How To Eliminate Lanzo Baumann

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Baumann was the first player to win over $100,000 at Super Mario Bros., making him a legend in gaming. Pro gaming is now an industry worth billions and Baumann’s legacy has become one of its most famous icons. However, his memories are tarnished by accusations that he cheated during tournaments with help from Nintendo employees including some on Reddit who say they even saw him playing games while sleeping.

Published: 3 June 2022 | Last Updated: 3 June 2022

Sniper Elite 5 includes a number of Kill Challenges that may be found throughout the game’s missions. These missions are optional, however completing them will get you some great prizes. In this manner, the Mission 5 (Festung Guernsey) Kill Challenge means burying Lanzo Baumann beneath concrete.

The Type 100 SMG is an excellent supplementary weapon for finishing this mission. As a result, you may and should take on this Kill Challenge in order to get this delectable prize.

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The following instructions will walk you through the whole process of accomplishing the mission’s Challenge.

Sniper-Elite-5-Matthaus-EhrlichSniper Elite 5 - Lanzo Baumann Lanzo Baumann is a member of the Sniper Elite 5.

How to discover and remove Lanzo Baumann in Sniper Elite 5

The first and most apparent thing to do is locate Lanzo Baumann. He’s at the Festung Guernsey construction site on the northeast corner.

Baumann is confined to his office in the southeast corner of the building site. You may use the map to pinpoint his position, which shouldn’t be too tough. After you’ve discovered Baumann, there are two ways to finish the Kill Challenge by burying him in concrete. 

It is simpler to bury Baumann if he is pacified and is asleep. You must bring Baumann to the cement mixer, which is situated to the east of the building, once you have knocked him unconscious.

Players must interact with the fence next to the mixer before dropping Baumann’s corpse into the adjacent cement.

Sniper-Elite-5-Cement-MixerSniper Elite 5 - Cement Mixer Cement Mixer Sniper Elite 5

Another option is to avoid encountering Baumann at the start of the expedition. As a result, go to the railing and sabotage it, as well as the cement mixer.

This will generate a commotion, prompting Baumann to come out and inspect the situation. Baumann will lean on the shaky railing after completing his checks.

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Baumann will fall into the cement below and be eliminated as soon as he does so. As a result, you will have finished the Festung Guernsey Kill Challenge. As a reward for finishing the challenge, you will now get the Type 100 SMG. 

However, there have been some complications for players using the second approach to complete the challenge. Even after completing all of the processes, they are unable to get the Type 100 SMG since Baumann has been removed.

As a result, you may try reloading an old save before trying the challenge again to address this issue. This may aid in resolving the major problem that has gamers perplexed due to a lack of incentives.

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