King’s Bounty 2 Legendary Item Location Guide

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The King’s Bounty series is one of the most popular titles in the RTS genre, and this is a guide for locating all the Legendary Items in the game.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been playing through the sequel to the computer role playing game King’s Bounty, King’s Bounty 2: The Legend of Heroes, and have just completed the game. This game is part of the Heroes series of games, and was published in 2010 by Czech studio Reality Pump Studios and published by THQ in the US.

King’s Bounty 2 is a real-time, top-down strategy game in which you lead a band of heroes and mercenaries to regain the glory of the Kingdom. You’ll collect an army to fight the hordes of evil and turn your kingdom back into the strongest power in the land.

King's Bounty 2 Legendary Item Location Guide Want to know where to get the greatest legendary goods and strongest set in King’s Bounty II? This King’s Bounty 2 Legendary Item Location Guide will show you where to find all of the legendary weapons, armor, and accessories that we’ve found so far in the game.

This list of the greatest legendary weapons and armor in King’s Bounty 2 is entirely based on legendary items, both single and set. Check out our King’s Bounty 2 set bonuses guide for more information on other sets in the game.

In King’s Bounty 2, the drop tables are randomized among a set of goods. For example, you may receive Legendary item Y while I might get Legendary item X. The item is chosen at the time of pickup. So, if you want to talk to the NPC about X prize, save first. You may then reload and try again if you don’t obtain the required item. This isn’t true for all prizes, but it is true for a large number of them.

Armor of Duke Maximilian

Duke Maximilian's Armor

  • Complete The Scryer’s Trial Dimir task east of Artemio Recruiter in Crown Lands, south east of the city to get Maximilian’s Sabatons (+15 Armor, -1 Speed).
  • Complete The Scryer’s Trial Baldwin to get Maximilian’s Mace (+20 Crit, -10% Health).
  • Complete The Scryer’s Trial – The Tyrant to get Maximilian’s Armor (-1 Speed, +15 Armor).
  • Complete The Scryer’s Trial – Sanguinus – Maximilian’s Shield (+20 Crit, -10% Health)

The Charms of Duke Maximilian

Duke Maximilian's Charms

  • Complete The Scryer’s Trial – Morane quest (Leadership -300, Army Res +15). It’s a straight continuation of Scryer’s first mission.
  • Complete The Scryer’s Trial Kaisar with the Obsidian Ring (Leadership – 100, Army Res +15)

Armor of the Bandit (5 percent increase to sale price, 5 percent decrease to purchase price)

Bandit's Armor

  • Aristocrat Gloves — These are discovered during the Mysterious Treasures quest in this dungeon.
  • Aristocrat Boots — As a prize for finishing the narrative mission, you will get these boots. A Dishonest Guard
  • Aristocrats Outfit – Complete the narrative mission attacking Dupont’s castle, Philanthropist, and Patron of the Arts.

Count’s Apparel is a clothing company based in the United States (10 percent increase to sale price and cheaper purchase price)

Count's Apparel

  • Counts Coronet – Defeat Dupont for the second time in the tale.
  • At the conclusion of the Heinrich’s Inheritance quest, Haltbuch’s Book is discovered in a hidden chamber in the library.

Battle Armor of a Hero (Casts Rank 3 Sun Spell at the beginning of battle)

Hero's Battle Armor

  • Renald’s Helmet (+100 Leadership, +4 armor, +2% health) – Complete Julian & Rosaline quest and choose Summon Rosalines Soul Shards
  • Labien’s Shield (+1 Order Morale, +100 Leadership, +2 Armor) — Purchased from a merchant in Floster.
  • The White Flame (Warfare +2, Leadership +100, Power Morale +1) was bought from the Floster vendor.
  • Baldwin’s Armor (+15% health, +150 Leadership, +5 armor) — Purchased from a merchant in Marcella.
  • Complete the narrative quest Avialius’ Best (+100 Leaderships, +4 Armor, +2% Health). The Treasurers Who Have Gone Missing
  • Complete the narrative quest Tricked Witch with the Finesse option to get Enialius’ Greaves (+100 Leaderships, +4 Armor, +2% health).

Battle Armor of the Serpentine King (Allied units can attack twice in one turn, but cannot move in the same turn)

Serpentine King's Battle Armor

  • King’s Helmet (+4 Warfare, +2 Armor, +2 Crit) – Complete Julian & Rosaline quest and choose to do the fighting solution first
  • Purchased from a merchant in Marcella, King’s Armour (+6 Warfare, +3 Armor, +3 Crit).
  • Complete the quest Tabula of Tinciduntion to get Baldor’s Spear (+10 Warfare, +5 Crit).

Battle Armor of the Immortals (Initiative for all units +2)

Immortals Battle Armor

  • The Black Flame (Warfare +2, Magic Power +10, Arcane +12) – bought from a Floster merchant.
  • Immortal’s Armor (+3 Magic, +11 Arcane, +3 Armor) — Purchased from Marcella’s merchant.

Battle Robe of Sanguininus (Casts Rank 3 Shield of Destiny at the start of battle)

Sanguininus Battle Robe (Casts Rank 3 Shield of Destiny at the start of battle)

  • Sanguinus’ Staff (+4 Magic, +15 Arcane, +30% healing) — Purchased from a Floster merchant.
  • Sanguinus’ Rob (=2 Magic, +11 Arcane, +1 Armor, +6 Resist) – bought from Marcella merchant.

Weapons of Legend

Legendary Weapons

  • Titus’ Sword (Warfare +2, Crit +2, Nostrian damage +15%) – Titus’ Sword (Warfare +2, Crit +2, Nostrian damage +15%) – Complete Rickville Besieged and select between arresting Titus and his soldiers or assisting the farmers; the prize is the same in either case.
  • Shieldbreaker (+20 percent Melee Damage) – Choose the Make a Deal with Damien option during the The Quarantine quest to get this as a prize.
  • Complete Xandar’s Mystery quest with the Fire Sword (Warfare +5, Magic +5, Fire Damage +30%).

Helmets of Legend

Legendary Helmets

  • Complete Cedric’s Gang quest line to get Bandit’s Bandana (Warfare +3, Speed +1 Anarchy).
  • Complete Through the Quarantine and select Fight the Artisanians for the stolen items to get the Doctors Mask (+6% health). This item is obtained at the conclusion of the mission.

Armor of Legend

Legendary Armor

  • During the mission, Hounds of War Armor (+4 Warfare, +4 Armor) was discovered in a box in the burial chamber. The Imprudent
  • Complete the narrative quest Aristocrats Chest. Patron of the Arts and Philanthropist

Gloves of Legend

Legendary Gloves

  • Aristocrats Gloves – Increase the sale price by 5% and lower the buy price by 5%. During the Mysterious Treasures quest, they may be discovered in this dungeon.
  • Gloves of the Hounds of War (+3 Warfare, +3 Armor) – Reward for finishing The Merchant Guild’s Secrets and plundering Bludgeon’s lair.

Belts of Legend

Legendary Belts

  • Complete Mellar’s Only Friend quest for a Leather Collar (-100 Leadership, +3 Armor, +3 Resistance).
  • Hounds of War Belt (+3 Warfare, +3 Armor) — Loot from a chest in the Troll Cave in Windy Port, not the fair, but the beach town.

Rings of Legend

Legendary Rings

  • Complete the quest Brand’s Betrothed (Crit +3, Bandit Initiative +1).
  • Complete the Seeds of Betrayal quest and opt to side with Guerric when the chance comes to get Gordian’s Ring (+50 Leadership, +1 Power Morale).
  • Complete the Return To Parnack quest to get the Artisanian Master Craftsman Ring (+12 hit, +4 dodge).
  • Win a tale fight near the conclusion of Precious Ring (+10 percent higher selling and purchasing prices)
  • Reach level 30 and complete the narrative to get Hieron’s Ring (+300 Leadership, Cast Inspire 3 at the start of combat).
  • Complete Lyssa’s Dungeon quest for Lyssa’s Ring (Leadership +200, +30 percent Red Dragon damage).

Amulet of Legend

Legendary Necklace

  • Complete the Rosens and Silveros Quest to get Rosens’ Feather (+2 Resistance and +3% Health).
  • Complete The Thousand Year Oak missions to get Oak Seed (+8 Arcane Knowledge, +10 Health).
  • Complete the mission Marlene’s Happiness as an Illyrian Chick (Leadership +70, Animal Morale +1).
  • Complete the Marcellan Aqueduct narrative quest to get a medal (Order Moral +1).
  • After you locate the lever, loot Talisman Of Ice And Stone (+20 percent Ice damage and resistance) from a chest in Magefactory.
  • Talisman Of Wind & Fire (+20% Fire damage and resistance – Loot from a chest in Magefactory after you interact with the three stones to find the chest
  • Ecofortis Potion (+10% Health, +300 Leadership) – Reward for finishing a narrative mission towards the game’s conclusion.
  • Complete Actarius’ Books – Talisman of Light and Life (Healing +30%)
  • Hero’s Cross (Leadership +140, Armor & Res +2, Health +3%) Inside Aranax’s Quarters (story)
  • Complete the Beauty and the Beasts quest to get Erasmus’ Amulet (+6 Resistance, +25% magical monster damage).
  • Talisman Of Darkness & Death (+20% resistance to dark damage) – Complete the quest A Fatal Voyage

Charms of Legend Legendary Charms

  • The Scryer’s Trial – Morane task rewards you with a Magical Rosary (Arcane Knowledge +7, Army HP +2%).
  • Summoner Of The Elements (Arcane +1, +10 percent fire, ice, and dark damage) — Found in a chest near Windy Port’s troll cave, not the fair town.
  • Sacrificial Cup (Initiative +1, Health -10%) — Found in a chest at the very bottom of the Magefactory’s mines. You must return there towards the conclusion of the tale after the story conflict.

We’ll keep adding to the list as we discover new legendary goods.


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For many players, the King’s Bounty series is one of the most enjoyable strategy and RPG titles of the last few years. The sequel, King’s Bounty 2, is even better than the original, boasting many improvements such as a better interface, longer gameplay time, and a more advanced artificial intelligence. However, one feature introduced in the sequel that many players have yet to discover is the detailed guide that will help you locate all thirty eight of the available Legendary Items.. Read more about king’s bounty 2 switch and let us know what you think.

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