Humankind Outpost Guide – How to Attach Outposts to A

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Want to know how to attach an outpost to a? This guide will help you get started.

Humankind Outpost Guide - How to Attach Outposts to A City

One of the first noticeable distinctions between Humankind and other 4X strategy games is outposts. Not only do they alleviate the stress of putting down your first colony in the ‘wrong’ location, but the option to connect Outposts to Cities alters how you think about growth and district development.

During your tenure as a Neolithic Tribe, you’ll receive your first Outpost in Humankind. It costs Influence to lay them down, but once you do, the area is yours. You may then use Influence to develop any Outpost into a City, but you aren’t obligated to do so immediately away and can instead explore the globe for a more interesting area or one that you can better protect.

Humankind Outpost Guide - How to Attach Outposts to A City

Humankind Outpost Guide - How to Attach Outposts to A City

Outposts gain from the tile’s Food and Industry yield, as well as the yields of the six tiles around it. If you rushed to capture a Territory only to discover a better tile the next round, you may reposition them.

Because the geography of humanity is split into Territories with defined boundaries, you will ultimately run out of construction space in your metropolis. You may also reach City Cap, at which point adding an Outpost to a City is critical.

You may accomplish this by clicking the chain symbol next to a City and then choosing the Outpost you wish to Attach, or by selecting the target Outpost and then selecting the City. They must be next to each other, and the stability of the city of your choosing will be reduced.

When you connect an Outpost to your City, it becomes an Administrative Center, and its allocated Territory merges with the City’s Territory, enabling you to construct districts across it and better use its resources.

Outposts can only utilize strategic and luxury resources on their own, which is enough of an incentive to acquire as many as your Influence permits and your troops can defend.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to connecting Outposts to Cities in Humankind. Check out the game’s civilizations and what we know about GeForce Now support for additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put an outpost on a city in humankind?


Where to place Outposts Humankind?

Outposts should be placed in the center of the map, or on the edges.

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