Indoorlands Now in Steam Early Access

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The Indoorlands Early Access is being run by Geeks Playing Games, and it consists of the first “episode” of the campaign, that will include 2 maps, 2 characters, and 2 bosses, all of which will have full voice acting.

It’s been in the making for more than a year  (and that’s including the time I spent working on the first prototype), and the wait is officially over! Indoorlands is making its way into Steam Early Access tomorrow, which is probably the most exciting time I’ve had with this game. I’m confident that it’s going to make people happy, and all I ask is that you give it a try and let me know what you think.

Designers will be able to build the indoor amusement park of their dreams with today’s release of Pixelsplit’s Indoorlands in Steam Early Access.

In this title, players are tasked with building, expanding, and managing your own theme park. As players progress, they’ll be able to unlock different types of halls, rides, decorations, and shops among 500 different decoration objects. One can also record and save your own ride programs.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Indoorlands – Early Access Trailer

According to Pixelsplit Community Manager Leon Jeutter:

“We have always placed great value on feedback from the community. With this game we want to go one step further and develop the game in cooperation with the community. The early access approach is perfect for this.”

The game is now available for the PC, Mac, and Linux for $13.99 – you can find the Steam page here, which currently has a 25% discount. The development team stated on their Steam page that they expect to be in Early Access for the next six to twelve months.

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Designers will be able to build the indoor amusement park of their dreams with today’s release of Pixelsplit’s Indoorlands in Steam Early Access

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