotgun Rapid Fire Last Request Sign of the Apocalypse.

Because the Deadeye is not a tanky class, completing a complete combination will be challenging. It will be crucial to weave in and out of fighting range with huge mobs, which is why nailing down a fixed combination for this class is so challenging. For an experienced player, the Deadeye may be a fantastic class, but it does come with substantial hurdles.

Deadeye2-1024x576 Deadeye Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

Deadeye Class Engravings

The only eligible class engraving for the Deadeye is Enhanced Weapon. The Pistoleer is his other class engraving, which removes the need for the other two firearms in his kit. As previously said, the finest Deadeye players devote the majority of their attention on the shotgun, therefore this engraving is more detrimental to the class than anything else.

When playing Deadeye, a player may choose the Pistoleer engraving for an added difficulty or if his or her playstyle complements the pistol, although most players will choose the Enhanced Weapon engraving. When switching weapons, Enhanced Weapon increases the likelihood of a crit, which helps the class when executing extended combos moving from pistol to shotgun.


The Deadeye is a class comparable to the Gunslinger, but much weaker. Because the shotgun is the sole dependable type of damage, the Deadeye has less range and fewer potential development pathways than the Gunslinger.

This class is equally as difficult to learn and play as the Gunslinger, but it focuses on closer range, harder to hit return assaults, and lacks the Gunslinger’s versatility.


The Soulfist (Martial Artist)

Soulfist-1024x576 Soulfist Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: Lots great mobility, high burst damage
  • Cons: Soft, low auto-attack damage, and a steep learning curve

Solo Play Leveling Guide

Because she is extremely squishy, the Soulfist is one of the most difficult characters to level for beginner players because understanding when to use her abilities is crucial. When her powers are on cooldown, the Soulfist is essentially forced to run about, unable to do much damage to foes.

When there are numerous mobs, the best approach to play the Soulfist is to run them in circles and then strike when they are all congregated in a small area. The aim is to eliminate all enemies with a single combination. Larger bosses are significantly more difficult for the Soulfist; the player must learn when to strike and when to evade. Most classes allow some freedom in this area, but the Soulfist relies heavily on the player’s skill to dodge.

A Soulfist player should invest points on these skills to get the most out of their leveling experience.

  • Palm of Lightning
  • Squash of Heaven
  • Palm Magnetism
  • Finger of Death
  • With the capacity to move about, Flash Step

Solo Play Combination Guide

The Soulfist’s finest combination is going to start with her Hype Mode. This won’t always be accessible since it requires the use of other skills, however employing Hype Mode whenever feasible is preferred.

The Soulfist combo is as follows:

Hype Mode Level 3 ➡️ Energy Release ➡️ Merciless Pummel ➡️ Shadowbreaker ➡️ Force Orb ➡️ Pulverizing Palm ➡️ Heavenly Squish ➡️ Palm of Lightning

The Flash Step may be used for mobility as required and can be included into the combo at any time.

Soulfist Class Engravings

Both Soulfist class engravings are possible for solo play, but the decision will undoubtedly influence the build path and play style.

Energy Overflow is the Soulfist’s first engraving class. As a result of this etching, the Soulfist never runs out of energy. For solo play, I enjoy Energy Overflow since it allows the Soulfist to be continually striking. When you’re alone, running out of energy is one of the worst things that can happen, and it may put you in a vulnerable position as you wait for it to replenish.

The Robust Spirit is the second choice, which is less appealing to me but produces a distinct play style that is suitable for solitary play. Robust Spirit focuses on the Soulfist’s awakening ability, giving Hype Mode more damage and energy recovery.

Hype Mode is without a doubt the most critical ability in the Soulfist’s arsenal, and mastering it is crucial to playing her alone. Robust Spirit is an excellent engraving option for a competent Soulfist player who understands when to utilize her awakening ability.


The Soulfist possesses a lot of burst damage and mobility, but they’re a little squishy. When the Soulfist’s skills are on cooldown, her damage is low, making solo boss battles longer and more difficult. The Soulfist is a challenging class to learn since knowing when to employ these critical abilities is crucial to success.


Bardic (Mage)

Bard1-1024x576 Bard Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: Excellent support, excellent healing, and tremendous buffs
  • Cons: Slow auto-attack, poor damage, and squishiness

Solo Play Leveling Guide

One of the most difficult things to perform in Lost Ark is to play a Bard alone. Bards are essential for late-game content, and a Bard player will ultimately have some of the finest raid or boss battle access. Bards playing alone will struggle in the early stages. Bards do nearly little damage, have very sluggish auto-attacks (albeit they do have a lovely animation), and are extremely squishy. If the player doesn’t know which talents to invest ability points in, killing hordes or monsters will seem difficult.

A solitary Bard player should concentrate on just three primary skills:

  • Dissonance
  • Soundholic
  • Stigma

Players may concentrate on alternative damaging or support skills after maxing out these abilities, according on their play style. It will be crucial for a Bard player to understand when and where to apply her healing and buffs in order to stay alive during protracted boss encounters.

Dodging will be necessary as well; the Bard has limited mobility compared to some of the other characters, so being able to move quickly will keep her alive.

Solo Play Combination Guide

Knowing the correct combination as a Bard can save your life in numerous situations as you level up. The Bard’s combo will differ according on the sort of boss or mob a player is up against. It’s also crucial to keep track of which buffs are active and when. There are buffs that increase damage and buffs that reduce damage absorbed. Depending on where you are in the battle, it may make more sense to change up the combo.

Bard players must also be patient, since all combat will take longer to solo as a Bard than as any other character in the game. This does not rule out the possibility of the Bard surviving the battle; it only means it will take much longer.

The following is the greatest general combination for the Bard:

Heavenly Tune Sonic Vibration Dissonance Soundholic Sound Shock and Stigma (just before initiating a fight) Finally, if there is a lot of incoming damage, use Guardian Tune.

Bard2-1024x576 Bard Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

Engravings for the Bard’s Class

For the Bard class, there are two engravings. However, one is substantially superior for solo play, while the other is more focused on team play. Because the Bard is a support class, both engravings concentrate on the Bard’s support abilities. However, the Bard may benefit from the Desperate Salvation healing boosts, which can help keep her alive throughout protracted battles.

True Courage, the other engraving, focuses only on damage boosts for teammates, which a lone player would have little need for. Both engravings are excellent for late-game tasks and will enable parties in completing challenging raids.


In Lost Ark, the Bard is the finest support class. In single play, however, the Bard is tough to get through the early stages. Bards are useful in late-game content when backup is needed to go through raids, but their low damage and sluggish auto-attack speed make them difficult to level on their own.


Attacker (Martial Artist)

Striker-1024x576 Striker Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: Excellent CC, powerful ultimate, excellent for PVP, and quick.
  • Cons: Long time to reach ultimate ability, crowd control isn’t as effective against mobs.

Solo Play Leveling Guide

The Striker is the male counterpart of the Wardancer, and the two classes are remarkably similar. Striker is less successful in a few areas, and mastering the areas where he thrives may be difficult for inexperienced players. The Striker is noted for his speed; he attacks quickly, moves quickly, and has a variety of mobility skills.

This pace, though, might be difficult to keep up with for a novice player. During the leveling stage, the striker will weave in and out of conflicts, thus knowing when to go in and when to flee away will be crucial if the Striker is to remain alive.

When leveling the Striker, there are a few key abilities to keep in mind. A player should concentrate on:

  • A Strong Wind Kick
  • The Tiger Arises
  • Kick Sweeping
  • Tiger of Violence
  • and God of the Wind’s Call

Solo Play Combination Guide

To create a good combination on the Striker, you must hit crowd control skills and bring out the Striker’s strong ultimate at the proper moment. The goal is to create esoteric orbs so that you may employ esoteric abilities.

The combination will begin with the following:

Lighting Whisperer ➡️ Kick of the Moon ➡️ Tiger of Violence ➡️ and Kick Sweeping.

The build-up should be complete. At this point use Call of the Wind God, The Tiger Arises.

Striker Class Engravings

The Striker has two different engravings. One is Death Blow, which is exclusive to the Striker class. Death Blow allows the Striker to earn an additional esoteric orb, however while employing esoteric abilities, all of the orbs are consumed. It also increases the esoteric abilities’ damage.

The ideal approach to utilize Death Blow is to build up all four orbs before striking foes with a single big blow. Esoteric Flurry is the name of the other engraving. Because of the engraving, the esoteric powers only consume one orb instead of the customary two.

For solo play, I favor Esoteric Flurry since it does more steady damage rather than massive burst damage, which is excellent for group play. Death Blow is an excellent engraving for late-game stuff, although Esoteric Flurry is better for solo play.


Another class that is amazing for PVP but doesn’t seem as powerful while playing alone is the Striker. This class offers amazing crowd control skills that may remove a squishy target, like as a support in the PVP arena, but when facing a mob alone, the crowd control isn’t nearly as effective.

His ultimate talents are very powerful. They do, however, take a long time to develop since the player must manufacture and acquire elemental orbs before using their ultimate.


Artilleryman (Gunner)

Artillerist1-1024x576 Artillerist Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: High DPS, easy-to-hit skills, and a fantastic ultimate
  • Cons: Limited mobility; turret mode immobilizes the Artillerist.

Solo Play Leveling Guide

The Artillerist is a fun class to play in a group, but solo play is far more challenging. The Artillerist has a high DPS, and his turrets can rip foes apart like paper. However, his limited mobility makes it tough for him to remain alive against huge groups or late-game monsters. When you don’t have a support to heal or buff you, being trapped in place for the length of a talent isn’t ideal.

While doing large quantities of damage, the Artillerist will benefit from several special talents. Artillerists should concentrate on the following abilities:

  • Field of Energy (self buff)
  • Flamethrower
  • Shot of Napalm
  • Activate Turret

Solo Play Combination Guide

When playing alone, it’s critical to get the Artillerist’s combo just correct. Because the Artillerist is a tanky class, he may perish rapidly.

His DPS, on the other hand, can compensate for some of the health he lacks. When dealing with large groups of foes, the self-buffing ability Energy Field will come in handy. Energy Field should be used shortly before entering turret mode while facing a boss.

The basic combination is as follows:

Homing Barrage ➡️ Air Raid ➡️ Multiple Rocket Launcher ➡️ Shot of Napalm ➡️ Forward Barrage ➡️ then Flamethrower.

Turrets will be summoned throughout the combination.

Artillerist2-1024x576 Artillerist - Lost Ark Best Solo Class Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

Artillerist Class Engravings

For the Artillerist, there is just one eligible class engraving. It’s referred to as “Firepower Enhancement.” When the Artillerist enters turret mode, Firepower Enhancement provides him an additional crit chance depending on your firepower damage, as well as higher resistances. Firepower Enhancement is ideal for solo play since it increases his damage when in turret mode and lets him to absorb a few more hits.

Barrage Enhancement is the other option for the class. If there is no firepower boost, this engraving grants a damage bonus to barrage abilities. The engraving is bad for this class since the firepower bonuses do most of the damage. The Barrage Enhancement engraving is chosen by a small percentage of Artillerist players.


When compared to other classes, the Artillerist has strong DPS and his abilities are simple to strike. His ultimate turret mode ability allows him to solo hordes and monsters while doing a lot of damage.

However, this class has limited mobility, and while in turret mode, it loses all ability to maneuver or dodge. When the strongest damaging ability requires the Artillerist to stay motionless for the length of the talent, playing without a healer might be challenging.


Wardrobe (Martial Artist)

wardancer-1024x576 wardancer Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: High burst damage, excellent mobility, and excellent team player
  • Cons: Inconsistent DPS, difficult to hit combination, lengthy cooldowns; better suited to team play.

Solo Play Leveling Guide

Wardancers have a powerful combination that can quickly wipe out enemies. Her cooldowns are so lengthy, though, that if a player misses this combo, the battle will be considerably more tough and take much longer.

The Wardancer is one of the few melee classes in Raiders of the Lost Ark that largely depends on her auto-attack. After employing her skills, she must stand and auto-attack foes for the next 30 seconds while her abilities recharge. Back strikes are particularly vital with this class, since hitting from behind grants her a 5% additional damage and a 10% chance of crit.

For a beginner player, moving past foes and striking from behind is much more difficult than it seems.

The Wardancer’s best skills to invest points in are:

  • Kick of the Moon
  • Combustion of Energy
  • Whispering Wind (self-buff)
  • Lightning Strike

Solo Play Combination Guide

It’s crucial to hit the Wardancer’s combo since her incredibly strong, charged-up combo will account for the bulk of her damage. If a player misses, the Wardancer is trapped for a long period racing about and auto-attacking.

The Wardancer’s combo is as follows:

➡️ Combustion of Energy ➡️ Lightning Strike ➡️ Kick of the Moon ➡️ Flash Heat Fang ➡️ Wind’s Whisper ➡️ Roar of Courage

Then use either Call of the Wind God or Blast Formation as esoteric talents.

Wardancer Engraving Guide

Esoteric Skill Enhancer is the greatest engraving for solo play on the Wardancer. Esoteric Flurry on the Striker is basically the same etching. The key difference between the two is that the Wardancer’s skills do not use all of her orbs while using Esoteric Skill Enhancer.

The engraving gives the Wardancer a damage boost dependent on how many orbs he holds at the moment. Players will want to maintain the amount of orbs they have up to maximize damage, but unlike Esoteric Flurry, they won’t have to worry about sustain.

First Intention is the Wardancer’s other choice. The Wardancer can no longer employ esoteric abilities as a result of this engraving, which provides a flat damage bonus. The Wardancer’s major source of damage is her esoteric abilities, and even with the flat damage boost, the Wardancer often has less burst with First Intention.

The Wardancer’s biggest draw is her burst damage, and removing it makes her seem a lot less interesting.


Wardancers have high burst damage and mobility, but their steady DPS is lacking. There is nothing the Wardancer can do after utilizing the Wardancer’s combination until the cooldowns reset. If a player fails to execute this combination, the Wardancer becomes virtually ineffective in battle.

The Wardancer is more suited to PVP than solo play because to its low DPS but strong burst.


scavenger (Martial Artist)

scrapper-1024x576 scrapper Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: High mobility, no mana, and simple to learn (hard to master)
  • Cons: Animation locks, very limited range

Solo Play Leveling Guide

Scrappers have two major playstyles, one of which is much more difficult to master alone. The playstyles are determined by the class engraving options, which we’ll go over in further detail in the class engravings section.

To summarize, the Taijutsu style of play is superior for single play. This is owing to the fact that it has more mobility and endurance than Shock Training. Taijutsu gives the player a little leeway if they miss several skills or make a mistake against a boss. Although the Scrapper’s skills have a lesser burst damage potential, the sustained damage is worth it in solo play, especially during leveling.

When leveling, the Scrapper should concentrate on the following abilities:

  • Blow Charging
  • Rattle of Death
  • Instant Success
  • Chain of Earthquakes

Solo Play Combination Guide

Scrappers have many potential combinations, but for solo play, the best approach is to start with:

Blow Charging ➡️ then use either Judgement or Fierce Tiger Strike (depending on which play style the player chooses) ➡️ and then use Rattle of Death ➡️ Chain of Earthquakes ➡️ repeat Blow Charging.

While the two playstyles have minor differences, they mostly perform the same tasks. The most significant distinction between Taijutsu and Shock Training is the burst damage output.

Scrapper’s Engraving Guide

The Scrapper features two engravings, as previously stated. For leveling and solo play, the Taijutsu engraving will be much more useful. This engraving enhances stamina energy recovery speed by 600% and increases damage by 30-60% (depending on engraving level) for stamina abilities. Shock abilities, on the other hand, do 30% less damage.

Shock Training, on the other hand, is essentially the polar opposite of Taijutsu. Shock talents deliver an additional 10-20% damage, and shock regen is set at 2-4 percent of the Scrapper’s maximum shock energy per second. The Taijutsu engraving is preferred for solo play since it allows the user to spam abilities more often. Shock Training does not replenish shock energy as quickly as Taijutsu does, even with the additional regeneration speed on the shock talents.

Of course, for a confident player who understands when to employ the Scrapper’s high damage skills, Shock Training is a feasible option. Taijutsu will make leveling substantially simpler for a new player who intends on playing alone.


Scrappers are distinct from other classes since they rely on “stagger.” The Scrapper can knock down and stun adversaries with Stagger, making it one of the greatest PVP classes. Scrappers suffer in solitary play compared to the other classes.

They do considerable damage if the user can figure out how to utilize the identity gauge and land self boosts. She gets quite weak if she does not learn the best approach to play the Scrapper.


Hunter of Shadows (Assassin)

shadowhunter-1024x576 shadowhunter Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Advantages: High mobility, medium range, and transformation power
  • Cons: Most talents have long cooldowns, are squishy, and difficult to learn.

Solo Play Leveling Guide

Because Shadow Hunters are superior against a single target, playing alone might be challenging. It may be difficult for Shadow Hunters to tackle big groups by themselves. The Shadow Hunter isn’t your average assassin. She does not possess the stealth that most assassins possess.

The Shadow Hunter’s strategy is to hit often, build up the shadow meter, and unleash her formidable inner monster. She deals a lot of damage and gains a little amount of health back when she morphs. When leveling the Shadow Hunter, knowing when to morph during a battle is crucial; if she uses the ability too early, it may not be ready for when she fights the major boss, but using it too late would ensure her death.

When leveling, a Shadow Hunter should concentrate on the following skills:

  • Howl
  • Slash Demonic
  • Decimate
  • Impact Thrust

Solo Play Combination Guide

Shadow Hunters may be used in a variety of ways, all of which can be useful in the appropriate situation. When playing the Shadow Hunter, knowing how to read a situation is crucial.

In most circumstances, a simple combination may look like this:

Demonic Clone ➡️ Howl ➡️ Demolition ➡️ Impact Thrust ➡️ Decimate ➡️ Cruel Cutter ➡️ Slash Demonic (for mobility).

The player may choose to morph and employ Demonic skills instead of basic abilities at any time throughout this combo. It’s critical to reset the combination and replenish the shadow meter after the transformation is complete.

Shadow Hunter Class Engravings

The ideal engraving for Shadow Hunter is determined by whether the player prefers to concentrate on her human or demonic forms. In solo play, the second option makes leveling a little simpler since the Shadow Hunter has access to her more bursty, reduced cooldown skills, as well as the heal that comes with transformation.

Demonic Impulse is a transformation-focused engraving that lets her to employ her demon form more often and boosts her crit chance while in it. The Shadow Hunter’s third choice is Perfect Suppression, which disables her ability to morph at all. It improves the stats of her human skills significantly, but the cost is too high for Perfect Suppression to be a viable solo option.


Shadow Hunters are an excellent Assassin class for Ark: Survival Evolved. This lesson is worth taking just for the aesthetics. The animations are stunning, and the demonic metamorphosis is really one-of-a-kind. The metamorphosis comes with a little self-healing ability; it is the only class in Lost Ark with this ability. When the Shadow Hunter transforms into her demonic form, she does a lot of damage and has much shorter cooldowns.

Shadow Hunter, on the other hand, is a difficult class to master, and it takes some time before it feels really powerful. Her cooldowns are lengthy while building up the shadow burst meter, and understanding when to weave in and out of fight will be crucial to learning this class.


Deathblade is a character in the game Deathblade (Assassin)

deathblade-1024x576 deathblade Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: High damage, mobility, and clearing speed
  • Cons: Squishy, lacking abilities will negate most damage, and proper location is required.

Solo Play Leveling Guide

With the Deathblade, completing the leveling phase of Lost Ark might be challenging. This class might be difficult to learn for a novice player. When employing talents, the Deathblade takes a lot of swift movement and accuracy.

This squishy assassin will need to be aware of the enemy’s assault patterns. Larger monsters are less of a challenge for the Deathblade due of her tremendous DPS, which allows her to simply run through massive mobs with modest health pools.

The best approach to play the Deathblade is to save her ultimate powers for the tougher monsters. When attempting to complete the first 50 levels, knowing which talents to level early can be beneficial.

The following are the most crucial abilities to concentrate on:

  • Blitz Attack
  • Spincutter
  • Cleaver Earth
  • Maelstrom

Solo Play Combination Guide

It will feel incredible to hit a spectacular Deathblade combination. Her powerful damage will demolish adversaries, and seeing her lively, quick movements will be thrilling. When playing the Deathblade, though, missing a combination might be disastrous. Her cooldowns are longer than some of the other classes, and other from her excellent mobility, she can’t accomplish much while waiting for her abilities to reappear.

For solo play, the optimum combination is as follows:

Maelstrom ➡️ Blitz Attack ➡️ Soul Absorber ➡️ Spincutter ➡️ and then Surge if it is needed.

Other skills may be rotated in for self boosts or mobility, but that string of abilities will be the major emphasis in combat.

Deathblade Class Engravings

Remaining Energy is the greatest choice for the class engraving on the Deathblade for solo play. When employing Surge, this engraving will grant the Deathblade attack power bonuses. It lets the Deathblade to build up the death orb meter quicker, allowing her to utilize her death orb meter ability more often. The more she can use this amazing talent, the more Remaining Energy will benefit her.

This is perfect for solo play since a solitary player will need to utilize Surge as often as possible to stay alive while pumping out big damage numbers.

Surge is the second option, as previously explained. The Surge ability will now be known as Surge 0. It only increases the damage dealt by the Surge ability. Surge is an excellent engraving option for a confident player who consistently hits the ability. If the Deathblade fails her Surge 0, however, this engraving loses all of its benefits and is rendered worthless. For a solitary player, Remaining Energy is a more safer option.


The Deathblade is a cool assassin class with strong mobility and damage. The Deathblade has a lightning fast clear speed and can easily slice her way through enemies. Many of her skills have short cooldowns, and her ultimate ability will annihilate bosses.

The Deathblade may be difficult to master, particularly for those unfamiliar with games like Lost Ark. Because of the assassin’s fragile nature, it’s critical to take use of her excellent mobility by continually leaping about and escaping hits.


The Gunlancer (Gunner)

Gunlancer1-1024x576 Gunlancer - Lost Ark Best Solo Classes Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: Tanky, with a plethora of shields and buffs, but poor DPS.
  • Cons: Lack of mobility, backward dash, and limited attack range

Solo Play Leveling Guide

Staying alive is less of a worry during solo play since the Gunlancer is so tanky. The most crucial aspect of this tank-style class will be understanding how to do damage. Fights may drag on for a long time, so getting through them fast will be crucial in late-game stuff. For a single player, knowing which abilities to level to offer the Gunlancer some damage while also embracing his tanky nature is crucial.

During the level stage, focusing on these talents will provide the Gunlancer the greatest chance of success:

  • Upper Fire Dash
  • Shield Battle
  • Shot by Gunlance
  • Stinger Charged

Solo Play Combination Guide

For the Gunlancer, knowing the proper combination isn’t as vital as it is for the more squishy classes. If the Gunlancer misses an ability or links together the improper ability kinds, he doesn’t have to worry as much about dying in a combat. Knowing a solid class mix, on the other hand, is always advantageous. A good Gunlancer player will generally employ the following combo:

Grudge, Super Charge, Solo Knight, Master Brawler, Cursed Doll, and ultimately Spirit Absorption are all available to play.

Engravings for Gunlancer’s Class

Combat Readiness is the greatest class engraving for solo play. When the Gunlancer is in defensive posture, Combat Readiness grants him enhanced damage and a bonus shield. When he is attacked in defensive posture, he takes greater damage, hence placing himself in danger is crucial for this engraving. The Gunlancer can take a lot of damage, therefore taking a blow from an adversary is definitely worth it to earn the enhanced damage bonus.

Lone Knight is the alternative choice. Lone Knight is only dedicated on doing damage, negating most of the Gunlancer’s tankiness. It makes it somewhat more difficult for the Gunlancer to survive combat, and it eliminates the class’s specialization. The Gunlancer is the sole tank class in Lost Ark, and anybody interested in playing one should take advantage of that fact.


The Gunlancer is the closest Lost Ark has to a tank class. They have several shields and bonuses that enable them to absorb tremendous amounts of damage without losing health.

They do fair damage, but the potential to outlast the adversary is what makes this class so appealing. Gunlancers have a slower clear speed than other classes, and they are the only class with a backward sprint, which may be difficult to master.


Magician (Mage)

sorc-1024x576 sorceress Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: High damage, simple to play, and long range
  • Cons: Squishy, lengthy cast time, CC’able

Solo Play Leveling Guide

One of the most powerful classes in Lost Ark is the Sorceress. She’s also one of the most well-known. The Sorceress is a lot of fun to play, she deals a lot of damage, and she’s ranged, so you don’t have to worry about placing. The Sorceress is an excellent starting class for a lone player. She does enough damage in the early stages to go through massive gangs and difficult monsters.

She has tremendous late-game damage output and is well-liked by raid groups. There are a few amazing skills that a player may concentrate on after they reach the leveling stage:

  • Strike of Punishment
  • Frost’s Message
  • Seraphic Salute
  • Explosion

Solo Play Combination Guide

The Sorceress is powerful regardless in the sequence the player utilizes her powers, making her ideal for newcomers! The most crucial part of the combination is to remember to use Blaze first; this ability will debuff foes for 7 seconds, increasing their damage. If the player uses Blaze first, any follow-up spells she casts will be substantially more effective.

Engravings for the Sorceress class

Reflux is the greatest engraving for solitary Sorceress play. The Reflux engraving disables Arcane Rupture, but boosts her crit chance on all of her other abilities. The goal of Reflux is to make as many uses of the Sorceress’ powers as possible. A player should start heavy button mashing as soon as an ability comes off cooldown.

The second choice is Igniter, which focuses on increasing the Arcane Rupture gauge. The Igniter build may provide a lot of burst damage if performed properly. Igniter, on the other hand, is substantially more difficult and requires a little more technique than Reflux, making it significantly more difficult to play alone. By playing Igniter, it’s critical to remain shielded while going through your combination; the player loses a lot of mobility when selecting the Igniter engraving.


From early game to late game content, the Sorceress class offers exceptionally high DPS. They have excellent burst damage, sometimes dealing over 100 million points in late-game boss engagements.

The Sorceress is simple to learn and has good movement for avoiding strikes. However, since the Sorceress is a squishy class, she’ll need to grasp boss mechanics if she wants to survive boss encounters, particularly while playing alone.


Gunfighter (Gunner)

Gunslinger-1024x576 Gunslinger Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: Great pleasure to play, superb mobility, and a variety of play styles
  • Cons: Squishy and complex

Solo Play Leveling Guide

A novice player who isn’t looking for a challenge may choose to avoid the Gunslinger class. It’s no surprise that it’s the most difficult class in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Because they both have the same gun rotation mechanics, the Gunslinger is often likened to the Deadeye.

The Gunslinger, on the other hand, has three potential gun options, whilst the Deadeye only has one. The Gunslinger’s playstyle and damage choices have grown in complexity, but she still has the capacity to be very devastating. When playing the Gunslinger, learning how to cycle among firearms and knowing which rifle to employ in certain scenarios is crucial.

Fortunately, she is powerful enough to breeze through levels, allowing the player to understand how the class works while taking on easier enemies and bosses. A player’s concentration should be on the following abilities for a good leveling experience:

  • Equilibrium
  • Sharpshooter
  • Rain of Bullets
  • Shot with focus
  • Step-by-Step (for mobility)

Solo Play Combination Guide

It’s difficult to put up a combination guide that will work for everyone since the Gunslinger has so many distinct choices and each player will develop a taste for a certain weapons. Understanding when to swap weapons, which guns function best at the range the player is at in regard to adversaries, and knowing her cooldown durations are the most crucial aspects of playing the Gunslinger.

The most common error novice Gunslinger players make is failing to recognize when to swap firearms. Frequently, gamers will choose a favorite rifle and use it exclusively. The Gunslinger’s auto-attack seems quite natural, and she appears to be generating significant damage with her autos. This isn’t the case, and the ideal way to play the Gunslinger is to properly cycle among her firearms, maximizing the talents of each weapon.

gunslinger3-1024x576 gunslinger3 Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

Engravings for the Gunslinger class

Time to Hunt is the engraving that I feel is ideal for solo play; but, depending on a player’s desired play style, both Time to Hunt and Peacemaker are valid possibilities. The key difference between the two is whether the player prefers to play at a distance with the shotgun (Time to Hunt) or at a closer range with the shotgun (Peacemaker).

For solo play, I favor Time to Hunt since the range advantage versus adversaries provides a little more safety than the shotgun’s lesser range. Time to Hunt builds are also easy to understand and follow, making them ideal for inexperienced players. Time to Hunt also removes the shotgun, making gun rotation a bit easier since the player is just concerned with two weapons: the pistol and the rifle.


Gunslingers are one of the more difficult classes in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but when used correctly, they can be quite powerful. The Gunslinger has a lot of flexibility since he can use three different firearms. They can move smoothly between the pistol, sniper, and shotgun at long and melee ranges. With two built-in dashes, this class offers excellent mobility. It also enables players to optimize their playstyle by using several build routes for their favourite weapon.

While the Gunslinger has excellent damage and mobility, they are squishy and difficult to master.


The Paladin (Warrior)

paladin-1024x576 paladin Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Pros: Hybrid class with strong survivability and damage, and is simple to play.
  • Cons: Lower DPS than full-damage classes, and a long clear time

Solo Play Leveling Guide

Leveling as a Paladin might be challenging simply because the process is sluggish. The Paladin is a hybrid class, which means he may provide both assistance and harm. This is an excellent beginning class for inexperienced players since the Paladin has buffs and debuffs that help him live longer against opponents, as well as some powerful damage skills that enable him to solo through dungeons.

The Paladin’s early to mid-game challenges may be the most challenging, since his damage takes time to scale up. A player may wish to concentrate on placing points into these talents to be the most effective throughout the leveling stage:

  • Activate (for mobility)
  • God’s wrath
  • The Holy Land
  • Sword of God

Solo Play Combination Guide

Knowing a good combination can allow a Paladin to do more damage while maintaining his resilience. Understanding how and when to utilize the Paladin’s abilities is more crucial than understanding how and when to use the Sorceress’ abilities, which will always cause a lot of damage.

For the Paladin, a nice combination would be:

Light Shock or Godsent Law ➡️ Holy Protection ➡️ God’s wrath ➡️ Heavenly Blessings ➡️ Sword of God ➡️ Charge.

It’s crucial to start with Light Shock or Godsent Law, since this is the ability that deals debuffs to foes. Because the Paladin primarily uses Charge for mobility, it may be placed wherever in the combo.

paladin2-1024x576 paladin2 Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

Engravings for the Paladin class

For single players, Judgment is by far the greatest class engraving choice. It emphasizes the Paladin’s damaging abilities above his support abilities. The Paladin doesn’t lose access to his support talents; instead, Judgment increases the damage of his destructive abilities.

Blessed Aura, the Paladin’s second class engraving choice, grants him excellent boosts to his support skills. Blessed Aura is a possible engraving option for the Paladin, and it will be highly handy in late-game content while helping a raid party. It isn’t as helpful as Judgment for early game and leveling.


The Paladin class is a fantastic hybrid class that excels at both early-game leveling and late-game tasks. This class grants significant bonuses to the player, making them very difficult to kill. Paladins do less damage than other classes, therefore clearing huge monsters takes longer, but a patient player may be certain that the Paladin will not go down easily.


Berseker is a fictional character (Warrior)

Berserker-1024x576 Berserker Smilegate RPG by Tripod Studio through HGG / Bella Yaeger

  • Advantages: High health, DPS, and AoE damage
  • Cons: Difficult to master, easy to get wrong.

Solo Play Leveling Guide

It’s all about putting him into Berserker mode using the Berserker class. Berserker mode is included in both class engravings in various ways, and all of his powers lead to him to his ultimate. The Berserker class is quite simple to learn for a new player.

These two classes, Berserker and Sorceress, are the most popular among beginning players. Despite the fact that the Berserker, unlike the Sorceress, is a melee class, knowing proper placement isn’t as important due to his large damage and health pool.

When opposed to some of the other melee classes that depend significantly on outstanding mechanics and a solid awareness of location, the Berserker requires less caution in the early stages. When leveling, though, there are a few skills to remember:

  • Slash Tempest
  • Strike Finish
  • Whirlwind
  • Charge your shoulders

Solo Play Combination Guide

Knowing the correct Berserker combination is an extra bonus that skilled Berserker players understand, but it isn’t a requirement for remaining alive or doing damage in bouts. Having stated that, an excellent Berserker mix would be as follows:

Red Dust ➡️ Slash Tempest ➡️ Chain Sword ➡️ Strike Finish ➡️ Strike Wave ➡️ Charge your shoulders.

Charge your shoulders is a mobility-focused skill and can be used at any point in the combo effectively, depending on where the enemies are and how much health the Berserker has left.

Getting the Berserker into his Berserker phase, when he can shine and deal a lot of damage, is, of course, the primary aim while fighting him.

Berserker Class Engravings

Both of the Berserker’s class engravings are centered on his Berserker mode. Depending on a player’s personal play style, both are viable possibilities for the class. Mayhem is the first choice (which is my preferred class engraving for the Berserker).

Berserker mode’s duration is lengthened, and damage, attack speed, and movement speed are all increased. Mayhem also reduces the Berserker’s damage received, making him somewhat more tanky. Mayhem is my favorite solo choice since it provides a little more safety than Berserker’s Technique.

Berserker’s Technique adds massive crits to strikes made while in Berserker mode, making it more thrilling and flashy than Mayhem. It does not, however, give the decreased damage received that Mayhem provides, although it does place a greater emphasis on a player’s grasp of how and when to employ skills.


The Berserker is one of the most popular classes in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and for good reason. This class has great DPS, good AoE damage, and relatively high health and protection compared to other classes. Not to add, brandishing a massive sword makes you appear really awesome.

The Berserker class does have some disadvantages; it is simple to learn but tough to master. To get the most out of their damage, the top Berserker players know when to employ their abilities with lengthy cooldowns and animations.

Overview of the Best Solo Classes in Lost Ark

Every sort of player may find a class in Lost Ark. While some classes have more damage or endurance than others, the most essential thing is that the player is comfortable with the class’s combos and damage style. Engravings that are gained during the leveling stages modify the power of each class; when used correctly, they may raise a mid-tier or low-tier class to the power level of the top-tier classes.

We hope that this list aids you in choosing a Lost Ark class. I tried out many various classes before settling on the Shadow Hunter as my primary. I like her style, and changing into a strong half-demon is a blast.

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Lost Ark is a popular game that has been released on the Steam platform. It currently has a total of 20 classes, but some players prefer to play as one class over another. This article will list the best class in Lost Ark, ranked from 1-20. Reference: best class lost ark.

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