Keplerth | Configuring ConfigXXX.json File And Language Packs Guide

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Keplerth is a Minecraft server which supports various game servers, ranging from small child-friendly games to dark and adult fantasy role playing. With the help of this guide, you will be able to configure your config file in order for it to work with our language packs.

Keplerth is a config file and language pack guide that includes a config file for ArcGIS for SharePoint.

Published on May 27, 2022 and updated on May 27, 2022.

This is a two-part guide that covers two different topics. First, I’ll go through how to customize the ConfigXXX.json file, and then I’ll go over language packs in the game Keplerth in the second half of the lesson.


You were in a hibernation pod when you awakened. You are without food, clothing, or anything else. You may collect materials, construct useful tools, build your own house, tame wild animals, and fight strange monsters to live in this deadly environment. You are about to enter the realm of Keplerth. For more information, read the whole guide.

For Keplerth, How To Configure ConfigXXX.json File And Language Packs Guide

Improvements to the ConfigXXX.json File Configuration

1. You can only alter the data that needs to be altered. There is no need to provide any other information. If all you want to do is adjust Apple’s maximum stack size, enter the following values:

“maxCount”: 999, “1”: “1”: “1”: “1”: “1”: “1”: “1”: “1”: “

2. You may specify which ID to use as the basis data (“BaseDataID”: X) in the setup. You may represent the data as if you were creating a new Apple-like object with a maximum stack number.

“BaseDataID”: 1, “maxCount”: 999, “Your Item ID”:

The data in ConfigItem.json (Apple) with Id 1 are as follows:

“1”: “name”: “ItemName1”, “type”: 1, “itemType”: 2, “maxCount”: 99, “price”: 4; “1”: “name”: “ItemName1”, “type”: 1, “itemType”: 2, “maxCount”: 99, “price”: 4; “1”: “name”: ” “attTree”: 1, “attWall”: 1, “attBuild”: 1, “durability”: 0, “burnTime”: 0, “attTree”: 1, “attWall”: 1, “attBuild”: 1, “durability”: 0, “burnTime”: 0, “placenmentId”: 0, “dropTexture”: “Icon/tree-fruits-icon”, “dropTexture”: “Icon/tree-fruits-icon”, “dropTexture”: “Icon/tree-fruits- “bbqResult”: [0], “smeltResult”: [0], “smeltConsume”: 1, “bbqResult”: [0], “smeltResult”: [0], “smeltConsume”: 1, “description”: “ItemDes1”, “functionDes”: “ItemFunctionDes1”, “usesInfo”: [7], “description”: “ItemDes1”, “functionDes”: “ItemFunctionDes1”, “usesInfo”: “ItemFunctionDes1”, “mouseLeft”: “0,” “mouseRight”: “MouseRightClickInfo1,” “keyboard”: “0,” “keyboardInfo”: “0,” “mouseLeft”: “0,” “mouseRight”: “MouseRightClickInfo1,” “keyboard”: “0,” “keyboardInfo”: “0,”


How to Make and Use a Language Pack

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