How Big is Elden Ring’s Map?

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The Elden Ring, the world in which most of The Elder Scrolls Online takes place, is so large that you could spend years exploring every inch of it. That’s no exaggeration either- because a map from the game was actually released to mark 10 years since ESO’s launch, and offered players an opportunity to explore what we know about Tamriel as if they were on their own journey.

The “elden ring map size in miles” is a question that has been asked by many. The Elden Ring’s map is said to be around 100 miles long, but the game’s developers have not released any official information about the size of the map.

The vast, densely packed open world of FromSoftware’s newest release, Elden Ring, is one of the game’s strongest features. This gorgeous and gloomy fantasy realm, known as the Lands Between, is the ideal playground for adventurers and explorers. And it’s one of the most impressive open worlds we’ve seen in a long time!

But how large exactly are the Lands Between? How does it compare to other games in the genre in terms of size? How many distinct areas are there for you to discover? In this post on how vast is Elden Ring’s map, we’ll go over all of that and more.

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Let’s get started on the walkthrough without further ado!

What is the size of the map in Elden Ring?

20220430110350_1-1024x683 Elden Ring: how big is the map? BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, FromSoftware Inc., through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The game’s whole map, according to several estimates, is around 30 and a half square miles (79 square kilometers). Although this is a large map, it should be noted that not every section of it is walkable. There are a few water breaches here and there, as well as towering cliffs that limit mobility. Regardless, this is a significant figure.

The globe is somewhat larger than the map of GTA V, which is based in the state of San Andreas. The free world in Grand Theft Auto V is around 75 kilometers. With a map of just over 37 kilometers, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is also smaller than Elden Ring.

There are numerous bigger maps that are worth highlighting. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a total area of 127 square kilometers (49 square miles). The map in Just Cause 3 is vast, covering 2,025 square kilometers (400 square miles)!

Elden Ring has how many regions?

20220330133517_1-1-1024x683 Elden Ring has how many regions? BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, FromSoftware Inc., through HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

You’ll discover a range of diverse places to explore across this big open world. You’ll discover unique dungeons, NPCs, bosses, and unusual encounters in these areas. But how many separate areas does Elden Ring have?

There are a total of 13 places to explore in the Lands Between, each with its own distinct ecosystem. The following are the details:

  • Limgrave
  • Peninsula of Weeping
  • Caelid
  • The Lakes’ Liurnia
  • Plateau of Altus
  • Dragonbarrow
  • Snowfield that has been consecrated
  • Lands of the Forbidden
  • Mt. Gelmir is a mountain in Turkey.
  • Farum Azula is crumbling.
  • The Giants’ Mountaintops
  • The Haligtree of Maquelia
  • Underground

There are specific locales outside of the 13 fundamental areas, in addition to the 13 basic regions. The most renowned of them is the Roundtable Hold. It’s a hub region for you that’s situated outside the main continent’s borders. Fast travel is the only way to get there.

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The “how big is elden ring download pc” is a question that has been asked many times. The map of Elden Ring is around 3,000 square kilometers.

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