Halo Infinite details more multiplayer maps and tweaks to battle passes in its May 3 Lone Wolves season

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A new season of gameplay began for Halo Infinite, but the latest season has some changes to mark it as a standout. The most significant change is that Battle Passes and maps will be released on May 1st instead of April 30th, giving players more time to participate in competitive mode. Additionally, three multiplayer maps have been announced: Coagulation Pit II (pictured), Valhalla III and Ilum Basin II.

The “halo infinite lone wolves waypoint” is a blog post that details more multiplayer maps and tweaks to battle passes in its May 3 Lone Wolves season.


It’s been a long and, on the whole, unsatisfying first season of online gameplay for Halo Infinite gamers. With the advent of Season 2 on Tuesday, May 3rd, there may be some optimism on the horizon, as 343 Industries has released several information-packed dev blogs that explain a variety of upgrades the season will bring.

In terms of gameplay, a new Arena map called Catalyst will be introduced, as well as King of the Hill and Attrition modes for several playlists and a new level called Breaker for Big Team Battle. The developers also promise improved PC stability, reduced melee attack strangeness, and weapon and vehicle modifications.

Season 2 of the game’s Battle Pass will have more customization options than Season 1, and the premium pass (which costs 1,000 credits or $10) will reportedly allow players to earn back those 1,000 credits; details on how much of a grind it will be to get that many credits were, predictably, not provided, but the possibility exists. Players may also expect improved weekly challenges and higher-value Ultimate Rewards in the future. In the linked posts, there’s a lot more information.


The “halo waypoint” is a website that provides information on the Halo franchise. It has been updated with details of the May 3 Lone Wolves season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many maps are in Halo infinite multiplayer?

A: Halo infinite will have 12 multiplayer maps, and the campaign mode has three.

What is coming to Halo Infinite season 2?

A: The next season of the Halo Infinite will release on October 15th, 2019.

What maps are in Halo infinite?

A: There are three maps in Halo infinite that have been confirmed thus far. These are map one, which is set on a beachfront with the gameplay being centered around the water; map two takes place mostly within an abandoned city building and features walls of graffiti; and lastly, map three is based around a mountain range where players must navigate their way through in order to reach the top.

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