Humankind Merge Cities Guide – How to Absorb a City You

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In the future, cities will be merged to make room for people. This is a guide on how to absorb a city you want to live in.

The humankind city building is a guide for those who want to absorb a city they own. It includes information on how to build, what to build, and how to make the absorption process as smooth as possible.

Humankind Merge Cities Guide - How to Absorb a City You Control

Progressing farther in the game allows you to combine cities you control, similar to how you may connect outposts to cities in Humankind. It’s a method to rearrange your held territories while remaining under the dreadful city cap, and it’s done via the Absorb City action.

However, you won’t be able to combine cities right away in your Humankind game. Indeed, the Absorb City action is tied to a particular research item that can only be obtained once you’ve shown that your civilisation can establish itself.

Humankind Merge Cities Guide - How to Absorb a City You Control

Humankind Merge Cities Guide - How to Absorb a City You Control

When you reach the Medieval Era, you may study Military Architecture, which allows you to use the Absorb City action to combine cities in Humankind.

To pull it off, you must first choose the city that will get the new area. Then, take the camera to the target city, which must be nearby, and look for the Absorb button next to its name, as well as the action’s cost. If you can afford it, click it, and the destination city will combine with the one you originally chose.

Aside from lowering the stability of the city you merge into, the population of the absorbed city will also carry over, so be sure you can sustain it.

The combined city becomes an administrative center as a result of this. If you elect to separate the area from your city later, it will become an outpost.

Read up on Humankind’s city cap and how to demolish cities for more information.

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